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mattemer t1_j5hoyo5 wrote

Oh i didn't even know, i might attend. My son is having surgery a few days before. If i get a wheel chair for him, he'd love this.


TooToughYT OP t1_j5hpcsn wrote

And do you like studio ghibli


mattemer t1_j5hppnw wrote

I'm more comic books but appreciate all things nerdish. My son is into the same but also anime. I introduced him to Inuyasha a few years ago and he's getting anything anime related he can get, for young kids at least.

And of course he's a Pokemon master


[deleted] t1_j5hr7in wrote



lsp2005 t1_j5jjy8j wrote

Are we still supposed to say does the narwhal bacon at midnight when we meet in person?


Alchohlica t1_j5i82qz wrote

Huh, should probably add it to Fancons that way more people can see it. I know these guys are also doing one in Toms River at the Elks


seltzerforme t1_j5jknfm wrote

Gonna be lots of Eagles jerseys at this event


Thisismypasswprd t1_j5jlspt wrote

I dont think NFL and conic books go hand in hand. The Philly jerseys will be very minimal


pdills12 t1_j5jo8tk wrote

Is this just cosplay and vendors?


iago303 t1_j5jrkmw wrote

You can go to their website and look


pdills12 t1_j5jzlur wrote

Not much up there besides "special guests". Other than that looks like it's just cosplay and vendors.