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EagleFly_5 t1_j1d4mtr wrote

It seems to be a recurring question on the sub re: NJ Transit tickets expiring since there’s been multiple threads in days ^(^1 ^/ 2) , so again: the physical/digital tickets do not expire. The only way they’d expire is if you’d brought one that’s time sensitive, whether it’s a weekly pass, a monthly pass, or a FlexPass (20% discount for 20 one way tickets, valid for a month). If it’s unused, then those (time sensitive tix) are gone for good.


PKid85 t1_j1d1fwz wrote

I have a ticket from New Brunswick to Newark Penn from 2008 that I still save for some reason…so I am also curious.


remarkability t1_j1dkqhe wrote

I recently used a bus ticket from 2010, it was barely legible. Driver accepted it without a blink. This is one thing NJTransit gets right.


BloodTypeFunfettis t1_j1do6wq wrote

On a train they’d probably give you a problem. They now have barcodes on them so the other day on a train someone tried to use one without a barcode. The conductor wouldn’t take it and said they’d have to go in a station with someone and get a new one replaced


Knobbies4Ever t1_j1d3otb wrote

Regular NJT tickets - paper, or on the app - don’t expire.


blmzd t1_j1d2zlm wrote

I think you’ll be fine if the ticket is just a couple weeks old. I’m the past, I’ve used tickets that were pretty old and no one said anything. I think there technically is an expiration, but I don’t think they check all that closely and again, I’m sure a ticket couple weeks old is fine.

u/PKid85, idk about a ticket from 2008 lol but I once used a ticket that was two years old successfully.


Castor_and_Pollux123 t1_j1dfnvn wrote

Paper tickets do not expire, but the printing on them does fade. The printing is not readable after about 2 years.


justarandomguy07 t1_j1dwdp2 wrote

I have a ticket from 2019. I asked a conductor if I can use it and he said yes.