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BCNJ09 t1_j606exn wrote

As a commuter, I'd take the train if only all the stations by me didn't force you to pay for parking. The closest one that doesn't is Plauderville and that fills up FAST on weekdays.

The bus isn't bad; the "zone" system is the dumbest thing in the world and impossible for people to figure out without looking at a route map (and even then it's convoluted) - you should just be able to put in your origin and destination and pay a fare based on that.

Pro tip: if you're traveling from NYC, the MINIMUM number of zones is three, esp. if you're coming from Fair Lawn.

The bus has also been getting nicer now that they're replacing the old ones with ones that actually have air vents that work and seat more people.


just4u11 t1_j60ckbl wrote

My street has a bus to the train station, free if you have a monthly pass


BCNJ09 t1_j60ednt wrote

Prospect Ave had something similar to Essex St. but not often enough where it'd work for commuting purposes. Seemed more like a "toss the seniors a bone" thing.


just4u11 t1_j60fg1j wrote

Yeah, the one by me is great, it hits the major points in town in a loop with a stop at the train station


68ch t1_j60iys8 wrote

I live in Hudson county, and the bus into NYC is 2 zones. But I agree it’s confusing for anyone not familiar with the system.


Aden1970 t1_j60td6e wrote

I take the bus to NYC all the time.

The bus service certainly needs improvements and updating, but it’s functional.

I just wish we invest more on light rail, it would be so much cheaper than widening the roads. Plus public transportation helps local businesses so it’s a win win.


Rainecc t1_j611i5z wrote

I used to only take the train but now I prefer the bus. 100% agree the zone system and route maps are confusing. I can get to my destination fine but coming back usually I land a little farther from home than i’d like… i just need to do more research


remarkability t1_j61kka0 wrote

Pro tip: when I am less familiar with a route (or it’s raining/dark) I search for my origin/destination and set the “depart” time 10 mins before my bus does. Then I follow along in a mapping app like Transit or Citymapper. Both have a on-route guidance feature. NJTransit official app has this feature too, but it’s super clunky.

(Google maps can do this but doesn’t have live bus location)

You can set it up to warn you when you’re coming close to your stop, then of course, hit the stop request button right after you pass the stop before yours. You’ll be a pro soon!