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Sonicfan42069666 t1_j3gobe7 wrote

> Shoppers always needed help and it was nearly impossible finding someone

This seems to be the case everywhere for the last 2-3 years. Companies are severely understaffed and we are seeing the strategy of big box retailers buying giant warehouse spaces but only staffing the bare minimum staff per shift at bare minimum wage come home to roost. Unfortunately, it's consumers who suffer, not the corporations.


ChefMike1407 t1_j3hging wrote

Yeah. Plus a dedicated amount of staff are filling online orders or curbside pick up and they are unable to help.


Sonicfan42069666 t1_j3hgv6d wrote

This is a huge issue I've observed at food service places. People standing around waiting to be served and then a doordash worker walks in, skips the line, and walks out with a massive bag that held everyone else's orders up. At least the food service sector seems to be actively working to solve/alleviate this issue.