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ownage516 OP t1_j5zvlss wrote

Of course! It depends on the use case. I never said everyone should be doing it


whodisacct t1_j5zyufn wrote

I wish it worked out better for me, honestly. I’d much rather sit on a train than drive.


bensonr2 t1_j605y9b wrote

I agree if you are commuting to nyc, philly city center mass transit is the way to go.

But as much as I love trains NJ Transit suuuuuucks. Unless you are the first few stops on the line usually the commuter bus lines are faster; often significantly.

I'm out in Morris county, less then 45 min into Manhattan without traffic. Train is over 90 minutes. Usually the independent bus line, even with tunnel traffic, is significantly less. Worst case scenario if there is really really bad traffic its 90 min, basically the same as the train if it has no delays.