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Linenoise77 t1_j3fl6cy wrote

Cooking stuff is one of those things that i like to actually get hands on before buying. If i want a new frying pan or the like, i want to be able to take a swing with it like i'm braining someone. Not buy half a dozen online, only to send 5 back, or spend an entire saturday going to 4 different specialty cooking stores because they each only carry a brand or two of good stuff.

Same story with knives, grill stuff, etc.

Hell, even something relatively simple like every day sheets for the guest room or pillows, is absolute crap at bed bath now.

I sort of get how they found themsleves in this boat, because for a lot of that stuff, a middle ground no longer exists. Its like a couch or a major appliance. You can get a 1k one that might last you a few years, or get a 10k one that will last the better part of your life. Nothing really exists in between if you are willing to put an investment into it, but can't cut the check for top of the line.


joedonut t1_j3grpfl wrote

> sheets

Who's your go-to for sheets currently?


Linenoise77 t1_j3gtgbx wrote

I honestly couldn't tell you, more the wife's department these days. In my single days though i was a fan of the Hotel Collection stuff that macy's sells (or sold). They felt good, held up really well, and were moderately priced.