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WhichWorldIsDis t1_j583utu wrote

Well it’d be nice to grow weed….in the garden state…


SHIT-PISSER t1_j59uo0r wrote

Hijacking the top comment for visibility

Our elected officials are trying to change this and they need to hear from you

It takes two minutes. Go to the NORML website, fill out that form, and they'll send letters to your state representatives and senators on your behalf. It's so fucking easy. These bills are on the floors of our legislative bodies right now. Take two minutes and tell them to listen to their constituents, not the corporate dispensaries.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.


CheeseSandwitch t1_j5ahseq wrote

Whoever runs that site needs to update the elected officials the letters get sent to. All the ones in my district lost 2 years ago but it still has their names instead of the current senator and assembly people. Thanks for sharing.


SHIT-PISSER t1_j5avsrm wrote

Which district are you in? I can contact the organization and get it changed. Thanks for the feedback!


aden_feifdom t1_j59ucpr wrote

really. so ridiculous. people voted and overwhelmingly said “yeah, legalize it”. got to keep Russian Curaleaf profitable and keep police revenue coming in from seizures


xnodesirex t1_j597lso wrote

You gotta wonder what kind of super strains would come out from planting on the ridiculous number of superfund sites.


metastar13 t1_j57tzsk wrote

I’m from NJ but live in Colorado. I almost fell over when my dad told me he bought a 100mg bag of gummies for over 60 dollars. I pay about 15-17 for that here including tax. In time it’ll come down but I didn’t know it was that huge of a difference!


Snownel t1_j57xk2j wrote

>I almost fell over when my dad told me he bought a 100mg bag of gummies for over 60 dollars.

I think your dad's getting ripped - those go for around $25-35 from what I've seen. Not that that's a great price (and it's also kind of annoying that we can only get 10x10mg bags of basic gummies) but it's not that bad, and I mean, as long as you're not a heavy user that's a cheap price to pay a pop. At least they're more consistent quality than flower here.

But yeah our dispo scene is kind of dogshit. I'm glad I'm not going to get fired for this stuff anymore, but it's kinda what I expected when NJ announced they were gonna get into the legal business.


The-Protomolecule t1_j58g9dw wrote

They absolutely go for $40-60 at an nj dispensary. It’s nuts.


Snownel t1_j58hc2g wrote

Which? Ascend in Rochelle Park has em for $25, I just bought some.


jgomez315 t1_j58yufr wrote

If you look on weedmaps most places have them for 40-60, sometimes higher.

There have been a few times I've seen them on sale for 35 or 30, but that's not the reg.

For medical the prices are about 10 or 15 cheaper though, so med is 25-35.

This is all anecdotal from a few searches on weedmaps. If there are cheaper places I'd like to know too


Ilovemytowm t1_j5c8yke wrote

I thought it depended how many milligrams. I was in the city not long ago and pick some up and the more strength... the higher $$ the gummies were.


trixiewutang t1_j58x5ig wrote

Breakwater for medical patients has daytime 5mg lozenges that go $50+. They’re really good and you get a lot of mints but the price is high for sure.


TodayTimeDeux t1_j57y8l3 wrote

I get gummies for sleep and some places have those bags but most have the same quantity for $30-35. Haven’t seen less than $30 yet.


dickprompt t1_j59ta27 wrote

I got a cart from zen leaf for $60 and it wasn’t even full… sure it was kinda thick but it didn’t last super long, it felt like a rip off.


prayersforrain t1_j57bmgd wrote

SUPPLY AND DEMAND!!! think how long California has had a program? Soon as we get more non-corporate growers and more licenses it’ll improve but it’ll take time


well_damm t1_j57q49d wrote

It’s gonna take us a few years to get to west coast pricing.

The good thing is with PA,NY,MA legalizing it should pump it slightly faster.

Issue is Nj is corrupt and dragging their feet making sure people in charge get theirs.


playdohplaydate t1_j5838jr wrote

Would be nice to have a corridor of states legalize it for a transportation route coast to coast


Ways_away t1_j587rt4 wrote

Crossing state lines increases federal involvement


Jeff-Van-Gundy t1_j580koa wrote

I went to Mass, DC and Canada early on in their legalization process. DC had good prices when it was gray market but the legit dispensaries are about as much as jersey. Montreal was trash weed for wayyy too much money when they opened up. No edibles, no vapes, no pre rolls either at the time. I used to just buy black market weed when I would go. Last time I went, they stepped it up a bit. Mass wasn't much better the first time I went.

I feel like people want the weed utopia right out the gate that I imagined when I was 16 years old...that's not happening.


D00TZpop t1_j57mxlj wrote

You are dealing with the Walmart of weed. These MSO’s are literally the worst. They are running this state like a cartel and they set prices so no one is undercutting the other guy.

The good news is smaller facilities are going to start opening up and they are not part of the cannabis trade association and they will force these MSOs to drop their prices. Give it 6 months to a year before these prices really drop.

Another option is to go to the weedmans store in trenton where his prices are a lot more reasonable


Mullethunt t1_j58kj9h wrote

> Another option is to go to the weedmans store in trenton where his prices are a lot more reasonable

I would rather pay for corporate cannabis 10 out of 10 times before giving that loser any money. That man brings nothing but bad vibes to cannabis and is so far from an advocate.


halloweenheaux t1_j58lajk wrote

what’s the tea on the weedman


Mullethunt t1_j58lve7 wrote

He's simply in it for himself and only himself. Too many times he plays the race card when he's just a giant douche. Not to mention him pushing/smacking his ex/business partner.


D00TZpop t1_j57naa0 wrote

We have legalized cannabis because of the ACLU, not because of the weed companies. If you do not believe me go look at the ELEC reports from the cannabis legalization campaign


[deleted] t1_j58jnv3 wrote



CommanderPooPants t1_j59vrz1 wrote

These $45 for a half ounce prices came on like the plague


SubjectDramatic2122 t1_j5a10m1 wrote

People always say that but I call bullshit


LarryLeadFootsHead t1_j5b8jmi wrote

You'd be surprised, the arms race in potency has flipped some stuff on its head a bit, but ultimately it's a slight "it depends" person to person mixed bag situation.

My one friend got a full zip of nuggets what the grower was calling "mids" for $100 and unless you were some super particular A-level stony baloney who needs to be put down like a tranquilized elephant to feel anything, there really wasn't anything particularly bad with this weed. Nothing laced or exotic oregano or old timey classic shit tier Rutgers dealer ditch weed that tastes like the inside of someone's musty sweatshirt pocket.

I know it sounds really weird and it's not to say there is no bad weed or bullshit ripoff markups with non official sources, but it can be such a different story if you have memories and frames of references of say 10-20 years in the past when there was a lot of garbage and it was that or nothing.


[deleted] t1_j5bwciy wrote



TheOkGazoo t1_j5a0xty wrote

I've seen stuff around that price, but it looks worse than dispensary bud


Legimus t1_j58np39 wrote

We have a highly restricted market. Supplies are tightly controlled, licenses are tightly controlled, etc. Our regime highly favors the handful of big players already in the market and then makes them pay through the nose to maintain a limited supply.


fuzzy_dunlop_221 t1_j57sw7n wrote

And 1000% shittier. Products here so bad. I just get stuff from Maine and sometimes Cali. The price is right in Maine for the quality. Especiallt if you vape flower. Some of the stuff I've never seen from weed, whereas the only surprise I get from Cali was zkittles and fresh baked products.

Maine Crafy Cannabis. Blackwood cultivation. Omg. So good. I've never thought those flavors were possible..I recently tried Albarino. Shit smells ans taste like grapefruit. Meanwhile NJ, runtz doesn't smell or taste like what you read about. We got inconsistent, dry weed. Some places have sold moldy products. Cartridges clog consistently. Cartridges are disgusting black and dark brown.. this is not what carts should be. I've gotten many carts from maine and they taste amazing and way better and they're ALL golden amber or light amber.


kevville t1_j57xq06 wrote

I just smoked some Albariño that I got up there. One of my favorites from my first Maine run. Definitely going back. It’s a disgrace that as a medical patient I have to make a 12-hour round trip to get decent/affordable medicine.


fuzzy_dunlop_221 t1_j57yb25 wrote

I need to try Nigerian silk kush. Have you tried dragonfruit Thai? Another amazing banger.

Some.of the favorites I tried were gmo from mentation and blue cookies from 5 points farm.


kevville t1_j57zedb wrote

Haven’t had any of those but I am aware of dragonfruit Thai and hope to try it if it’s available next time I make a run. I only hit storefronts last time. Might try delivery services next time.


wheniswhy t1_j5856an wrote

I miss the shit I could get in Cali. I don’t like to smoke, I used exclusively tinctures and capsules. I can’t even find tinctures in NJ, and if I can find capsules at all they’re 25x weaker for 5x the price. I miss having cannabis for sleep. My sleep has been shit ever since I moved to NJ because of it.


Anthinee t1_j57wt6c wrote

When I was up in Bangor it was $80 for a .5 cart. That’s a horrible price. You can get the same quality and double the quantity for 1/4 price on the black market.


fuzzy_dunlop_221 t1_j57y4k1 wrote

That depends. Are you buying black market brands? If so I'll pass. I can pay 40 bucks for Blackwood Cultivation .5g carts because it's some of the best tasting carts out there. I wouldn't touch Cakes or Jeeter Juice brands for example with a stick. Those pur pods and the like are all what's called boof brands.

However, if you're getting legit CBX for example, then you're way better off. It's better getting good trusted brands but they can also be bootlegged by fakes too. You got brands like Cake and Big Chiefs which are just bad whether or not they're legit or faked.


Whoamidontremindme t1_j59n0uo wrote

Do you travel or can you have it shipped? My husband is killing our budget with medical weed and it’s pissing me off. I’d rather him buy it illegally again.


ed20g t1_j580uc8 wrote

Support your local dealer. Same with franchises, fuck them. Support small businesses.


prayersforrain t1_j58f9gu wrote

Dude some people don’t have this option. It’s just not something one brings up in everyday conversation.


Mullethunt t1_j58oexu wrote

Honestly the same thing is said whenever someone makes a post on /r/coents too. Not everyone has the ability to grow or knows someone that grows. Even out here in Colorado it's still pretty hush hush with people talking about their grows.


Ecstatic-Passage-113 t1_j57jauj wrote

Don't buy from dispensaries.

There are local purveyors that have better quality for better value.

A while ago. I used to work somewhere. And a dude used to show up and sell meats out of the back of his van. A ton of people bought steaks and all that from him. Technically, that is illegal. But we did it anyway. Because we got good value.

This is no different.


snarkuzoid t1_j57uuii wrote

Many people don't really have that option.


Stock-Pension1803 t1_j58905y wrote

Right and nor do I care enough to seek out my “local purveyor”

I imagine the prices will drop as the dispensaries become more available. They are opening a BUNCH in central jersey this year


fuzzy_dunlop_221 t1_j57tzuu wrote

Yeah this. Msos are garbage and they run this state. Trust the potheads when they tell you this is garbage because you're paying premium prices to get the best boujie shit to get garbage moldy dusty weed from NJ. There are few here that give me hope like Breakwater and Valley Wellness but they're nowhere near California. Maine is a nice new beacon of cannabis hub in the east coast that is setting itself apart with their uniquely terpy and amazing looking weed and the price generally tends to be half of what we pay in NJ. Some of these dispos knowingly sold mold and told customers you can't get sick from smoking moldy weed.


DumpsterCyclist t1_j57nbx6 wrote

I'm not a really big cannabis user myself. Just not into it like I used to be, and even then I wasn't hardcore. Because of that, I really do trust the "real" stoners that I know. People that have done it all, been there and done that. I know a guy that used to be a judge for High Times back in the day, not to mention all of these other guys I hang out with sometimes. Not a single one of them goes to any dispensary. All I hear from any of them is how subpar the weed is.


Ecstatic-Passage-113 t1_j57o9be wrote

This is genuinely not a flex. But I traveled the world looking for the best weed.

If you want to talk about highest THC & terp count. That's in California.

Stuff from different areas hit different.

Also it's about how the growers grow. I like organic no till products. It would be great if its sun grown or ocean grown but that is difficult to pull off without contamination.

So it's all subjective.

1 thing I know is that NJ dispensaries sell garbage bud.


Mullethunt t1_j58owe0 wrote

> If you want to talk about highest THC & terp count. That's in California.

THC % means nothing in the effects of how you're getting high. I'm not really sure how you can confidently say that. Places like Michigan are producing absolute fire flower and Colorado produces some of the best rosin/concentrates.


Ecstatic-Passage-113 t1_j595kox wrote

I basically said the same thing....


Mullethunt t1_j5arevc wrote

You did not. You stopped at California like it's the end all be all. Anyone that brings up THC % as if it's any meaningful factor kind shows their lack of education as well. You said you traveled the world looking for the best weed and only mentioned California. How is that saying that Michigan has some absolute fire flower and Colorado has some extremely high terp concentrates. Colorado and Oklahoma both piss on California's concentrates.

So no, you basically did not say any of what I said. You made it sound like California is the end all be all and that could not be further from the truth.


TodayTimeDeux t1_j57y3ud wrote

NJ has awful pricing and quality, I don’t understand why.


SyndicalistCPA t1_j5bd7xj wrote

There's like 10 recreational stores open for the entire state. I'm sure once more open the price will come down.


rdygaymer2 t1_j57wdxu wrote

Yea fuck that. Not only are these big name dispensaries cough Zen Leaf price gouging, the limited variety of rec weed they have isn’t even that great.

I used to drive to Great Barrington right over the border from NY and pickup from dispensaries there. Better quality and more bang for your buck. At this point id rather deal with that drive then put up with the shit we’re stuck with here.


Bright_Efficiency_82 t1_j57l93c wrote

I went to an event in Edison last week. $20 to enter. They were selling $50 ounces, edibles, wax. Not sure how legal they are I’ve only been to that one but my buddy goes to them like every week.


AsBadAsAWetShit t1_j57rfir wrote

I’m always worried about crazy deals like that. With my luck it’ll be all D8 or CBD


Bright_Efficiency_82 t1_j57sbkp wrote

It’s definitely good shit. It’s not top shelf but definitely worth $50 for an ounce.


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j57qh3d wrote

keep buying from your local plugs until it stops being such a ripoff. don't support more of a ripoff from our govt


weaver787 t1_j57ob60 wrote

There are alternative gray markets out there in NJ where you can get weed for cheaper. The gifting market still exists


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j57vuoo wrote

gray prices are still pretty ass too, at least for green. like $50 for an 8th for okay nothing special bud.


weaver787 t1_j57xmcu wrote

I buy vape almost exclusively and the difference is pretty stark in price. I pay $60 for a .5G cart… whereas gray I can get a 1G cart for cheaper or a 2g disposable pen for $80


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j57xzyx wrote

yeah I mean it will still be better than legal but it's still pretty bad. I get mine for 30/pop if I buy in bulk. I generally just get edibles at the store these days


burken551 t1_j581ajb wrote

Carts at dispensary $70 for 1/2 gram; carts from my guy $30 full gram. Why go legal?


prayersforrain t1_j58fcqp wrote

Because I don’t know if the carts from your guy aren’t cut with some shit they shouldn’t be.


PurpleSailor t1_j58m0v2 wrote

There were issues a few years ago about black market carts causing lung issues in users. Whatever was being put in it was causing lung damage in some people. That's far too risky for me.


chungusscru t1_j57y582 wrote

Finding a good plug is the best option but thats easier said than done.


Raven91487 t1_j58jgsf wrote

This is why the street scene is still the better option. I don’t know anyone who gets from a store in Jersey. The stuff from their local guys is cheaper and better. Likely because its coming from California and Colorado I imagine lol.


Medismo t1_j58h4ue wrote

My plug loves the high prices at dispensaries


MarkyMarc0o7 t1_j5as0gv wrote

If your strapped for cash “the cannabist”dispensary runs a sale seemingly almost every week on Friday and Saturday for 4 eights mix an match all Columbia Care brands, classix, triple 7 , S&S , and Tyson 2.0 for 100$


beeps-n-boops t1_j5avm3n wrote

This... I went to the Deptford location a couple of weeks before the holidays, intending to just grab an eighth. (The ones I usually get are in the $55 - $65 range.)

Walked out with four, for only $35 more.

That's a win in my book LOL.


brp t1_j5bgydc wrote

Hope it's just a matter of time before they get it going better.

I moved to Montreal, and even with the high taxes and the only legal/non-reservation weed shops being government run and owned, I can get an ounce of decent stuff for $100 USD, and they have multiple delivery options including by Canada Post, same day via a 3rd party courier, and are now rolling out 2 hour delivery too.


[deleted] t1_j5fuaie wrote

This is how it’ll be in the future too it’s just Jersey having some hiccups.


bullish88 t1_j58vtz1 wrote

That’s why you go to the habibis in red bank.


daraeje7 t1_j59eo39 wrote

And the menus are also super limited. Traveled to Illinois once and got 200mg pack of edibles for $20. I really wish it was federally legal but the stigma is very strong still.


ExistentialFread t1_j57p881 wrote

lol remember when they said it was gonna be the cheapest because of the minor tax


c0lin268 t1_j57py4y wrote

Yeah i assume prices will eventually drop within the coming years. Until then just find a plug


drkensaccount t1_j5800qz wrote

The closest weed to me (JC) is in Manhattan and it's run by a charity, Housing Works. Plus, it's cheaper. But there are signs of life. Harmony in Secaucus has been given a license to also sell recreational. It's near the train station, but it's in the middle of an industrial park. I haven't heard anything about their Hoboken location. Also, in Jersey City, Downtown FLWR put up a coming soon sign for their new space at 141 Newark ave, on the pedestrian plaza, close to the PATH. They moved from Bel Mar and are going to fill a big vacuum when they open.


Jfield24 t1_j58o8vi wrote

Supply and demand. They can charge as much as people will pay.


yanggor1983 t1_j58oi2s wrote

I know. It is ridiculous that in a legal state, you still need to find a dealer to get access…, because of price gouging. That is the outcome of extremely limited licensing and many towns in this state still don’t permit store to open.


Mdh74266 t1_j58pekl wrote

Rec sales opened but there are limited in state suppliers. Supply/demand


Dry_Football7779 t1_j58qhd9 wrote

Fuc the dispensary, and there’s 2oo% markups… As always the streets prevail


KovalSNIPE17 t1_j58v1ob wrote

Thats why I just roll with delta 8 or 9 for dirt cheap. federally legal and can be bought online


Sevven99 t1_j5ak5q8 wrote

Didn't know this was a thing until last night when I saw it in a gas station. Went online and found some gummies for a reasonable price.


Vaushist-Yangist t1_j591l5i wrote

They’re also trying to tax it to fund some social programs, which, fine, but we also have to invest in local production if we want to keep it affordable and to keep people buying it


biological_assembly t1_j5979yv wrote

Yeah, it might not be the greatest, but if you're not into the gray market or know the street scene, it's all you have.

Besides, it's not like you can get any from the dispensary around the holidays anyway. Down here in South Jersey, the dispensary lots are crammed with out of state plates from Philly, and Delaware and Maryland with lines around the damn block.


recoveryrabbitt t1_j59axbi wrote

Born on the east coast in Jersey living on the best coast now. The taxes here in my state are about 11%. On top of sales tax, a $45 Eighth is now $53. Kind of sucks but its premium indoor.

Is it still that rule where you can only sell it on the same property that it was grown?

If they had more dispensaries there would be more competition and therefore lower prices. Idk why NJ legalized weed if every township refused to have a dispensary, as if the 16 bars and liquor stores per township wasn't overkill itself.


Beanmybag112 t1_j59sqtj wrote

Wait how much is weed in California?


Jaiohbee t1_j59svin wrote

I lived in California when medical weed dispensaries popped up (and it was ridiculously easy to get a medical card). The prices were roughly $65 for top shelf eighths, it was insane. Obviously that went down, now you can buy 1g Carts for $40 (In NJ, it’s $65 for 1/2g cart).What bothers me about Jersey weed is the quality is awful. Selling smalls for the same price as big buds, the weed tastes like chemicals (likely due to being treated), and it’s usually rock hard, old, and full of tiny stems. I “know a guy” and prefer his supply over dispo. Plus, dispos here SUCK - they are set up like a bank, there is no finesse or ambiance at all. Wish you could have seen the dispensaries in the early years of CA legal weed, sigh…


MaxTheSquirrel t1_j59vnbs wrote

Supply/demand and inability of companies to sell across state lines


jarrettbrown t1_j5a0o8e wrote

All the other states that have established market places are of course going to be lower. It's gonna take a lot of time for it get get lower, but it'll get there like everywhere else.


-Enrique_Shockwave- t1_j5a6m85 wrote

Got two guys that deliver to my door consistent enough quality and available every day, haven’t stepped foot in a dispensary yet what’s the point with the prices. Google weed delivery in nj, it’s probably illegal but I know plenty of people that use those services as well and never had an issue.


AnNJgal t1_j5adej8 wrote

Get a medical card. It saves you some money.


Hdys t1_j5aj6pe wrote

The greed is absurd


vasquca1 t1_j5b61o4 wrote

Is it cheaper to fly to Cali, get high, and come back home?


Jake_FromStateFarm27 t1_j5bbm1k wrote

Supply and demand as well as more state regulations here compared to CA is why there is a major price discrepancy. However don't be fooled lots of people in the industry in CA are having major issues going on as well because of non existent regulations (same happened in Oregon and Washington) and overwhelming supply.

You cannot really compare California to other legal states as well due to higher crime rates associated with cartel influx of cannabis and money laundering happening there exploiting others and pushing out legitimate businesses.


Triple175 t1_j5bgqr3 wrote

It’s weak (maybe not for new smokers) and very over priced.


9G0tcha8 t1_j5bhmmd wrote

Smoke haze all day


redditckulous t1_j5bvivw wrote

I’m not saying the NJ market is good, but how much are you paying? Is it actually $150 for 100mg of THC?


ExperienceNo7751 OP t1_j5cujbl wrote

An eighth of ok flower is like 40-60. I used to get a quarter for $50 of mids, price has doubled.


Oatz3 t1_j5eez7v wrote

It's the corruption. Makes it cost more.

If you let weed delivery services exist and people grow their own, you'd have normal prices


lummox1234 t1_j5ehlg2 wrote

You sound like you would benefit from the gray market.


Upset-Ad-3800 t1_j5exwcb wrote

Find a street dealer, every restaurant has one.


[deleted] t1_j5fv53g wrote

I’m curious as to what you guys think of NJ Weedman’s Joint in Trenton? I’ve been a couple of times. It’s a little pricey but lots of variety.


JehovaNovaa t1_j5k44w3 wrote

There just aren’t enough rec businesses, specifically growers and manufacturers, open and running yet which leads to price gouging by the few growers already operational. It will come down, as all things do.


StubbornAndCorrect t1_j57koxk wrote

because there are fewer stores here than in any given neighborhood of LA, so they can gauge you. I would just hit up one of NYC's 1200 unlicensed stores or sheepishly text your old dealer. or hell go to washington sq park. it's still there.


snarkuzoid t1_j57un7h wrote

I wish people would just give this a rest. There are two reasons:

  1. Supply
  2. Demand

The tiny number of dispensaries currently have a virtual monopoly, and they're pressing that advantage to make as much money as they can. This is just good business. As more dispensaries open, which is happening more slowly than anyone else wants, prices will come down.

Give it time.


ExperienceNo7751 OP t1_j57vmm8 wrote

Bullshit. No one anywhere is complaining about places running out, in fact I see nothing but tons of options at the usual places I go.

There’s not going to be any demand with these prices. Everyone will go back underground for good prices.

I’m literally going to make a trip into the city just to save nearly 40%.


snarkuzoid t1_j57w9l4 wrote

Supply regarding dispensaries, not their inventory. We have 20ish dispensaries for 9 million people. When I visited Jasper in Alberta last fall they had 4 dispensaries for 5000 people. Prices were pretty cheap.

And if people weren't buying the prices would be lower. So clearly wrong about demand.

Enjoy the city. When I walked from Penn Station to 51st a few months ago I saw 2 dispensaries, 4 "smoke shops" that also sold weed, and a guy in Times Square who set up a table on the sidewalk full of weed. All were illegal.


kindofdivorced t1_j5919hq wrote

They’re not “illegal” in the city (minus the guy with the table), they’re operating in a grey area while the state figures out the structure, they have “future permits”. There are some REALLY good shops on 7th avenue near Times Square with security and quality goods at good prices. They can’t be too illegal if actual cops are assisting the private security with entry and exit control.


snarkuzoid t1_j5a5pra wrote

Of course they can be. Just like all of the state programs are illegal at the federal level. "Not currently enforced" is not the same as legal.


ModernRomantic77 t1_j58nq5m wrote

A big part of why they have a monopoly is because these are large, multistate corporations greasing the palms of politicians so they can keep out mom and pop dispensaries. There's NO good reason for there to be only what, 1-2 independent sellers in the entire state.

Supply and demand applies, sure, but when the market is completely closed, there is no way for competition to help meet demand at affordable prices. If you look at other industries with monopolies, you can see how this will play out. We pay way too much for internet and cable why? Monopolies.


snarkuzoid t1_j5a5fuv wrote

In NJ the reason is that they started, like other states, building upon the existing med program. Which in NJ's case was almost nonexistent.


Amazingjaype t1_j58g7q8 wrote

Yeah, just uh... Buy from a dealer.


New_Day_4423 t1_j58em3j wrote

Yes, because NJ weed is tested in a lab by a Rutgers chem grad.. and CA weed is grown in Fred’s backyard picked with his bare hands and dirty fingers


TheHometownZero t1_j5plsez wrote

I’ve got some bad news for you buddy they do the same shady shit everywhere with weed.


JGR2070 t1_j57wgpo wrote

I know this will be down voted to hell but maybe smoke less weed. If your smoking for pleasure then you could stop smoking but I understand if your smoking weed for medical reasons. I just assumed that it was non medical marijuanna that you were trying to find


waterandweights t1_j57wwlo wrote


Vapes will help conserve weed!


JGR2070 t1_j57xirr wrote

Personally don’t vape don’t smoke weed instead go outside touch some grass and go to the gym that will make you feel better than vaping and smoking weed


waterandweights t1_j57y6az wrote

I forgot I can’t do either of things ever since I started getting high. Thanks for the tip!