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Unusual-Okra9251 t1_j5zsius wrote

Love it. I take the RiverLine light rail and the Northeast Corridor when I need to commute to my office. It's about an hour door to door. I could drive which should take 35 minutes up the Turnpike, but today, the one day I needed to drive and be somewhere after work, I was stuck in a massive traffic jam. It just reminds me how much nicer it is to relax or work on the train and not worry about drivers.


ownage516 OP t1_j5zsylr wrote

Totally agree. It’s more time, but I have my phone on me so I’m not pulled away from anything.

Kinda wish we have more light rail here in north Jersey


jsingh21 t1_j61zjzl wrote

Not always what if the train had a delay? Which happens quite often.


MasterDave t1_j6267i4 wrote

If your argument is that there’s more train delays than there is traffic I’m pretty sure the evidence won’t hold up.

You just never take a train without some buffer time, same as when you’re driving.


jsingh21 t1_j61zmls wrote

What if the train had a delay then you would wish you drove there lol.


Unusual-Okra9251 t1_j6239ot wrote

I've been doing it for years, and I've never had a delay bad enough to regret taking the train. I have my laptop so I can just work or fuck around online. Beats the hell out of sitting in traffic, especially with my car and it's heavy clutch pedal. Not fun in bumper to bumper traffic.