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Notimportanthuman t1_j6junb4 wrote

Looks like that happened on route 1 in Woodbridge too, which is already a hell scape. He’s very lucky


Jason_Was_Here t1_j6ls14h wrote

Yup this is exit 130 to 1 south from the parkway right before the vitamin shoppe on the way to menlo mall. Which is a heavy merge. Very lucky he didn’t get hit or hit anyone else.


Budget_Ordinary1043 t1_j6l0rxk wrote

I saw Woodbridge on the cop and I was wondering where exactly. I grew up there. I think someone drove into the Home Depot last week too.


SilotheGreat t1_j6mseby wrote

It was a truck that drove into a ton of parked cars in the parking lot lol. Not sure exactly why or how it happened but my friend lives around the corner and sent a photo