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erinkimberly t1_j23x5qp wrote

Latour in Ridgewood.


Fulline OP t1_j23xdeb wrote

Thanks, will be on my list since it’s the next town over from me.


pep429 t1_j257al4 wrote

I second Latour. The dover sole is a great dish that the chef used to make for Jackie O when he worked at the brown derby in NYC.


Seabass16981 t1_j263scj wrote

Love Latour, my family has been going there for years.


robertfcowper t1_j253i0u wrote

Lorena's in Maplewood. A bit further than some of these suggestions but if you didn't want to drive it's near a train station


SquirrelEnthusiast t1_j2460i8 wrote

Chez Catherine in Westfield. Had my bday dinner there a few years ago, completely worth it. It is always rated one of the best restaurants in New Jersey.


mac_a_bee t1_j2445q1 wrote

Rutherford's romantic Cafe Matisse.


Fulline OP t1_j248mlt wrote

Google shows them as temporarily closed.


snarfydog t1_j24hp4b wrote

Through mid Jan. But don't go there anyway. I would charitably describe it as fancy cruise food.


bakerfaceman t1_j24snv3 wrote

Yeah I've never been more disappointed in a restaurant meal. It was hotel bar food at best.


snarfydog t1_j253j86 wrote

Well, hotel bar food is usually just bland. I was really impressed with the desire to shove as many ingredients as possible on one plate, topped with tons of sweet sauces. And the Holiday Inn-grade wine glasses for an "upscale byo" restaurant were just...


vakr001 t1_j25lomq wrote

As you can tell by the comments, you will either love or hate this place.


BoujeeMomme t1_j2450uc wrote

We've gone to Latour several time for our date nights. It's ways been a pleasant evening there and it's very close by too for us. Next town over as well 🙂 enjoy yourselves!!


theflyingscroll t1_j253ufc wrote

Lorena’s in Maplewood. Love that place.


buddy0813 t1_j24gd4v wrote

Restaurant Serenade in Chatham

Edit: just saw you said Bergen County. This is Morris County, but not terribly far.


SenorBubs t1_j24ni77 wrote

Sophie’s Bistro in Somerset is very nice. Went there for Valentine’s Day last year and we’ve been wanting to go back


FilmoreGash t1_j24pqcz wrote

Madeline's Petite Paris in Northvale. Family run, great emphasis on quality products. Food A+, ambiance is B+, cost, expensive but you won't feel ripped off. (Fair prices given what you're getting.)

Ask for François when making your reservation and tell him that it's a special occasion.


snarfydog t1_j24ht8e wrote

Brasserie Memere in Closter!


LiveAtTheShakeShack t1_j25t1pe wrote

Bistro d’Azur in South Orange is a little longer of a drive from Bergen County, but is BYO and one of the best restaurants in the state, in my opinion.

Not sure if Cafe Panache in Ramsey is French French, but it’s also supposed to be one of the top restaurants in the state.


sonofmalachy t1_j24k7ol wrote

NYC is near Bergen Co. Go to Frenchette in Tribeca