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Saywhat50 t1_j4qio9q wrote

lol, my car got stolen from my driveway, the whole reason I got a gun. My life is here and I'll damn well protect my family and property. But I guess you'll kneel down and unzip the thief's pants ?


Ilovemytowm t1_j4r5d4t wrote

Embarrassing reading those ignorant comments. I'm a liberal who believes that thieves rapists murders whoever the f*** they are who has the audacity to enter your home .. gets what's coming to them. As a woman if I woke up to someone in my home I swear to God I would drop dead from fear. I don't have a gun but I think about this.

Also stealing someone's car who needs that car to go to work there's plenty of people who live in places without mass transit.... F*** those scumbags.

Looking forward to being spammed with move to Florida by this idiot.