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Danitay t1_j5fiwva wrote

I would never move site unseen into new construction. They put them up as fast as possible with the cheapest materials and labor. Oh and forget about builder warranty work within the first year, they will drag their feet until the warranty term expires and you’re SOL.

Find yourself a 1960’s later home with good bones (no foundation, structural, or water damage) and remodel it as you live in the space. You’ll be in charge of what YOU want vs what builder grade material is put in.


Ilovemytowm t1_j5fmd7l wrote

Exactly the nightmare that is new construction Ryan a nightmare. Cheap new build garbage home with the cheapest materials and they bid out to the lowest bidder They don't care if they've only been in construction for 5 minutes. What we saw going on in a development being built by them not far from here I wish I could have put up a billboard to warn people


Obvious_Ad9670 t1_j5gpgo0 wrote

The materials are not cheap. It is called builder grade and even a cheap house is better than no house. The builder sells upgrades that you can buy. In 2023 wfg environment I'd get mlv between shared walls and floors, as well as insulation between interior walls and ceiling. Interior finishes can vary greatly in price.


Danitay t1_j5gs1j2 wrote

Eh I’ve seen a lot of these new builds slap up home depot’s Everbilt house wrap which is super leaky compared to Tyvek (I get it, materials shortages):


Obvious_Ad9670 t1_j5gswyo wrote

I would only use advantech sheathing and their tape with less than 180 days exposed.