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The-Protomolecule t1_j58g9dw wrote

They absolutely go for $40-60 at an nj dispensary. It’s nuts.


Snownel t1_j58hc2g wrote

Which? Ascend in Rochelle Park has em for $25, I just bought some.


jgomez315 t1_j58yufr wrote

If you look on weedmaps most places have them for 40-60, sometimes higher.

There have been a few times I've seen them on sale for 35 or 30, but that's not the reg.

For medical the prices are about 10 or 15 cheaper though, so med is 25-35.

This is all anecdotal from a few searches on weedmaps. If there are cheaper places I'd like to know too


Ilovemytowm t1_j5c8yke wrote

I thought it depended how many milligrams. I was in the city not long ago and pick some up and the more strength... the higher $$ the gummies were.