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psuedonymously t1_j5fb64w wrote

Wrong sub, half of NJ is Eagles country


jarrettbrown t1_j5fupf0 wrote

Totally. If you drive down Rt 1, at a certain point, I believe around Princeton, you'll see the billboards for Dunkin' switch from Giants to Eagles with in a mile.


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j5ept5u wrote

Coworker betted $2k on the giants he refuses to talk to anyone today lol


TheWomandolorian t1_j5ffi3d wrote

I’m surprised he didn’t take a bath with his toaster at halftime


tr1mble t1_j5gmyc2 wrote

Only bet underdogs with money you're willing to lose was something I learned a long time ago lol


jarrettbrown t1_j5fugn0 wrote

I guy I work with is a die hard as well and he refused to talk to anyone. It was so nice.


petalesdejuin t1_j5fe2js wrote

At least the eagles have their stadium in the city they’re from 😂😭


ToucheTaker t1_j5fgn1n wrote

Fuckers don't even play in their own state


financialanon t1_j5gjyls wrote

And you are in a NJ sub and rooting for a Philly team? A team from another state.

I mean I knew Eagles fans were stupid, but this is impressively stupid.


Large_Ad_8478 t1_j5gs1nl wrote

r/whooosh might want to check the mirror on the stupid one ironically


invaderjif t1_j5hbd9h wrote

Ah yes. The good Ole New Jersey Giants. NJ's favorite home team. Just like the New Jersey Jets.


taricua t1_j5fogkd wrote

And! If you display anything that would say NJ Giants or NJ Jets, they will confiscate it and maybe even throw you out!


NYKallDay123 t1_j5ffnh7 wrote

if this is supposed to be a knock in the Giants, many teams stadiums are not in the actual city of the team, and why does that even matter if it’s still close


petalesdejuin t1_j5ffsh1 wrote

Because you’re paying the taxes for that stadium for a team who won’t even rep jersey 🥲


JruASAP t1_j5fih92 wrote

MetLife Stadium was actually built without any public funding


UnconstrictedEmu t1_j5fqrsz wrote

MetLife is also closer to its namesake city than the other teams who don’t play in their actual cities. Hell, Santa Clara where the 49ers actually play is 45 miles away from San Francisco.


4rch t1_j5gfg2e wrote

The devil is in the details. By doing so they cut the city off from being able to have any opportunity for shared revenue in parking and accommodations.

The super bowl also cost the state $36 million in taxpayer money. The average tax revenue from the stadium itself is about $6 million.

And now we have the world cup to consider that will cost $14 million to prepare the stadium and a $5 million revolving credit account for the organization planning the renovations.

It's kind of like buying a horse. If I bought you a horse and convinced you to just pay for upkeep while I profit from whatever I use the horse for...well then I've fucked you.


financialanon t1_j5gkvnt wrote

Not to mention we are in a NJ sub with Eagles fans criticizing the Giants for being from another state. Rooting for the Eagles, a team from another state.

Philly fans are so dumb.


Large_Ad_8478 t1_j5gsggt wrote

This guy is the most butt hurt sore loser I've seen in a minute lmao! You went from mocking fly eagles fly, went to your cave to cry at half, and came back calling everyone from Philly dumb. Bro, you should just log off reddit for a few weeks. You're going to have a mental breakdown, if not already


psilosophist t1_j5ernht wrote

I don’t even watch or care about football but as a former south Jersey resident all I’m legally permitted to say is “go birds”.


spud-the-potato- t1_j5f4o0g wrote

You're legally permitted to fuck outta here


auntbat t1_j5hkb5w wrote

Somebody’s angry…. Show us where it hurts. I mean after a beating like that I am sure your a little bruised. Go birds 🦅


JIMMYJAWN t1_j5ey6s2 wrote

E - A - G - L - E - S


rpd9803 t1_j5enz4j wrote

Why would anyone from nj (as I am) root for a team that’s so obviously a nj team, but calls themselves New York? Carpet baggers! Go birds.


Army_of_blood t1_j5f6jf1 wrote

> Carpet baggers!

I wish people actually knew what this meant before they used it.


rpd9803 t1_j5f6q98 wrote

Your not the boss of me


Army_of_blood t1_j5fhhqc wrote

I’m glad I’m not, because you’re not intelligent.


rpd9803 t1_j5fhz33 wrote

And your not that perceptive. And might be delayed in developing some of those.. higher-ordered functions. Big picture stuff.


Pristine_Tension8399 t1_j5fhfco wrote

a person perceived as an unscrupulous opportunist.

The giants couldn’t get NY to build them a stadium but conned NJ into doing it.

Seems to fit to me.


rpd9803 t1_j5f9wx7 wrote

You, you understand things clearly.


NYKallDay123 t1_j5fg11q wrote

Because the only thing NJ about the team is the stadium? It’s not the Foxborough Patriots or the Arlington Cowboys. The team represents New York and has a New York fan base.


rpd9803 t1_j5fg9xc wrote

Stadium, practice facility, corporate hq, all in nj. Everything but the name.


auntbat t1_j5hkhs1 wrote

Umm… you do know that the stadium is in the same state though right so your argument is weak


financialanon t1_j5gjq2b wrote

Well Philly doesn't have a lot going for it, so I understand. It's all you have.


[deleted] t1_j5f9trs wrote



rpd9803 t1_j5fgkec wrote

Yes, if that’s what you read the point to be, that I think the Eagles are from NJ, dumbass is a correct self-assessment


spud-the-potato- t1_j5f4tok wrote

Shut off ya dumb fuck. Fuck the shit birds and go fuck yourself


rpd9803 t1_j5f6j9k wrote

Oh shit somebody got a case of the Big Mads today!


spud-the-potato- t1_j5f6spm wrote

Well I'm not a giants fan so no mad. Just a sensible person that knows if you root for anything Philly you're a piece of dog shit


auntbat t1_j5hl1gc wrote

Angry much? Maybe you need a visit to the city of brotherly love.


SLYRIV t1_j5fe3v7 wrote

Whooped that ass. Go Birds


3_DOG_OUTT t1_j5fkyya wrote

I was at the game… thank god I was wearing GREEN. GO BIRDS!!


morizzle77 t1_j5fmpd6 wrote

“Yeah, well, that’s just like, um, your opinion, man.”

Go Birds


hardbrushsucks t1_j5dutbw wrote

being born in north NJ then moving south has certainly been whiplash for me as i've started diving into sports recently.

on one hand i'm a diehard giants, nets and yanks fan. and on the other side i enjoy the sixers, flyers and devs



New_Stats t1_j5ejnck wrote

Take me to a Devils game and I'll fix your head for you

(My sage advice will be "stop worrying about it and enjoy watching the blood bounce on the ice")


Ilovemytowm t1_j5f5420 wrote

Lol... Same situation here.

I never gave a crap about football and now I got sucked into cheering for the 🦅. I swear to God they suck you in down here. It's like the only football team in the United States of America is 🦅


sugarintheboots t1_j5eq2nj wrote

If only the score was a little more even…😖


hazmatt019 t1_j5g6l6e wrote

Haha E...A...G...L...E...S EAGLES!!!


CinnabarYew t1_j5g59ap wrote

🦅screeches victoriously 🦅


camco658 t1_j5fbpui wrote

First the Phillies PHUCK the Mets. Now the Eagles ass slammed the giants. We love ❤️ NY. no one likes us….. we don’t care.

LFG Birds 🦅


financialanon t1_j5gk7dh wrote

Hey you don't have much else going for you in that poverty ass city. At least you have meaningless sports.


camco658 t1_j5gl6vq wrote

Funny maybe you should crawl out from under that cardboard box and read the news on how much people are moving to Philly Best restaurants per capita than anywhere.
Read it and weep:

Why New Yorkers Are Flocking to Philly: A Cost-of-Living Comparison



financialanon t1_j5glftg wrote

Ha desperate. I get it, what do you have? Poverty? Desperation? Drug addicts? Philly is a sad sad place.


camco658 t1_j5goncm wrote

Lol. You’re kidding right? Poverty? Drug addicts? Pot…….Kettle? Maybe you should try reading or improving your reading comprehension DONT take my word for it READ what prestigious publications say….

This’ll be my last reply because you can’t really explain the obvious to entitled lil baby’s that have no clue. Good luck bitter boy. GO BIRDS 🦅


Bulky-Barracuda-2749 t1_j5fz56p wrote

so glad the giants lost, was obnoxious hearing ppl claim they could make a run when they’re just ja average football team.


Special_FX_B t1_j5evtd9 wrote

They overachieved, gave us a good ride, have a much improved outlook and will likely continue to improve next year. Go Niners today. Next week go anybody but Cowgirls and Ickles. Likewise in the Super Bowl.


pbmulligan t1_j5fmy10 wrote

that is Iggles, Sir!


Special_FX_B t1_j5fnp3r wrote

I’m fully aware. My misspelling was intentional. I was born in Giants country but spent my college years in the Philly area.


SquishPenguin t1_j5hespc wrote

Bet my boss the giants would lose, im looking forward to Monday.


3inchCRACK t1_j5h6vt5 wrote

The game was so one sided it wasn’t even fun to watch. I was hoping for the Giants to be lining up for a field goal to win the game. Instead 21-0 at halftime. Yeesh


deva473 t1_j5hvcs4 wrote

Fly Eagles Fly!!!


False-Studio220 t1_j5i8fqn wrote

Then root for the 49ers! They’ll take ‘em’ out!


Rainbowrobb t1_j5lpmhf wrote

Giants fans have zero to be upset about. They should have been content with a 7-10 season given the shake up in the off season.

Instead they made it to the divisional rounds of the playoffs with a hodgepodge team and a blown budget. Giant fans should be ecstatic about their season. Jones went from 2020&2021 butter fingers McGee to showing that after like 3 fails QB/offensive systems that he can still develop and significantly improve. Seriously, Giants fans should be over the moon right now.

That said, Philly fans are the worst and deserve nothing. Go grease some lamp posts.


lost_in_life_34 t1_j5fkrl4 wrote

Didn’t bother watching past the first quarter


alttabdeletedie t1_j5g88sb wrote

I'm right outside Philly so can't relate lol.


zsal830 t1_j5erwzu wrote

danny dimes? more like his contract is worth dimes


DevChatt t1_j5fbq7e wrote

Go 9ers. gg eagles well clean up next year.