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KamikaziSolly t1_j6mvnxp wrote

Did Christie have any tangible chance at a presidential run? He seemed to get smacked out of the race pretty early IIRC.


Flashinglights0101 OP t1_j6mxjbv wrote

He had a really good chance if it wasn't for Trump. Christie was the loud candidate that would have outshined the other candidates (like Jeb Bush). Also, coming from a dark blue state, he would have done well if not for Trump ruining his political career.


heynow941 t1_j6n4by9 wrote

Christie was pushed to run in 2012 but held back. In hindsight that was a mistake. By 2016 Trump was running in the “angry populist” lane, leaving Christie with nowhere to go.


LarryLeadFootsHead t1_j6ns9c4 wrote

Absolutely, didn't help how Christie had that win on the record of putting the Kushner dad away either .


squeege222 t1_j6mwrge wrote

Possibly? One of the big problems with his campaign was how he was advised to holp back and have more decorum. Something Christie was not known for. Had he been his true self he probably would have polled better. Of course you have the lightning in a bottle that was 2016 Trump for the GOP base interfering with any chance of him winning but it could have been him up there instead of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio had he not been so chucked by his advisors.


cheap_mom t1_j6n0sk3 wrote

I think he was really running for VP. He would have been there to make whatever non-Trump chucklefuck look sort of normal to moderates in swing states.


EngineSpecialist259 t1_j6mwuwl wrote

If Trump hadn’t run, I think the ticket would’ve been Christie/Rubio, and they probably would’ve beaten HRC too.