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johnpope8844 t1_j5fl6d1 wrote

Vermont. Not perfect, but 10x better


Doowrag t1_j5foojc wrote

Vermont is beautiful and good luck moving there. It’s also cleaner because there a lot less people living there.


Ilovemytowm t1_j5fmphs wrote

I seen areas of Northeast Jersey and Central Jersey that look like what you're talking about. As a matter of fact it's why I moved to a part of Jersey where I no longer see that and I'm in heaven Just pure pure heaven.


choirscore t1_j5hu196 wrote

I'm totally not seeing the trash like everyone else. I must be blind by trying to find a home out here.


Ilovemytowm t1_j5i1on7 wrote

It's mainly route the state and fed highways and ramps.

Leaving Edison NJ to enter 287, and the main roads of Edison, I used to look away. It was awful. It's worse now.

The state is awol in taking care of this when slobs go wild. 😭


TodayTimeDeux t1_j5fmyxy wrote

where did you find heaven in this state


Ilovemytowm t1_j5fnpr4 wrote

The Medford lakes Southampton Tabernacle area. Every morning My husband says a prayer of thanks so he doesn't have to hear me bitching about the litter on the streets lol. I told him I'm going to shut up about this and then I never shut up about it.


tex8222 t1_j5g2u9z wrote

Most of Monmouth and Ocean County. Most of the shore areas down to Cape May don’t have much of a litter problem. I’m sure there are exceptions, but overall, trash is not a big issue.


ser_pez t1_j5h8u0y wrote

I live in a shore town and the litter is more of an issue here than anywhere I’ve ever lived before - people throw trash into my yard. I’ve never lived in a place in NJ as densely populated as my neighborhood though, and there was a lot less foot traffic where I’ve lived before, so that explains a lot. Definitely still sucks though!


gritty_rox t1_j5p072e wrote

I grew up in a beach town, house was on a corner of the highway (if we can even call it that) and soooo many people walking in the summer just throw their garbage over my parents fence into the backyard. Happens multiple times every single year, lazy idiots.


Pristine_Tension8399 t1_j5hru29 wrote

I moved to Vermont. In the spring they have a “green up” day. It’s a big deal and nearly everyone does it. They pick up all the litter in the state. It’s remarkable. They should make it nationwide.


choirscore t1_j5hu5in wrote

Did you live in NJ previously? Why'd you leave?


Pristine_Tension8399 t1_j5javmx wrote

I lived there when I was younger and went to college in NJ. I got a job in DC, I moved to VT for various reasons during covid.


utohforgotmyusername t1_j5jsv5v wrote

I have a house in VT, people litter on our very rural road all the time. You’re just trading in Wawa cups for Stewart’s cups. Great state regardless, good luck!


RUKnight31 t1_j5jochz wrote

I have a friend that moved to VT from NJ a little over a year ago. Absolutely miserable up there. I hope you have better luck!