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TheRealMetal t1_j5fccwd wrote

Comments are just people coping because they can’t admit NJ has a litter problem outside of their gated communities. Yeah, it’s not NYC, but to say we don’t have a littering problem is a little wild.


whskid2005 t1_j5fhnk7 wrote

More people = more litter, then there’s the if other people see it being done they will be more likely to do it too.

Point being- it’s an everywhere problem


Anthinee t1_j5givs0 wrote

Or my life experience doesn’t include an abundance of litter. I grew up in Brick and not once did I ever think my part of the state had a litter problem, and that’s because it doesn’t. Tom’s River, Lakewood, Manchester, Manasquan, Point Pleasant, Wall, etc… is a pretty big “gated community” with no litter problem.


moppsy t1_j5hayxz wrote

LMAO! Lakewood is a fucking garbage dump.


Anthinee t1_j5hblv1 wrote

I was there yesterday, no it’s not. Lakewood has a ton of problems, but littering isn’t one of them.


moppsy t1_j5hbvca wrote

LMAO! Must have had your eyes closed.