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Darko33 t1_j6nogl7 wrote

Don't even know where to begin. The entire Inner Harbor is jam-packed with cool stuff to do. The Aquarium is easily the most impressive I've ever been to. There are a bunch of old naval vessels docked there that you can tour. Harborplace Mall is right next to an ice rink. A few other personal favorite dining spots include Azumi sushi, the Thames Street Oyster Bar, and the James Joyce Irish Pub.


Doowrag t1_j6nquqv wrote

The museum of industry along with the American visionary art museum are incredible!


Darko33 t1_j6o8d88 wrote

Oh nice, been to Baltimore a million times and never stopped at either. Thanks!


Doowrag t1_j6oscwt wrote

You’re welcome. Wife and I went down there over Presidents’ Day weekend last year, we hit up museums and shoved crab cakes in our face the whole time.