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Flashinglights0101 t1_j6ntgcs wrote

We need more details. Do you have kids? What do you like to do?

- DC is all around a great trip

- The shore in the summer

- NYC; so much to do and see


amitygoodtogo OP t1_j6nwkt4 wrote

Me and my girl. Looking to relax and eat some good food and sight seeing.


Flashinglights0101 t1_j6oulrc wrote

Philadelphia is a great option. It is basically a cheaper version than NYC. Closer than DC, lots to see and do.


BenBishopsButt t1_j6oq9ug wrote

Definitely DC, then! Amazing food and great sightseeing.


amitygoodtogo OP t1_j6os7uj wrote

We were thinking DC. One city I’ve always wanted to check it out and never been yet. Any recommendations for some good eats?


BenBishopsButt t1_j6ou3pf wrote

Oh gosh, there’s a ton! If you’re into Michelin type places there’s a few options, just Google and find what your vibe is. H Street NE is an awesome place to go out and bar hop, there’s also a lot of great restaurants there too (it’s my old neighborhood so I’m partial to it). Toki Underground has reaaaally good ramen if you’re into it. Vue is a rooftop bar with views of the White House, perfect for sunset time.


Low-Pollution2414 t1_j6p9qmr wrote

DC is one of my favorite cities! It’s so fun. If you’re looking for a fun place to go out, U street is super cool and fun! DC has awesome places to eat too, museums are all free or inexpensive. Some you do need to do a reserve pass for - totally worth it. Georgetown is amazing to visit too! It’s about a four hour drive from central Jersey with traffic, or you could take a train from Newark. Cannot recommend the city enough.


lgarda t1_j6oyla3 wrote

keep in mind the museums are free in DC . and its really great , my daughter lives there. as far as restaurants, there are so many, food is always great. youll love it there. also has a train from menlo park if you dont want to drive


bakerfaceman t1_j6pe4a0 wrote

If you want to drink, U street and Adam's Morgan are the party areas. Very fun night life scene.