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dobby10 t1_j6cnwt9 wrote

Amazon, although I believe in person are still paused since covid and it is only live virtual now....


Practical_Argument50 t1_j6easb8 wrote

Not a factory. This is just a warehouse.


dobby10 t1_j6ebc6q wrote

"Just a warehouse" minimizes it. The number of conveyor belts, automations, robots, and sophisticated processes makes an Amazon warehouse more complex than many factories.


Practical_Argument50 t1_j6ebqdn wrote

True but they don't produce anything. Factory makes something from raw materials and or parts. Warehouse stores products made in a factory. Does Amazon have highly technical process yes but it is still a warehouse not a factory.


Dozzi92 t1_j6f266g wrote

Really living up to that username.


trixiewutang t1_j6iq61n wrote

If we want to get really technical, Amazon’s are distribution centers, not warehouses or factories. Warehouses store items that are made from factories. Distribution centers receive goods from warehouses and distribute them out for routes and do not typically store items. In and out. Still cool to look at but don’t think Amazon is conducting any tours to the public. Source: work logistics and supply chain and worked at Amazon sort center