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Let's say you needed to move out of NJ for at least a few years. (Job, family, finances, whatever; doesn't matter the reason or destination)

What would be the #1 thing you'd miss most about living in NJ?


For me, it's the sheer variety of *good* food. I'm not just talking about bagels and pizza, but the fact, even in Montgomery Township (which is "exurban"), I can drive about 20 minutes in any direction to find excellent, authentic ethnic foods in different styles. Expand it to 30-40 minutes, and there's pretty much *nothing* I can't find. Not just "Italian food", but food from any and every region in Italy. Any number of Asian restaurants of different countries, regions, and specialties, plus various fusion places. BBQ/grilled meat styles from around the world. Vegetarian dishes from multiple places (many using NJ-grown produce, of course). All without touching a large chain restaurant.



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RivChk t1_j5o8mng wrote

The ocean. It has been a peaceful presence and steady companion my whole life.


CapeManiac t1_j5tzq3o wrote

This is it for me. When I travel to landlocked states it drives me nuts.


anybody98765 t1_j5o2ju6 wrote

Here I have everything I want within 45 minutes- major hospital, doctors, many restaurants, mall, shopping, colleges, big box stores, churches everywhere, movie theater, bowling, nature. Sucks that the cost of living is so high that most of us plan to leave and go somewhere less. 🤣


StrategicBlenderBall t1_j5o8196 wrote

I lived in Mississippi for 6 months. I missed everything. I almost made the move to NC a few years ago, but then I realized that NJ is by far the best place to live.


JustNutsandBolts t1_j5yyt8j wrote

I'm sure you just mean the best place out of the 3 you mentioned...


ksbwalker43 t1_j5o9rfe wrote

The ocean. I live about 45 minutes away from the closest beach. Even in winter I go say hi to the ocean.


tex8222 t1_j5oep6h wrote

They have the ocean in other places. It’s nice, but the vibe is different.

NJ beaches in Sandy Hook, Sea Girt, Wildwood and Cape May are vastly different, yet equally great.


ansky201 t1_j5p2y1b wrote

Going to the ocean down South is nice because the beaches are not packed like they are here, rentals are cheaper, and you don't have to sit in miles of traffic getting to/from beach towns. I love the beach/ocean but gave up on the NJ shore years ago.


ksbwalker43 t1_j5xamib wrote

Totally agree! Any day at the beach is better than no day at the beach


ghost_robot2000 t1_j5ncr6r wrote

Close proximity to a big international airport. Trying to travel from many other states is a nightmare of long drives and connecting flights. I'd miss close proximity to things in general. I'm not in the most ideal or trendy/happening part of NJ but even so I can be in NYC in an hour, Philadelphia in an hour and a half, the beach in a little over an hour, hiking along the Appalachian trail within an hour. In a bigger state you could drive for hours and hours past absolutely nothing.


stickman07738 t1_j5o3i0z wrote

Simple - lived in Tennessee for 4 years - family, friends, food and Yankees baseball.


primordialpaunch t1_j5qa148 wrote

The no-nonsense attitude. I'm originally from Virginia, where people are simultaneously agonizingly polite and passive-aggressive as hell. Here, people simply tell you what they think without sugar-coating it. Conversation takes less time and we're all better for it.


ChipmunkSpecialist93 t1_j5z8gvg wrote

I'm glad someone mentioned this. Yes, people from New Jersey can be more "rude" than other places, but atleast they are upfront with what it is they want.


AnNJgal t1_j5qhgg3 wrote

The ocean, mountains and the diversity of people and food.


dux18 t1_j5ncx66 wrote

The access to good beer… and friends i guess


ianisms10 t1_j5nl10a wrote

I left for college and I will say food


TodayTimeDeux t1_j5ppulu wrote

Oddly enough while living in Los Angeles and being around a lot of passive aggressive behavior I missed how abrasive people can be in NJ. If they have a problem they say something. In LA everyone beat around the bush, it was so tiring.


storm2k t1_j5q5rvb wrote

pizza, bagels, the feeling that my rights matter more than the rights of the gun someone has on them. you know, normal things.


dooit t1_j5ra4z7 wrote

I immediately say bagels. Pizza is easy to make at home with a few small investments. I don't think I could ever duplicate these bagels.


THftRM1231 t1_j5oh49t wrote

Have moved, but not so far that I'm not back in NJ once every couple months. Its good bread products, hands down. Rolls, bagels etc. I assume it's the water. I've found passable local bakeries where I am, but nothing holds a candle to NJ bread.

I introduced my borna dnnraised out of state wife to Jersey bread, and she's now as obsessed as me.


_TommySalami t1_j5oww2s wrote

Depending on where you are, the food quality can vary, but there's almost always SOMETHING excellent nearby.

I'm gonna go with the sentiment of u/thebongofamandabynes and say, varied activities within easy reach. I went to a drag brunch at a tex-mex cantina, hiked, and went to an outdoor gun club on Sunday, all within 20 minutes of home.


gsp137 t1_j5rag9k wrote

I love the small towns, each with its own unique downtown, bars, restaurants, mom and pop shops all within a walkable area. I live two block from such a treasure. Walk to the movie, train to NYC, post office, barber, dinner and cocktails. Love NJ’s diversity, ethnically, geographically and culturally, but our small “cities” are True Jersey


ThePowerfulPaet t1_j5o87s1 wrote

I am elsewhere. The things I miss most are the Italian food, my tuna subs, and American style Chinese food.


newwriter365 t1_j5ogwe9 wrote

I moved to Florida in 2017. Moved back in 2021.

My family and the food were primary reasons. Wages were also a factor.


siamesecat1935 t1_j5oty3v wrote

Absolutely the food. So many options, so many different cuisines. And the beach, proximity to NYC, and as someone else mentioned, the airport. I have so many friends who live in other areas, and anytime they want to go anywhere, they have to take connecting flights, where EWR you can generally fly nonstop, unless you're going to north or west bumblefuck.


ReadenReply t1_j5owcm8 wrote

the intolerance for bulls*t and fakery


Woodbury t1_j5oz9xr wrote

"Bless your heart!"

Yeah - I hear you brother. Bunch of bullshitters out there in America and I've had it up to HERE.


tex8222 t1_j5ph7om wrote

To each his own. I vastly prefer NJ beaches, especially from September-May. Packed? Not hardly.


GlassAd4579 t1_j5qtuij wrote

I went south for 2 years and my husband and I missed the normal pace of things, everything was too slow down there. We missed the snow, we missed our family, we missed the ocean, the breakfast sandwiches/bagels, we missed a whole lot and that’s why we came back lol


Equinox_Glass t1_j5oi500 wrote

I lived abroad for 4 years and besides family the things I missed most were all food related. Mostly pickles.


snarkuzoid t1_j5opfb3 wrote

Family. That's why I'm still here.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j5pphbz wrote

Access to everything and anything on moments notice.


i8mygoldfish t1_j5ughdw wrote

The Delaware Water Gap and more specifically the Delaware River.


TwilightStranger t1_j5ulb2m wrote

Majority of my family is here. I'd say that and the landscape. You could go from urban/suburban sprawl to complete wilderness in a matter of 15 to 30 minutes depending on where you live. There's also the character of towns, with their small shops and eateries that aren't franchise cookie cutter fair. I could eat at a Turkish cafe in Botany Village, hop in for a bagel in Passaic Park, or pick up hot Polish food and imported goods in Garfield.


ChipmunkSpecialist93 t1_j5z93oz wrote

Reliable cell service.

Places will stay open past 8PM-9PM.

Plus everything else y'all mentioned.


ruvol23 t1_j605yau wrote

Also, the proximity to 2 large cities. You don't realize how good you have it until you have to drive 30 min to the closest store.