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Darko33 t1_j6nfded wrote

People are either gonna call me nuts or make several pithy references to The Wire, but honestly, Baltimore. A REALLY nice harborfront hotel room can be had for barely $100 a night and there is wonderful shopping and dining. I highly recommend La Tavola in Little Italy (try the bechamel lasagna, it's life-changing) and Max's Taphouse in Fells Point (100+ draft beers).


Southern-Molasses-47 t1_j6nlpaq wrote

Actually never thought about Baltimore. Where would you recommend for the shopping? Anything else you would suggest in that area?


Darko33 t1_j6nogl7 wrote

Don't even know where to begin. The entire Inner Harbor is jam-packed with cool stuff to do. The Aquarium is easily the most impressive I've ever been to. There are a bunch of old naval vessels docked there that you can tour. Harborplace Mall is right next to an ice rink. A few other personal favorite dining spots include Azumi sushi, the Thames Street Oyster Bar, and the James Joyce Irish Pub.


Doowrag t1_j6nquqv wrote

The museum of industry along with the American visionary art museum are incredible!


Darko33 t1_j6o8d88 wrote

Oh nice, been to Baltimore a million times and never stopped at either. Thanks!


Doowrag t1_j6oscwt wrote

You’re welcome. Wife and I went down there over Presidents’ Day weekend last year, we hit up museums and shoved crab cakes in our face the whole time.


kiikii51 t1_j6ou4gw wrote

Crab dip. Don’t know where from all I know is - crab dip

Miss Shirley’s has good food for breakfast/lunch in the inner harbor you gotta make a reservation though


herslave2 t1_j6oynqh wrote

The Inner Harbor it has almost everything.


jejunebug t1_j6p7jbf wrote

I am biased, because I live here, but I also suggest Baltimore. When I lived in NJ I would visit frequently and since moving here I only love it more. There is so, so much more than the Inner Harbor. In fact, I wouldn’t suggest more than an afternoon at the Harbor. The aquarium is fantastic and the ships are cool to see but we also have incredible museums, Fort McHenry, Poe’s grave, the original Washington Monument, The Peabody Library, the first Roman Catholic Church in America (it’s just pretty, I’m not religious but they do still hold service if you are), beautiful parks, many historical buildings and amazing architecture, and really amazing food. I would be happy to give any suggestions.


Darko33 t1_j6pa66b wrote

I agree Baltimore is way more than the Inner Harbor, and I'm also verrrrry conscious of how natives are rightfully sensitive about visitors who refuse to wander outside of that area. I more did my writeup for travelers who might be checking the city out for the first time.


OkNegotiation6028 t1_j6ovdsi wrote

My car got broken into and my clothes were stolen from the Baltimore zoo parking lot. I would check in anywhere first, get rid of everything in your car and the go park.


bakerfaceman t1_j6pdku4 wrote

Yeah Baltimore is actually an awesome spot for a weekend trip. There's so much great food there. Definitely check out the neighborhood markets. They're such a neat local thing.


KMillionaire t1_j6oykwh wrote

I visited Baltimore recently and it was pretty boring/ ghetto, for what it’s worth 🤷🏼‍♂️


STFUNeckbeard t1_j6pgtdf wrote

Yeah I was dragged there twice recently, neither time by choice, and even in the nicest areas, it was pretty trashy. Honestly I even prefer Philly to Baltimore by a mile shudder


Zhuul t1_j6ndf6z wrote

Honestly DC is one of my favorite vacations since all the museums are free, leaving you with more money to dump on some of the world class food they’ve got down there


coolkait68 t1_j6nb7jh wrote

Just went to the poconos for the weekend and had a great time. It's only a 2 hour drive from most jersey locations.


Appropriate-Car-2663 t1_j6nhb7u wrote

Several people have recommended Mohonk Mountain House to me. It’s outside Poughkeepsie NY. I haven’t been there yet but it’s on my list!


starrdev5 t1_j6nqayl wrote

I go at least once a year. Mohonk really is the best day trip near NJ.

If you turn it into a 3 day trip you can stay in new paltz or the Catskills and hit bannerman castle, Hudson valley wineries, Hunter mountain zip line, and tons of amazing hiking.

Did that trip about 5 years back and it was one of most memorable long weekends.


lambsoflettuce t1_j6nm0t8 wrote

Haven't been in was amazing, though and scenery too.


Goldfish2022 t1_j6pe12s wrote

I second Mohonk Mountain House. It's absolutely gorgeous, both buildings and it's grounds, tons to do (or not so and just chill...)


metaldeval t1_j6nhny7 wrote

We're checking out newport ri next month over presidents day weekend

Mystic ct is nice and not that far if in North Jersey


Darko33 t1_j6np5zl wrote

Yoooo check out The Mooring at Sayers Wharf. Try the scallop chowder and the lobster claws from the raw bar. Place is so unbelievably good.


metaldeval t1_j6nqes0 wrote

That sounds dope will definitely check it out. I'm a huge foodie so any restaurant recs are appreciated. Thanks!


Darko33 t1_j6nr23g wrote

Got one more then! Place claiming to be America's oldest restaurant is also in Newport. We had dinner there and it's definitely not just a gimmick. Little pricey but very good:


jamielyn_ t1_j6nvf89 wrote

White Horse has been mine and my husbands favorite spot so far in Newport! Castle Hill Inn is also great for lunch and drinks (the view is really what brings people there).


Darko33 t1_j6o3u7v wrote

Ooh thanks for the suggestion. We did a tour of much of coastal New England last summer and both of us were really stunned by how much we enjoyed Rhode Island. Feel like it's an often overlooked destination.


metaldeval t1_j6o5zaq wrote

Thanks both of you guys for the suggestions much appreciated :)


DistractingMyself8 t1_j6or2fd wrote

Midtown Oyster was a realllllly good restaurant i went to in newport. Also take the tour at the breakers mansion


ferocious_coug t1_j6o8nhw wrote

Please go to Thames Street Kitchen and sit at the counter. You won't be disappointed. It's not in the super touristy area so it will be easier to get into and you'll have a much better meal.


justg85 t1_j6ozohf wrote

Newport was awesome. We went fall of 21 and had a great time. We had dinner at Bar and Board and lunch at Diego’s the following day.


DerSturmbannfuror t1_j6nnysz wrote

Airbnb in New Hope Pa or Lambertville. Beautiful area with lots to do


Flashinglights0101 t1_j6ntgcs wrote

We need more details. Do you have kids? What do you like to do?

- DC is all around a great trip

- The shore in the summer

- NYC; so much to do and see


amitygoodtogo OP t1_j6nwkt4 wrote

Me and my girl. Looking to relax and eat some good food and sight seeing.


Flashinglights0101 t1_j6oulrc wrote

Philadelphia is a great option. It is basically a cheaper version than NYC. Closer than DC, lots to see and do.


BenBishopsButt t1_j6oq9ug wrote

Definitely DC, then! Amazing food and great sightseeing.


amitygoodtogo OP t1_j6os7uj wrote

We were thinking DC. One city I’ve always wanted to check it out and never been yet. Any recommendations for some good eats?


BenBishopsButt t1_j6ou3pf wrote

Oh gosh, there’s a ton! If you’re into Michelin type places there’s a few options, just Google and find what your vibe is. H Street NE is an awesome place to go out and bar hop, there’s also a lot of great restaurants there too (it’s my old neighborhood so I’m partial to it). Toki Underground has reaaaally good ramen if you’re into it. Vue is a rooftop bar with views of the White House, perfect for sunset time.


Low-Pollution2414 t1_j6p9qmr wrote

DC is one of my favorite cities! It’s so fun. If you’re looking for a fun place to go out, U street is super cool and fun! DC has awesome places to eat too, museums are all free or inexpensive. Some you do need to do a reserve pass for - totally worth it. Georgetown is amazing to visit too! It’s about a four hour drive from central Jersey with traffic, or you could take a train from Newark. Cannot recommend the city enough.


lgarda t1_j6oyla3 wrote

keep in mind the museums are free in DC . and its really great , my daughter lives there. as far as restaurants, there are so many, food is always great. youll love it there. also has a train from menlo park if you dont want to drive


bakerfaceman t1_j6pe4a0 wrote

If you want to drink, U street and Adam's Morgan are the party areas. Very fun night life scene.


scaryclown148 t1_j6oa9jf wrote

NJ is one massive 3 day weekend trip. So many options


dleonard1122 t1_j6omymr wrote

Finger Lakes, NY. Great wineries, fun downtowns, plenty of hiking. If you bring kids, the children's museum in Ithaca is fantastic.


LiftCats t1_j6o6hq6 wrote

Newport, RI is an awesome trip and its a 3:15 drive from North NJ


invaderjif t1_j6pcu8b wrote

Lancaster Pa -Amish country - about 3 hours from north jersey


G_Rel7 t1_j6o5kpx wrote

Poconos, Catskills, High Point, camping in the pine barrens is pretty underrated and honestly probably the best outdoor location during the winter if you want to avoid icy or muddy conditions.


Stunning_Blueberry_3 t1_j6onuar wrote

Philly has a ton of things to see and do. It’s also a great city for eating and drinking. The birth of our nation happened there. Lots of museums, Reading Terminal Market has amazing food. My personal picks to stay are The Bellevue Hotel on Broad and Locust, and The Four Seasons. The Bellevue is gorgeous and the location is great. Philly is a walking city, but there’s a blue shuttle bus that is cheap and it drops you off and picks up at many tourist places.


well_damm t1_j6oa3eu wrote

DC, Boston, Pittsburgh


IAmTheNoodleyOne t1_j6p1qjl wrote

Woodstock, NY is a ton of fun! Cool town with a lot of personality and great dining/drinking options. Also very close to some trails in the Catskills. I know Hudson, NY is also worth checking out and it’s not too far from Woodstock.


bakerfaceman t1_j6pe7yg wrote

New Hope, PA is pretty great if you've never been.


RivChk t1_j6nl8xh wrote

If you want something peaceful, scenic and outdoorsy we found this small, woodsy resort in the Catskills with these amazing modern cabins. Lots to do on the property and in the area.


EnVee1 t1_j6okfe5 wrote



STFUNeckbeard t1_j6ph4n6 wrote

Here’s a unique one - Litchfield, CT. Lots of wineries and good restaurants in the area. Litchfield Inn is quite a nice place to stay as well. My then girlfriend, now wife, and I had lots of great memories going on a date weekend there


AdministrativeBall58 t1_j6nr280 wrote

I like going to Annapolis/Maryland, DC, Wildwood during the winter, and Boston.


External12 t1_j6p9744 wrote

For a couple? With kids? Any details that could help? Something simple? Stay in one place?


dougpenderho t1_j6pj344 wrote

New Paltz, NY is nice but better in the fall or spring. You can check out Mohonk. Amazing huge hotel.


NYCgypsy t1_j6oo8wk wrote

Look at Hipcamp some really great places to explore.


johnnyss1 t1_j6ox130 wrote

What time of year? You could spend it down the shore in a boardwalk town, you could spend it in south jersey/phila at aquarium/museums


AnNJgal t1_j6ph9c2 wrote

New Hope, Asbury Park, Stone Harbor.