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ApplicationNo2506 t1_j5hwuxb wrote

Date a Latina


MainStreetinMay t1_j5kcv18 wrote

You’re not wrong here. Having a partner who only converses in Spanish with his family has helped me tremendously.


Notimportanthuman t1_j5j6glk wrote

Work in a restaurant


LossyP t1_j5k9mlk wrote

I’m Puerto Rican and learned more Spanish working in an Italian restaurant for 5 years than I did in my normal life


GM-the-DM t1_j5ow3rv wrote

I was a dishwasher when I was 14. I learned a lot of Spanish but none that I could use in school without getting detention.


Notimportanthuman t1_j5ozv9v wrote

I never said you’d learn appropriate Spanish, you’d be learning the real shit 😂😂


Mets1st t1_j5hpuie wrote

Try your local library, mine gives you free access to Mango, sort of like Rosetta stone.


gorlhoods t1_j5j31lo wrote

Get a pt job where your coworkers all speak Spanish. 2 yrs later u will be good


BrainFraud90 t1_j5jdv8m wrote

Curious what your motivation is for learning the language? Spanish can have lots of regional variations and slang so this might be important for you.

Dominicans, Mexicans, Spaniards, etc. all speak very differently. Think of the difference between English from Australia, the north of England, or Texas and you get a sense of how varied Spanish can be.

The Spanish you use informally with friends or a love interest may not be appropriate if you plan to converse in a professional setting with colleagues or business clients.

I recommend a low-cost community college course as a good way to get an understanding of grammar and fundamentals.


PrayerJuan t1_j5i0m99 wrote

Watch one of your favorite movies & turn on spanish subtitles.


Pcakes844 t1_j5ii5id wrote

Another really good way is to listen to Spanish versions of Disney songs because most people already know the words. So it's so much easier to figure out what means what


stvbeev t1_j5j50f3 wrote

whereabouts in jersey tho kinda depends.

there are spanish meetups in the city, and there are a bunch online if you go to or, i forget which.

if you're near newark, ironbound has a ton of hispanic folk and restaurants/cafes where they'll speak to you in spanish (sometimes because they dont know english that well). but there are a ton of portuguese/brasilians in ironbound, too, so you gotta make sure you're going into a hispanic restaurant/cafe.

trenton has a ton of hispanic folk too, but i dont really know much about trenton.


outcome--independent t1_j5lk9g1 wrote

Have to second meetup - I haven't used it for language but I've used it for other things and it's a great gathering method.


Dbssist t1_j5i9dv7 wrote

Best way is to use something like duolingo, but to also get immersed into it - do you have people you know who speak Spanish? If so, use them to practice. Have conversations with them using what you’ve learned.


Royal_Motor t1_j5jk5ub wrote

Self-study: Duolingo, Rosetta, Pimsleur, FSI, a good dictionary and grammar workbook

Media: novellas and local newspapers, classic spanish speaking music

Social: get friends who speak Spanish, ask them about the language; Spanish meet-ups, Spanish speaking significant other

Professional: work at a job where a majority speak Spanish


Legitimate_Page t1_j5pelll wrote

There are some libraries that have Pimsleur CDs, strongly recommend as a base for starting to learn any language they offer. You can also buy it, I recommend buying them second hand (new is pretty pricy). NJ has a pretty large Spanish speaking community, if you're intent on an institution, I'm sure a course at any community college will more than suffice, and you'll never run out of people to chat with & learn from.


mwssnof t1_j5k8uho wrote

My wife teaches spanish professionally, in case you're looking for private tutoring:


Jimmytowne t1_j5kdh0r wrote

Has anyone tried babble?