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Had this random thought today and was wondering whether anyone else has felt that you identify more as a ‘New Jerseyan’ than before, especially considering how stark some of the cultural, societal and political differences have become in the past few years across the country.

The sense of being ‘American’ has helped infuse a feeling of belonging, allowing people from NJ and, for example, from Idaho feel like they were compatriots. Now, I’m not so sure… so just genuinely wondering your thoughts and feelings on this.



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kzapwn t1_j6h59zk wrote

Definitely more with NJ than America. Unless I’m like rooting for team USA in the Olympics I don’t really feel much kinship or pride or connection with the rest of America. My jersey identity is strong


ianisms10 t1_j6h9bwg wrote

New Jersey for sure. Especially as the child of an immigrant, it's hard for me to identify with the US as a whole, whereas this state is my true home. I was born and raised here, and this is the place I love.


swcooper t1_j6lt01x wrote

Basically in the same boat. Well, it was a plane. But I travel a lot for work, and did live in CA for a few months too, so I identify with a few other places quite strongly too.


mapoftasmania t1_j6huho1 wrote

I would say “the NE”. I feel at home in NY, Maine, Vermont, CT, Mass, RI. Anywhere else feels like a strange alien land.


jackospades88 t1_j6i4rgf wrote

Yeah I'd say unless you are in one of the larger states, its more regional vs state specific. Especially since all the states in the NE are very small compared to the south or west.


Papa_Louie_677 t1_j6ite84 wrote

It is interesting for me because most of my friends who grew up in more rural parts of NJ tend to fall in this camp where it is more of a Northeast type pride. While many of my friends who live in parts of the state close to NYC are very prideful of being NJ.


LarryLeadFootsHead t1_j6jgxls wrote

I feel this to a degree despite taking some pride in very distinctively NJ things. I spent some time growing up in near the northern parts of Morris, doing woodsy shit and all that and have definitely found more similar kindred spirits with people from parts of Northeastern states who realize I'm not stereotypical city kid or yuppie who decided to make outdoors stuff their personality later in life.


SpiderQueenLong t1_j6j020y wrote

Im like this but more central. Maryland to nyc maybe as far north as Connecticut.


newwriter365 t1_j6hb7uv wrote

NJ ethos for sure. I bailed out in 2017 and went to Florida . Returned to NJ last year.

Florida is not my America.


wherehaveubeen t1_j6idejb wrote

I’m interested to hear your Jersey-centric perceptions of living in Florida


newwriter365 t1_j6iq826 wrote

NJ doesn’t have anywhere near the number of transients that Florida has, so the culture here is one of assimilation. Florida people expect everyone they talk with to be just like them. Many lose brain cells when that doesn’t happen.

The northeast is what I call “educated liberalism”, with positions on issues based on careful consideration and analysis. Florida position statements tend to be based on how the policy may directly affect the individual with the opinion. For example, northeastern residents (mostly) understand that immigrants are a vital part of the economy and while often exploited, they weigh the pros (keep service wages low and cost of doing business down) while providing a pathway to a better life for many coming from unstable countries. It benefits all participants in the economy, even if it’s a source of exploitation. Florida residents seem to be either - opposed to immigrants who steal jobs (and unable to substantiate these claims, as overwhelmingly they appear to be doing landscaping or back of the house food service) - or smugly silent, enjoying their inexpensive lawn services and cheap catering.

Finally, on education - the northeast embraces public education and values it as a public good. Florida sees public education as a drain on tax dollars with little return. But let’s be honest, with transplant populations flooding the state every year, why educate locals? Educated individuals are showing up daily, and have a work ethic usually rooted in puritanical values. I saw none of that in South Florida.

Drug use and abuse were on open display, as was excessive drinking in South Florida. I enjoy a drink every now and then, I don’t need several every day to function.


Pinkie_Greenbeans t1_j6jpjb9 wrote

ALL THIS IS CORRECT!! I can't wait to move back home from FL


newwriter365 t1_j6jxut1 wrote

Thanks for the response and validation. I hope you are able to get out safely and soon!


Early-Sundae-1350 t1_j6klu96 wrote

So well said, I can barely stand it. I love it “educated liberalism.” You just reminded me why I have no desire to live in Florida.


Icy-Town-5355 t1_j6lexbo wrote

Great contribution and post. I'm retirement age, and I would rather croak than retire to Florida.


New_Stats t1_j6hllpx wrote

NJ. It's just better than the US as a whole because have you seen those crazies out there in the rest of the country? I'm not like them


jackospades88 t1_j6i4gq2 wrote

>have you seen those crazies out there in the rest of the country?

Unfortunately NJ, or any state, is not immune to having folks like that. Go to the right parts of NJ and you'll find people that have completely opposite ideologies than you.


Early-Sundae-1350 t1_j6kne77 wrote

So true, after a certain point it becomes very scary in NJ. I’m a NYC and NJ girl and love the diversity, probably why I refuse to venture past Mercer County for a small state we have one of the largest populations of White Supremacy groups. It’s scary it’s in the same state I love.


Shalllom t1_j6hyhaj wrote

I’ve seen a guy shitting on a side walk. In NJ where I just moved. It was my first time.


New_Stats t1_j6hzxvi wrote

We do have a handful of serial public poopers from time to time. So does every place tho


Shalllom t1_j6i07cv wrote

Yea that’s my problem. It’s more of them so why the hell we always need to meet at my place ?!


brook_lyn_lopez t1_j6i261v wrote

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.


honybdgr t1_j6ib6rm wrote

If you can’t poop on them, poop with them.


New_Stats t1_j6ikrc5 wrote

Have you tried pooping on them tho? I believe in you, I know you can do it!


swcooper t1_j6ltf9h wrote

At least the high school running tracks are currently safe though...


edwardmsk t1_j6ikrev wrote

This statement reads like it's missing a /s


darkwolf131 t1_j6hy2qt wrote

NJ. It's kind of funny.....when that Fox News bit came out that NJ is the "least patriotic" state in the country, I thought a bit about it and yeah, I'm not proud to be an American. I'm not necessarily not proud, either--I just happened to be born and live in the USA, it feels like a neutral to me.

But on a national scale, I'm proud of NJ. I'm proud that we have one of the highest qualities of life, best access to healthcare, and it's one of the best states to be a woman. We've got bodily autonomy, no pink tax, we were the 2nd state to outlaw child marriage, and stats show you're less likely to be raped here than you are in every other state.

That kind of stuff matters to me. I might be a 2nd class citizen at the federal level, but not here.

And so it dawned on me that I'm patriotic for NJ. Like legit, I'll proudly wave the buff and blue all day.


patsully98 t1_j6i9vkn wrote

>stats show you're less likely to be raped here than you are in every other state.

Or killed by a gun. We don't have the lowest rates of gun homicide and suicide, but we're doing shit pretty well here when it comes to gun violence.


darkwolf131 t1_j6idry3 wrote

Yep. But my comment was specifically discussing issues that predominantly affect women.


Used_Pudding_7754 t1_j6j8lb8 wrote

The symbology of Nationalism has been co-oped by folks that a majority of NJ dislike or disagree with. I don't, not love my country, I just resent some redneck nascar meth-head nominating themselves as the gatekeeper of what the nation stands for. I dont need some low IQ fox noise talking head questioning my loyalty.

My side did not fail in a coup. Cause that's super patriotic.....


darkwolf131 t1_j6jehoa wrote


The thing I don't get, and I get it, I'm beating the deadest of dead horses here, but the cognitive dissonance between that some consider "patriotism" and actual, patriotic actions and legislation.

Think about it: what's more patriotic than helping American people live better lives? Loving your country means loving its people, right? Following this logic, you'd think supporting things like paid parental leave, universal healthcare, and living wages is patriotism. But the ones who caw the loudest about being patriots largely seem to be against these things.

I think progressive politicians need to reclaim the "patriot" label. Just lean real hard into it, how voting for policies that benefit Americans is the most patriotic thing you can do. Don't let the ones who actively want to restrict Americans' rights be the ones hoarding the patriot label.


tinker_toys t1_j6kmjtt wrote

They don't actually love America. They love corn fields, and white people, that "purple mountains majesty" stuff. They love the romanticized version of America that all the songs are about and that was kinda pushed on us as children (especially if you went through school while the Cold War was still on). The cognitive dissonance would hurt too much for them to admit that the country they love so much doesn't actually exist, and never has. So when we criticize the country we do have, and insist that there's room for improvement...well, America is already near perfect so we must just be unpatriotic, right?


mszanka OP t1_j6ktfnq wrote

100000% this!

You typically won’t find me rocking any red, white and blue on the 4th, but along the lines of what you wrote, just wearing red, white and blue and buying a bunch of paraphernalia doesn’t make one a patriot… more likely a nationalist.


FlameThrower18 t1_j6ho643 wrote

No matter where we go on vacation, we're always happy when we get back to New Jersey.


General_Tackle_2784 t1_j6j8if6 wrote

We feel the opposite. Moved here from NYC with my parents as a middle schooler back in 1980 and have been here ever since. Started traveling extensively with my wife/kids over the last several years. (Road trips out west, travels to Europe and South America)

I’ve never felt any type of home sickness for Jersey. So much so, that a relo is now firmly in the cards for us.


ReadenReply t1_j6hv5ro wrote

There are times I have been embarrassed to be an American but never been embarrassed to be from New Jersey. Especially when oversees. Yes I'm American, but I'm from New Jersey.


secondshevek t1_j6kswxj wrote

>[I've] never been embarrassed to be from New Jersey.

Two words: Chris Christie. I have had people say to me that all they know of NJ is The Jersey Shore and our former gubernatorial goober. Give me Snooki over Christie any day.


GlitteringAccident31 t1_j6hp53p wrote

I left new jersey 20 years ago. I've lived all over the states and the world. Still havent crossed out my jersey tattoo.

Granted, it is so faded and out of shape at this point it could be mistaken for the Korean peninsula.

I'm still hoagie strong


whaler76 t1_j6hzhxm wrote



TheSoldierInWhite t1_j6hzu5l wrote

You're wrong and should feel bad about yourself. I bet you call it Taylor Ham, ya savage.


whaler76 t1_j6j9lwi wrote

Oh, that gives me an idea… a taylor ham sub…. Having not lived here for 20 yrs forfeits your smart ass rights


Lowkeylowthreadcount t1_j6ht704 wrote

Once you see a lot of the country, it’s very easy to says NJ forever


jawnbaejaeger t1_j6htl5v wrote

I don't like an awful lot of American culture or politics, which I largely find divisive, cruel, reactionary, and anti-intellectual. I sure as fuck don't identify with "don't say gay" Florida or "more guns, but no birth control" Texas.

So I suppose I identify more as a Jersey Girl, if I have to identify by country or region at all.


w0nd3rk t1_j6i6kaf wrote

New Jersey, 100%. I moved away 5 years ago (just barely. It's a 5 minute drive.) and still can't refer to myself as being from anywhere other than New Jersey.

My husband and I have been talking about having kids, and I ... do not want to give birth to Pennsylvanians.


murphydcat t1_j6i94zt wrote

Pennsylvania? Your children will grow up driving slow in the left lane of highways unless you teach them "keep right except to pass" LOL.


mszanka OP t1_j6i92bk wrote

Just doesn’t seem fair, does it? 😂😂


SlyMarboJr t1_j6hu5d6 wrote

Look, I'm not saying we should secede from the United States but......


New_Stats t1_j6hv4g5 wrote

And let the crazies have full control of the nukes? Fuck that, we're staying. You know what happened to the confederacy and they were much more equally matched against the union than we are against the current US military


ghost_robot2000 t1_j6hvunb wrote

NJ definitely. I've never felt very American. Even traveling abroad I will say I'm from NJ rather than ever mentioning the US. No matter where I am everyone always seems to know it and often they add that they know someone who lives here.


Phormicidae t1_j6hw5t5 wrote

NJ for sure. We definitely have our share of conservatives who don't like the social progressiveness that they see as a threat to culture. We definitely also have left fringes who are uncomfortable with any shred of conversation or notion that can be interpreted as persecution or even chastisement of minority groups.

But my favorite type of New Jersey person is the person that just wants to let everyone else do their own thing if its not hurting anyone. This country, this world, has enough real problems for people to spend any time worrying about what a book at a library might imply to a young reader, whether or not a teacher might say that gay people exist, etc. Traveling for work, I used to think there were easy going "live-and-let-live" types everywhere, but over time I've realized that it usually comes with caveats. Here, at least in the Middlesex area, I find closer common ground with people who save their worries for issues that actually might affect the future of the country, and leave everyone's personal views and lifestyles to themselves.


TheSultan1 t1_j6ixhpz wrote

> the person that just wants to let everyone else do their own thing if its not hurting anyone

That's why I love

> Middlesex

I think I identify as "Central Jersey" more than anything else. And seeing as some parts of NJ are very different, and that certain people (not in this thread, in other places on the web and in print) have come up with multiple "NJ identities" - none of which I really identify with - I can't say I "identify" as a New Jerseyan, neither on a superficial nor on a personal level... least not more than I identify as an American, which I do, in an idealist sense (y'know, the stuff they taught us in elementary school about freedom and equality and all that). Probably comes from being an immigrant who came here at that age.


Mitch13 t1_j6hqjf6 wrote

I always try and identify with NJ and show pride because more times than not we’re the forgotten state. It’s always PA or NY getting the attention, never NJ. I like to remind people that we exist and for the most part it’s a pretty pleasant place and the stereotypes aren’t true.


Prior-University2842 t1_j6o5x5p wrote

Disagree. I think plenty of people know about NJ. Even if it’s a bad rep from media it’s still something. I’d call Delaware the forgotten one.


brook_lyn_lopez t1_j6hycxw wrote

I identify with NJ and the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region in general compared to the rest of the US. Aside for some minor differences like sports fandom and specific local cuisine, culture here is pretty similar from NoVA/Maryland to Massachusetts.


EducatorEducational7 t1_j6hrzqv wrote

Definitely Jersey. I was in California last year for a week and it was definitely.. different. The people are.. different.


tonyhasareddit t1_j6jivw3 wrote

I know Californians are definitely different from my own experience visiting family out there. But I was curious what your idea of different was if you don’t mind answering lol


EducatorEducational7 t1_j6jl09w wrote

I'd rather not share my true thoughts, let's just say.. they are very "progressive". Also.. white dudes with dreadlocks.


tonyhasareddit t1_j6jlsd4 wrote

Fair enough! It’s definitely a different world out there in general.


kevtheproblem t1_j6ht9jy wrote

NJ. You could even travel 45 minutes within the state and feel outta place elsewhere. How much more for the entire country?


theirishcannoli t1_j6i6whm wrote

I guess NJ and the east coast as a whole. When abroad I identify more with the U.S as a whole


KillMeNowSantaClaus t1_j6hrsf2 wrote

NJ unless I’m talking to someone not from North America. And even then, I’ll probably say I’m from NJ over the US


hey_look_a_kitty t1_j6i9c6k wrote

Dyed-in-the-wool Jersey girl here. From my perspective, we have access to the best of everything the rest of the country has to offer, practically in our own backyards.


hopopo t1_j6i2uqb wrote

It all depends who I'm talking to and what are they asking.

If I'm talking to an American outside of NY/NJ than I identify as New Jerseyan

If I'm talking to a person when traveling abroad than I identify as an American

When I talk to fellow a New Jerseyan than I identify as immigrant from the country I immigrated from.

When I'm back in my home country I identify as an American to fuck with them and because America is where the home is.


trixiewutang t1_j6idpgo wrote

NJ. I’ve traveled all over, and people recognize my “New Jersey accent” immediately.


Catvros t1_j6jmyyv wrote

Which one? We have at least five.


trixiewutang t1_j6job1v wrote

I couldn’t tell you cause I don’t think I have one !


dc912 t1_j6izqt0 wrote

I didn’t realize I had a “New Jersey accent” until I went to grad school in the midwest. Being from the shore, I always thought we had relatively weak accents compared to North Jersey or the South Jersey near Philly.


trixiewutang t1_j6j11g7 wrote

Really similar!! I’m from Monmouth county and I had the same thoughts. I don’t say water like my south jersey friends “wooder” lol but comments from Texas, Florida, NC/SC it’s apparently clear as day I’m from NJ.


sugarmag13 t1_j6ihtiw wrote

I would say North East in general. A very proud NE


TheDarkGoblin39 t1_j6iiued wrote

I probably have about as much in common with someone from the UK or Australia as I do with someone from Texas or Arkansas


quinoacrazy t1_j6isurd wrote

have you seen some parts of the US??!? it’s wild out there. definitely NJ!


MarsaliRose t1_j6itbp1 wrote

If I’m out of the country I tell people I’m American because most people I’ve encountered from other countries don’t know where NJ is. I usually will follow that question with next to NYC. But as a whole I associate more with NJ or the North East US.


SpiderQueenLong t1_j6izyf0 wrote

North east coast more than nj more that USian


TheFuzziestDumpling t1_j6j769b wrote

NJ for sure, it's been a long time since I've felt anything but embarrassment for being American.


stackered t1_j6k67z8 wrote

yeah definitely NJ more and more as time passes. if a foreigner asked where I'm from I'd say New Jersey not USA


lefthandedbandit6 t1_j6kd4kp wrote

New Jersey for sure, I have been told by many people that New Jersey is one of the few states that as a whole, creates the most down to earth and real people. It is also littered with diversity, so everyone who grew up here can know about everyone there is to know.


IcyMEATBALL22 t1_j6ikyo7 wrote

I identify with more with Jersey, especially since I’m away from it right now at college. People are confused and weirded out by how much love, pride, and respect I have for New Jersey. They’re also weirded out by how much I do identify with the state.


TuckHolladay t1_j6ipgoq wrote

My identity comes from specifically being raised an NYC suburbanite. As I have lived and traveled all over the country I have come to realize that the lines are drawn much more between city, suburbs and country than state borders. There are some cities that have cultivated a more conservative vibe and some country towns populated by hippies, but generally that’s what I’ve found.


DrHamzaDO t1_j6j1mju wrote

My roommate made an anthem for New Jersey because of how highly I speak of home


FerroMancer t1_j6j3be5 wrote

Definitely American first. Honestly, it bugs the hell out of me that we do or don't have certain rights simply because of an arbitrary line on the ground. We're all Americans; the rights I have here should be the same as the rights someone has in Oklahoma or Nevada or whatever.


DarkTannhauserGate t1_j6j5e7p wrote

“Me against my brother. Me and my brother against my cousin. Me and my cousin against a stranger”.

South Jersey > Philly Suburbs > NJ > East Coast > USA > Earth > united federation of planets

Go Birds!


samsharksworthy t1_j6j7oov wrote

I would have said America until I traveled to the Midwest for the first time. It’s different out there but I’d say North Atlantic corridor more than NJ only.


SkellyHoodie2419 t1_j6jm299 wrote

Me, being pleased that most/all of these answers are NJ, which affirms my answer, which is also NJ.


coppola27 t1_j6lgj5v wrote

I’ll def remain a New Jerseyan till death. I left in 2021 to Texas and I do love it here, but being a North NJ Italian for nearly 30 years is just in my genetic makeup and mannerisms. I’ve also been told several times I have the classic New York accent when saying words like “walk, talk, coffee, etc).


ayahredtail t1_j6li87b wrote

Nationalism is gross, but New Jersey is the GOAT. I love this state and I’ll never leave- especially insight of the shit going on elsewhere.


oodja t1_j6icmo6 wrote

I was born and raised in South Jersey, moved to New England for 30 years, and now live in PA. I will always be a Jersey Boy, however.


TodayTimeDeux t1_j6iec0f wrote

Neither, lol. But if I had to pick - NJ.


PrayerJuan t1_j6j7xdw wrote

Yeah, having a Jersey state of mind is a huge difference. Especially compared to these other fly-over states. Middle America is like one big-ass version of Alabama to me, and then it's California (which is another different mind-set but Cali is cool. I like Cali)


4130Adventures t1_j6j8noc wrote

One problem I've found is no one on the West Coast or overseas knows where New Jersey is, or even worse thinks NJ is only next to NYC so over the years I've taken to just saying Philly when someone asks me where I'm from. I can see the skyline (very clearly) from my front door so I guess it's not too much of a stretch, but it kills me that by saying that I'm aligning myself with PA over NJ.


AnNJgal t1_j6jemgx wrote

Nope, I am proudly from NJ. I've lived elsewhere and this is home. :)


craigrn16 t1_j6jocjk wrote

NJ I feel. Even when I’m outside the country and talk to foreigners are usually say New Jersey when they ask where I’m from.


Pinkie_Greenbeans t1_j6jp9c1 wrote

I live in FL now but will always be from NJ no matter where I have or will live


Blackoutsmackout t1_j6jtsro wrote

I don't care if it's called taylor ham or pork roll so whatever that makes me.


BackInNJAgain t1_j6k225r wrote

I've lived in the northeast and on the west coast and identify strongly with both. If we could get rid of everything in the middle and smash the coasts together, and maybe move Chicago into the meadowlands somewhere, we'd have an amazing country.


TopPickle3 t1_j6k2pvq wrote

It depends on where you are and who’s asking. I don’t identify as an American unless someone from another country asks me. Even then when they ask where I’m from I’ll typically say a more specific area than just America/US, just depends on the context. I think most of the country is pretty crazy so I’d rather not be lumped in with the nut jobs if I can help it.


Dsxm41780 t1_j6k59m8 wrote

NJ. I like the northeast and the west coast and most of the rest of the country is not that interesting to me.


Some-Imagination9782 t1_j6l5mxg wrote

More so with NJ/tri state than the US as a whole….I’m realizing now that I live in a bubble and I very much so love my bubble.


MrPeanutButter6969 t1_j6l7hin wrote

Jersey for sure. I’m a proud American and if America was attacked I would defend it. But jersey is my loyalty. I don’t have any control over the rest of the country, but a single person can have an impact at the local level.

You can call your senator a thousand times about healthcare or the tax code or whatever and never get a call back. But if you are persistent enough on a local level, a single determined individual can get a new stop sign put in, or can improve trash pickup or whatever tf it is.


Icy-Town-5355 t1_j6legmc wrote

I say, "I'm from the New York area..." having been brought up 13 miles west...


yuriydee t1_j6lepd7 wrote

Im going to be honest here and say America. Ironically I am an immigrant who came here as a kid, but I do feel more American than even my original ethnicity. But it also depends where Im at, and in the US i feel less American in a way. Obviously traveling the US I will identify with NJ more, but if youve been to other parts of the world, youll see how homogenous the US really is. Its pretty much all suburbs everywhere whether its NJ, Florida, or Arizona, it feels VERY similar (compared to other countries obviously). But I will admit when I do travel I always only tell people I am from NYC/NJ (code word for "I work in city but live in NJ") so theres that.


chrisnj5 t1_j6lfi8d wrote

USA definitely


jelly1140 t1_j6li436 wrote

Feel like it depends on the context. I am very liberal but have a lot of American pride and generally believe there are more sane rational Americans than whacked out idiots (though not by much as I used to). I think we are a country of mostly good but also mostly stupid people who will help their neighbor, but are often too dumb to realize when they’re doing the opposite. I have pride in how diverse America is, and I love country music so I’m a sucker for Americana. I’m the type of person who gets chills during the Star Spangled Banner.

With that said, I’m a complete NJ stereotype. There’s a lot of times I wish we would take a chill pill, because we can get very grumpy for no good reason. But like others have said, I’m very proud that my state has mostly intelligent people who make pretty smart rules, expect other people to be smart, and lose their patience when they’re not.

I’d say I identify equally as an American and a Jersey Guy, they give me different part of my identity as far as I’m concerned


zsdrfty t1_j6luo13 wrote

Maybe it’s just from living here, but I feel like we stick out like a sore thumb from most of “America” in a way that only Hawaii and maybe California also do


Sprig3 t1_j6oih82 wrote

Let's not pretend the differences started recently.


jEsTsBaCk t1_j6ottoy wrote

Anyone from northern New Jersey is more NJ.. the rest.. eh


dustfaiiry t1_j6p3hqs wrote

New jersey for sureee. If I had native Americana heritage maybe my answer would be different but yea Jersey all the wayyyy


KillaCam7075 t1_j6i7e7u wrote

Yes ! I always say jersey when ever I’m asked where I’m from, saying I’m American would feel cringe


robert2474 t1_j6jq8oq wrote

I have been in NJ the better part of my life always wanted to leave. High taxes now schools only teach agenda rather than problem solving its going down the drain.


minahmyu t1_j6i4thi wrote

...I identify as a person first, and then being black and woman and how society treats these concepts... I'm not screaming about being identify by a former colony, or a country that still sees me as a problem for existing


professorwhiskers87 t1_j6i77yi wrote

NJ transplant. I identify as an American. New Jersey is just a place to make money and tolerate until better opportunities arise.


dc912 t1_j6izzhv wrote

Weird how so many “better opportunities” bring people to NYC or even Philly, but they end up living in New Jersey (maybe not your case).