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MasterXanthan t1_j4s45iz wrote

And what if they catch you witnessing them stealing and they pull a gun on you? If someone breaks into your house, you don't know what that person is capable of. Just because someone is committing a non-violent crime doesn't mean they aren't willing to switch over to violence. If someone already worked up the courage to break into someone's house, there's a good chance they're willing to resort to harming innocent people.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j4s4r7h wrote

But that did not happen, did it? Thiefs were in a mud room looking for the keys. Not in a bedroom with the shotguns in their hands.

Stop fantasizing. Life is not a movie. Personal responsibility is a thing.


MasterXanthan t1_j4s5t02 wrote

Yeah cause stealing is a big part of personal responsibility. If someone breaks into someone's house, whatever happens to the criminal is on them. Also are you trying to tell me that homeowners have never been killed by home invaders before?


Slavic_Dusa t1_j4s6g81 wrote

Law is clear what the punishment is for a car theft, and it is not the death penalty.

Law is also clear when you can, and when you can't use deadly force while someone is braking into your property.

If you violate the law, you should face the consequences, especially if you attempt to kill someone.


MasterXanthan t1_j4s7i10 wrote

But what's not clear is what someone's intentions are when they break into your house. You aren't going to know if that home intruder is armed or not. Any home invader is a potential threat. But it's clear we're going to have to agree to disagree because nothing is being accomplished in this argument.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j4s7rww wrote

Law is clear, read it, or at the very least read the whole article again.


MasterXanthan t1_j4s8bqm wrote

I know what happened in the article. But not every home invasion is the same. My point is a person should be allowed to defend themselves and their property and I think the law should be changed so that it is legal to defend your own property as well.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j4s8zxe wrote

Of course, a person should also be responsible for the actions they take.

This law has been on the books for a long time, and thieves are not going around killing people. They are going around stealing shit.

Law works.