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feelitrealgood t1_j67ndkc wrote

I have long since accepted that the climates fucked and one should never expect anything from it.


Linenoise77 t1_j66z9ut wrote

No. I bought a new, nice snowblower the end of last season, and new skiing gear for the kid and I this year.


21st_Century_Wizard t1_j671int wrote

I still have a tiny bit of hope left for another Huge February storm but every day I lose a little bit.


vc1914 t1_j6838xe wrote

I miss when there was snow on the ground all winter. I’m not even buying snow shoes for my kids next year… such a waste of money now


LupusDeiEl t1_j6bitaa wrote

Just get them rockrooster rainproof boots. The grips do fine in the snow. Have had mine for the past 3 years, and they have yet to fail me.


mikdixon t1_j677muc wrote

Little bit, but I’m not allowing myself to get excited for the possibility.


Ssuuushi t1_j673jgt wrote

I saw a few flurries today if you wana count that lol


Elite1082 t1_j671iob wrote

February MAYBE. But doubtful.


anthonymm511 t1_j6ay87e wrote

Accuweather is predicting a warm February


Tooch10 t1_j6en9of wrote

Except this weekend lol


anthonymm511 t1_j6enpml wrote

Yes but right after it’ll likely snap back to obscenely warm like a pendulum


Award-Kooky t1_j67sbw6 wrote

Unfortunately no but maybe in Feb. between that hot ass summer and this, not liking this at all. Considering moving more up north cause I’m not a fan of this climate.


StuartGotz t1_j67hf6e wrote

A few years ago we had a fucking thunderstorm on Christmas Day.


coreynj2461 t1_j6a8g61 wrote

When its 55 and raining, its so depressing. Not even close to feeling like Christmas. Had that a couple years ago


Screampie97 t1_j672dku wrote

I saw fat snowflakes on April 9th one year in south Jersey. Give it time


zilops t1_j672hyb wrote

I've had snow multiple times. 3 times alone this week.


Dreurmimker t1_j67zya9 wrote

Sorry OP, nothing but rain on the long range forecast models 😞


poorbanker t1_j68aord wrote

Yes. It's still January.


huhzonked t1_j6859th wrote

I think we’ll get snow again but it won’t stick.


Starbucks__Lovers t1_j68ik0n wrote

I got an apartment with garage parking for the first time, so no


HopefulAcanthaceae98 t1_j68m9i4 wrote

I travel around NJ for work and I had snow dumped on me in Morris County on Wednesday and again yesterday in Newark. I might be the un/lucky charm you need for snow in your area.


new_tanker t1_j69r1z2 wrote

Some of our biggest snowstorms in the last 20+ years occurred in February and March.


coreynj2461 t1_j69rb8a wrote

For those that keep celebrating record warm temperatures and no snow, this is the summer equivalent of having little to no days over 70 degrees. Us snow lovers just want one good storm before spring...


manningthehelm t1_j67b5rm wrote

Just bought a corner house this summer so for the sake of shoveling a lot of sidewalk maybe we could just skip this year.


ZabbeX t1_j67ml9o wrote

Nope. No hopes at all


ReggieNJ t1_j689l6t wrote

Sure doesn't look like it.


NMS-KTG t1_j68wkn3 wrote

It snowed on wednesday and flurried yesterday here in MC


Hagglepig420 t1_j69r4f0 wrote

The weather sucks.. down here in Ocean County we don't get shit... I just want one big blizzard with like 2 ft of snow... that would make winter feel like winter...

I do think it's getting cloudier and cloudier though... I'm into astronomy and I feel like we used to have way more crystal clear starry nights in past winters.... now it's mostly clouds and haze and I barely get my telescopes out...


krissyface t1_j69rhl6 wrote

It snowed in Gloucester co yesterday but didn’t stick


Cherabee t1_j67ylrd wrote

there was snowfall in central. it just never stayed.


Lazuli9 t1_j68femk wrote

I hope so. Last year we had snow in central NJ in mid February and mid March


ShoreMama t1_j68hhvu wrote

Yes, the question is how much? I feel like every year it gets less likely we will get a huge storm. More times than not, the weather people under or overestimate how much snow we get anyway. We still have February and March to see snow.


crypticcircuits t1_j68s6k1 wrote

I have bulbs coming out in my garden... Nature is telling me no. But maybe a little something later but I don't think much. Also I know north jersey has seen some of the white stuff so they maybe confused with this question lol.


Difficult_Goat_4609 t1_j68t3ki wrote

I don’t look forward to any blizzard because on my street we’re usually stuck in thigh high snow


samsharksworthy t1_j68tsdm wrote

We got dusted in north nj twice so far but not a real snow.


fingerpaintx t1_j68vghz wrote

Nah. Let us give thanks to those who sacrificed and bought their snowblowers within the past 6 months.


R0LL0T0MAS1 t1_j690210 wrote

Prob waiting for opening day


superdad0206 t1_j69h98l wrote

Only if I travel in Feb just to mess with me.


Fakeout_Takeout t1_j69iggn wrote

Remember that time in 2012 it snowed in October? Been a while for that. I heard February 2nd


jennifer_112 t1_j69s9r6 wrote

I remember it snowed on April a few years ago that was crazy lol


aMiserable_creature t1_j69tsbq wrote

i miss the COVID snow we had during the 2020-2021 season. i haven’t seen snow like that since 10 years ago


fifthstreetgreet t1_j69ua8o wrote

Gotta wait until late march to say it's not snowing..


SATISFYMYS0UL t1_j69upcs wrote

It always snows after the bright yellow forsythia bushes bloom in the spring so at least we have that to look forward to.


rex3001 t1_j69zig6 wrote

It might snow but I don’t expect any snowstorms that would produce significant accumulation.

So far the preliminary forecasts out to mid March don’t show any significant snow.


Desperate_Ambrose t1_j6a3477 wrote

Rent a fleet of dump trucks.

Drive them to the eastern plains of Colorado.

Haul away all the snow you can carry. Gratis.


AnNJgal t1_j6a4ams wrote

Nope. If we do, it'll be a freak storm in March or something.


newwriter365 t1_j6adbcv wrote

I believe that February and March are going to suck. Like, massive storms and lots of flight cancellations.


anthonymm511 t1_j6axn56 wrote

Nooo. Way too warm this winter. Maybe the warmest historically.


Dr_smell t1_j6b99zy wrote

I remember two years ago it didn’t snow much at all, but then we got a two foot blizzard every week in February.


19374729 t1_j6bgpmy wrote

it was frosty late the other night ...


Mumei451 t1_j6cn81y wrote

If you've lived in this area your whole life you KNOW the weather is different than it was when you were growing up.

10 years ago I bought snow tires for the winter, that would be a complete waste of money now since you might need them 2 or 3 days a year where I live. I personally like these snowless winters but they definitely aren't natural.


SunburntDouchebag t1_j6e3h5q wrote

Nah, I sat on my porch in a short sleeve t shirt yesterday


harrison628 t1_j6fgc8q wrote

Yeah, at least an inch …. Sometime between now and Easter.


Ravenhill-2171 t1_j6gbriz wrote

Much as I hate shoveling it, I love snow.

I am starting to feel withdrawal symptoms. I need a good old fashioned snow day!!


trixiewutang t1_j6ip8oe wrote

I’m two days late to this post but if you open a map of the USA currently. There’s ice storms in Texas all the way to West Virginia. It’s likely to make its way up here this week.


PickleLS10 t1_j6oo8z8 wrote

Yes, in fact it's snowing right now in south jersey!