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newwriter365 t1_j6iq826 wrote

NJ doesn’t have anywhere near the number of transients that Florida has, so the culture here is one of assimilation. Florida people expect everyone they talk with to be just like them. Many lose brain cells when that doesn’t happen.

The northeast is what I call “educated liberalism”, with positions on issues based on careful consideration and analysis. Florida position statements tend to be based on how the policy may directly affect the individual with the opinion. For example, northeastern residents (mostly) understand that immigrants are a vital part of the economy and while often exploited, they weigh the pros (keep service wages low and cost of doing business down) while providing a pathway to a better life for many coming from unstable countries. It benefits all participants in the economy, even if it’s a source of exploitation. Florida residents seem to be either - opposed to immigrants who steal jobs (and unable to substantiate these claims, as overwhelmingly they appear to be doing landscaping or back of the house food service) - or smugly silent, enjoying their inexpensive lawn services and cheap catering.

Finally, on education - the northeast embraces public education and values it as a public good. Florida sees public education as a drain on tax dollars with little return. But let’s be honest, with transplant populations flooding the state every year, why educate locals? Educated individuals are showing up daily, and have a work ethic usually rooted in puritanical values. I saw none of that in South Florida.

Drug use and abuse were on open display, as was excessive drinking in South Florida. I enjoy a drink every now and then, I don’t need several every day to function.


Pinkie_Greenbeans t1_j6jpjb9 wrote

ALL THIS IS CORRECT!! I can't wait to move back home from FL


newwriter365 t1_j6jxut1 wrote

Thanks for the response and validation. I hope you are able to get out safely and soon!


Early-Sundae-1350 t1_j6klu96 wrote

So well said, I can barely stand it. I love it “educated liberalism.” You just reminded me why I have no desire to live in Florida.


Icy-Town-5355 t1_j6lexbo wrote

Great contribution and post. I'm retirement age, and I would rather croak than retire to Florida.