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Doowrag t1_j5fc4p9 wrote

So where are you moving to where people don’t litter? I’ve been to 49 states, rural areas in the middle of nowhere, and so many cities I lost count and I’ve seen garbage everywhere.


johnpope8844 t1_j5fl6d1 wrote

Vermont. Not perfect, but 10x better


Doowrag t1_j5foojc wrote

Vermont is beautiful and good luck moving there. It’s also cleaner because there a lot less people living there.


Ilovemytowm t1_j5fmphs wrote

I seen areas of Northeast Jersey and Central Jersey that look like what you're talking about. As a matter of fact it's why I moved to a part of Jersey where I no longer see that and I'm in heaven Just pure pure heaven.


choirscore t1_j5hu196 wrote

I'm totally not seeing the trash like everyone else. I must be blind by trying to find a home out here.


Ilovemytowm t1_j5i1on7 wrote

It's mainly route the state and fed highways and ramps.

Leaving Edison NJ to enter 287, and the main roads of Edison, I used to look away. It was awful. It's worse now.

The state is awol in taking care of this when slobs go wild. 😭


TodayTimeDeux t1_j5fmyxy wrote

where did you find heaven in this state


Ilovemytowm t1_j5fnpr4 wrote

The Medford lakes Southampton Tabernacle area. Every morning My husband says a prayer of thanks so he doesn't have to hear me bitching about the litter on the streets lol. I told him I'm going to shut up about this and then I never shut up about it.


tex8222 t1_j5g2u9z wrote

Most of Monmouth and Ocean County. Most of the shore areas down to Cape May don’t have much of a litter problem. I’m sure there are exceptions, but overall, trash is not a big issue.


ser_pez t1_j5h8u0y wrote

I live in a shore town and the litter is more of an issue here than anywhere I’ve ever lived before - people throw trash into my yard. I’ve never lived in a place in NJ as densely populated as my neighborhood though, and there was a lot less foot traffic where I’ve lived before, so that explains a lot. Definitely still sucks though!


gritty_rox t1_j5p072e wrote

I grew up in a beach town, house was on a corner of the highway (if we can even call it that) and soooo many people walking in the summer just throw their garbage over my parents fence into the backyard. Happens multiple times every single year, lazy idiots.


Pristine_Tension8399 t1_j5hru29 wrote

I moved to Vermont. In the spring they have a “green up” day. It’s a big deal and nearly everyone does it. They pick up all the litter in the state. It’s remarkable. They should make it nationwide.


choirscore t1_j5hu5in wrote

Did you live in NJ previously? Why'd you leave?


Pristine_Tension8399 t1_j5javmx wrote

I lived there when I was younger and went to college in NJ. I got a job in DC, I moved to VT for various reasons during covid.


utohforgotmyusername t1_j5jsv5v wrote

I have a house in VT, people litter on our very rural road all the time. You’re just trading in Wawa cups for Stewart’s cups. Great state regardless, good luck!


RUKnight31 t1_j5jochz wrote

I have a friend that moved to VT from NJ a little over a year ago. Absolutely miserable up there. I hope you have better luck!


TheRacoonist t1_j5f9fai wrote

Have you tried, oh I don't know, something crazy maybe, like picking it up?


fuzzy_dunlop_221 t1_j5ficei wrote

People did this around where I live and gave up after 2 weeks because the trash came right back. Maybe we just need to pass harsher fines for littering


robthetrashguy t1_j5fjpqg wrote

I moved to NJ in 2008. My wife and I got involved with Hackensack Riverkeeper and their clean up program. We have met people who we get together with to clean up along the waterways in North and Central Jersey. I have posted a few on here and the subredidit r/detrashed. It is repetitive. We go back to the same places and clean. It’s a huge issue but not limited to NJ. Collect the trash, take pics, keep hounding your local government and demand they take action. Vote for those that will and do!


fuzzy_dunlop_221 t1_j5flctt wrote

Yeah I also help pick up trash in the area. Not sure why people downvote these comments. Some people in this sub are seriously delusional and in denial.

Everywhere does have littering problems, yes. NJ being densely populated and being part of the commute in the tri state also makes it more congested and prone to littering. It's no secret we have littering problems and like you said it's a repetitive thing. It's never going to stop, you have to do it every week and it really can't be limited to like court ordered community service.

Looking at the detrashed pics of before and after is such dopamine release for me lol


robthetrashguy t1_j5fmag6 wrote

It is really about putting the pressure on politicians to act. That will be done by showing up to town wide clean ups and engaging with them. Ask how will they reduce the problem. Don’t accept the excuses why they don’t or can’t. There is money out there in the form of clean communities grants to offset the expenses, they have property maintenance, littering and dumping ordinances that need to be rewritten so they can be enforced. If pols see people will vote with this in mind then they will be compelled to act.


trekologer t1_j5g9sa5 wrote

The penalty for littering should be a fine AND community service picking up litter.


Ilovemytowm t1_j5fn081 wrote

No one should have to pick up the litter that some scumbags throw on a highway First of all it's not safe second of all the most littered area are the ramps coming off of highway or on a highway. To tell someone why don't you just pull over and get out of your car and pick up that filth is ridiculous. Phil Murphy that moron along with all the other morons who were governors should be addressing this because it's getting worse and worse.


fuzzy_dunlop_221 t1_j5fr336 wrote

Yeah no one should have to but people do because they care about their area looking clean and shit. This is why I want harsher fines.


weaselpoopcoffee1 t1_j5gbzn1 wrote

Have you ever met someone who received a summons for littering? I haven't. Harsh fines won't do it. Just start nailing people for it. Word will get around.


Ilovemytowm t1_j5fxsht wrote

I completely agree with the harsher finds but it'll never happen cuz people will be crying it's mean. My relatives were dirt poor when they came over here from Europe they had nothing lived in some walk up horrible apartment. You could eat dinner off the streets that's how spotless those neighborhoods were as people took pride in keeping it clean.

Loving the down votes because I think people who later are scumbags and because I think Murphy along with every other single governor in the state is a moron. Lmao.


Womper710 t1_j5favd0 wrote

Bye, don’t come back.


ogo_pogo t1_j5fines wrote

There’s a guy on route 19/route 80 in Clifton that picks up trash, he’s a good bro


ghost_robot2000 t1_j5fbc1y wrote

Not every part of NJ looks like that. I grew up in Bergen County and that was the landscape I grew up with. Everything was always covered with trash. It was loaded with trash under every overpass and along every highway. There were random abandoned shopping carts everywhere. The Passaic river was nearby and when the tide was low you'd see kitchen and bathroom fixtures that people dumped there and more piles of garbage. I thought that's just how Jersey was. I moved to Morris County for college and the first thing that struck me was the absence of garbage. I'd never seen NJ looking that clean. I'm in Somerset County now and it's the same, I never see any garbage on the street in my town or really any of the surrounding towns. If that's really your main issue, it might be solved by just moving to a different region of the state.


Ilovemytowm t1_j5fn9uf wrote

Same here We moved down south Jersey to the beginning of the pine barrons. Not only is it freaking beautiful I don't see any trash littering our streets my neighborhoods anywhere. I go up to Central Jersey Edison area to visit family and friends and there it is everywhere I look


GooseNYC t1_j5hw60d wrote

Considering I think we have the highest concentration of people per square mile, there's going to be litter.

As a child of the 1970s, it's so much better, it's like night and day. Of course we have miles to go, but we have come very far.


mt80 t1_j5j5cfc wrote

Agreed. Left Jersey and returned to Texas (for family) definitely more litter here, despite being far less dense.


choirscore t1_j5fs0nt wrote

Sweden is the only place I know of where people put their ciggs out appropriately and make sure they aren't lit and throw them in the trash. Stockkholm is pristine, quite a sight to behold.

Are you moving to Stockholm? Everywhere in the US has trash, it's a culture thing. I live in an area of NYC (well all the boroughs in general) where dog poop is all over the sidewalk, moving to NJ soon, at least people pick up after their dogs.

I can't recall the last time I put trash in a public area. Maybe as a child but even then... (I am an inner city kid- my parents were strict immigrants, perhaps where this came from for me). There would have to be a mindshift for this to change in America. Seems like we have bigger fish to fry though.


FreshChicken t1_j5g2zyr wrote

They don’t all pick up after their dogs here either. Travesty.


Cool_Cartographer631 t1_j5n4v04 wrote

Yes I always wondered how cigarette buts aren’t considered litter and neighbors just throw them on your lawn, driveway like oh it’s not trash


secretbaldspot t1_j5fm0kf wrote

I’m from out of state. NJ definitely has a more permissive culture about litter than other places I’ve lived. Besides Harlem. The litter in Harlem is absurd.


murphydcat t1_j5g6e5d wrote

NJ needs a bottle bill to encourage recycling but retailers keep fighting it so it dies in the legislature.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j5hv80r wrote

My super collects bottles as well as the scrap metal.


alissa2579 t1_j5hjjeb wrote

It’s one of my big pet peeves. I do a few clean ups a year but there needs to be more.


TagMan416 t1_j5i775m wrote

Think you're underestimating how much you'll miss the food and little sub culture NJ has.


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j5nsqgv wrote

So are you moving to Antarctica? Because no where you go as long as there's humans there will be trash


DerSturmbannfuror t1_j5fq8j0 wrote

I'm in a Wendy's looking out at stelton road in Piecstaway ATM and I don't see this litter problem. I'd attach a pic, if I could...


Pfordy40 t1_j5gjz81 wrote

Hopefully you aren’t too close to Burlington. You’ll hate all the litter, drugs and homeless.


trixiewutang t1_j5h2xpu wrote

See, what I do is, get myself a litter picker, 2 trash bags and go on a nice walk. Fixing the problem takes all of us.


inf4mation t1_j5oo27r wrote

we'll be fine without you


OFFDUTY711 t1_j5g21va wrote

Take a look at the amount of litter at any jug handle in NJ, it is astonishing


Jerseyhole84 t1_j5ga2d6 wrote

Don’t go to Portland, OR. That place has become the litter capital of the West Coast.


dc912 t1_j5gyce5 wrote

So brave of you


BoomTownRat71 t1_j5gz0hg wrote

I live in an area of NJ that is pristine. And we keep it that way. Sad how many other areas are so filthy.


Fakeout_Takeout t1_j5httcf wrote

We've had a long history of dumping toxic chemicals into the water. I believe there was a virus in the summer last year which could be contracted from our tap water. Nine whales have died in Brigantine since Dec. 1st.

I was out shooting photos in Sussex a number of years ago and this man suggested I take a ride to this cave which was closed down because it was festering mold and mildew in the caverns.

You aren't wrong, there needs to be tighter laws for conservation efforts. Especially regarding smog or air pollution from the mac trucks which Vermont does have laws for. A huge shout out to Dr. Winters whom I have the honor and privilege to have met, for his concentrated efforts to filter contaminated water. Most of our basic viruses are contracted through contaminated water.

I would wish you good luck in Vermont, but you won't need it and will never look back, lucky duck. Green Mountain. Learn Frenchgif Bon Voyage


StinkyCheeseMe t1_j5hw5ki wrote

Until people start embracing the Reduce aspect of life, trash is still going to be made. Some places are just better at hiding it until it goes out on a barge… or buried. Glad you’re leaving. Too many people here anyways but i agree Seeing litter sucks especially hiking and in the wild. Be the change . Use refill shops. We have a bunch in our state.


Gixxerfool t1_j5i0sot wrote

My lawn for some reason seems to be the neighborhood vortex for trash. While not a big deal, I’m definitely tired of finding beer bottles/cans, cigarettes packs and random trash on my lawn. It’s simple enough to police, but mine is the only lawn that seems to attract this much trash. I’ve even checked my cameras and from the best I can tell, it’s not being tossed there purposely.


suztomo t1_j5jo7qm wrote

Where are you moving?


mikeynj908 t1_j5jof5q wrote

Hate to say it but we're not gonna miss you. I'm in Texas right now but moved back to NJ at least twice now already having also once done this with Pennsylvania. When I do it this time will clearly be a matter OF when and not if. My loyalty to my home state will never die, but I also do plan to die living there too.


SnooPears4919 t1_j5jvu76 wrote

i can’t believe the sole reason you’re leaving a whole ass state with your family and everything is bc of litter. that’s ridiculous


AdministrativeBall58 t1_j5k92kb wrote

I sympathize with you but that’s no reason to move, at least out of the state. There will be litter everywhere. Any where there are people really! When I leave route 9 to get on the parkway by South Amboy, there is trash all over. Also, good luck finding these people because there really is no way of tracking them down!


ExperienceNo7751 t1_j5kk5a0 wrote

This shlep listed his family 3rd after pizza and bagels. And to make matters worse this is obviously a troll job by some weirdo.

Don’t know where in Jersey you live, but I assure everyone here: depends on your zip code, no matter the state.


SimplySkylines t1_j5ko1bs wrote

I don't know where you're going to escape the litter, but when I came back from a trip that involved me going through multiple areas of the rural southeast a few months back, one of the first things I noticed was how clean it is here for the most part. Especially people's yards for some reason


Engibineer t1_j5mf28f wrote

I would be a prison abolitionist but for the litterbugs. Lock 'em up.


Cool_Cartographer631 t1_j5n4gz2 wrote

I agree I’ve noticed so much more liter around Monmouth and Ocean county since just after COVID. It’s insane and horrific. I pick up tons of garbage everywhere I go too having to clean up after slobs, not once have I intentionally littered. Lived here all my life and it’s so sad to see.


LifeBoatsRLeaving t1_j61kxix wrote

Utah and Montana are quite clean -- enjoy your trip


[deleted] OP t1_j5fjeni wrote



Ilovemytowm t1_j5fnhld wrote

No, It's not as simple as that. All the trash I saw was on the State highways and on the ramps It was horrendous and still is in certain parts of the state. No one should be pulling over to pick that crap up. Also there's just not enough trash cans on other streets to pick up someone's filth. Like others have said the answer is not to tell someone you pick it up even though it's a good thought It's to make those penalties for dropping litter extremely high which of course will never happen in this state or put money aside for the budget to have workers pick that up They actually do that in New Brunswick New Jersey.


TimSPC t1_j5gje7n wrote

Good luck!


gordonv t1_j5guidc wrote

If the state raised taxes to fund aggressive litter cleanup, would you be for that?


TheRealMetal t1_j5fccwd wrote

Comments are just people coping because they can’t admit NJ has a litter problem outside of their gated communities. Yeah, it’s not NYC, but to say we don’t have a littering problem is a little wild.


whskid2005 t1_j5fhnk7 wrote

More people = more litter, then there’s the if other people see it being done they will be more likely to do it too.

Point being- it’s an everywhere problem


Anthinee t1_j5givs0 wrote

Or my life experience doesn’t include an abundance of litter. I grew up in Brick and not once did I ever think my part of the state had a litter problem, and that’s because it doesn’t. Tom’s River, Lakewood, Manchester, Manasquan, Point Pleasant, Wall, etc… is a pretty big “gated community” with no litter problem.


moppsy t1_j5hayxz wrote

LMAO! Lakewood is a fucking garbage dump.


Anthinee t1_j5hblv1 wrote

I was there yesterday, no it’s not. Lakewood has a ton of problems, but littering isn’t one of them.


moppsy t1_j5hbvca wrote

LMAO! Must have had your eyes closed.