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poete_idris t1_j2ftdz0 wrote

Me smoking a fat ass blunt


BoujeeMomme t1_j2fu11l wrote

At least now I know who to call when I'm in the mood for my next smoke hmmmm😉


TheRacoonist t1_j2fi0qj wrote

When the humidity is around 100% and the dewpoint is near the air temperature you get fog


[deleted] t1_j2fifky wrote



TheRacoonist t1_j2fipdy wrote

Are you seriously asking us to explain the weather?

Sometimes it rains


structuremonkey t1_j2fm926 wrote

I'd rather believe Merlin has returned and is chanting the "spell of making"...


Special_FX_B t1_j2fnwys wrote

As if this doesn’t happen every year during the winter when comparatively warmer and very moist air comes up from the southern states and the temperature drops to the dew point where water vapor is converted into little liquid droplets.


mac_a_bee t1_j2foe6a wrote

New year's drinking. gif


Leftblankthistime t1_j2fl28m wrote

It’s not abnormal for this time of year. 63 for yesterday as unseasonably warm… maybe it would help you to watch the today show or good morning America they have whole segments on the weather and what’s going to happen for the whole week.


Y0ung_Sandwich t1_j2fqckx wrote

The weather probably. What kind of question is this and what kind of response did you expect? XD