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Joe_Jeep t1_j5jv6jl wrote

A few years ago I saw a small flock of barnacle geese on the Bayside, first time I'd seen any in person! Great area in general but definitely bundle up, the breeze can be killer


ImmediateComedian6 t1_j5kovb1 wrote

As a worker in sea bright who has been trying to figure out what kind of geese these are for many years now, thank you for this comment! They always flock to the little open area next to the rumson/sea bright bridge in the little open space between the bridge and the first house


Alethius t1_j5kskcx wrote

Definitely not barnacle geese - they’re rare migrants and I think there was one report of a single goose in Monmouth county for all of last year. You’re probably seeing brant!


Joe_Jeep t1_j5kszs6 wrote

No problem! I had no idea what they were when I spotted them, I had to do some furious googling.

Were not really in their "normal" range, supposedly they don't usually go much west of Greenland, but I guess a good number have taken a liking to the Shore