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Mugstotheceiling t1_j60oa0b wrote

SEPTA is so bad to the suburbs, borderline useless. And they wonder why 676 is a parking lot most of the time.


SailingSpark t1_j615gor wrote

I just wish it was easier to get from Philly to NY. For me to use Mass Transit from my home here in Atlantic County, I have to hop the NJT in Absecon, go to 30th street, ride Septa to Trenton, wait out in the open for Amtrak, and then ride that to NY.


Shadow1787 t1_j61lo4j wrote

Have you thought about taking the river line to Trenton? I think the ac express line stops at pennsauken and you can take a train to Trenton.


TellMeYMrBlueSky t1_j616f1h wrote

You don’t need to ride septa to Trenton to wait for Amtrak. Amtrak stops at 30th street on its way to NY. (Unless you’re talking about taking NJ Transit from Trenton to NYC?)


Mugstotheceiling t1_j61awnh wrote

Doing that (SEPTA -> NJT) is definitely cheaper than a 30th -> Penn Amtrak ticket. But not as convenient and Trenton station a bit sketchy.


dualOWLS t1_j630981 wrote

I will never forgive Christie for what he did to NJT including getting rid of NJT trains from 30th to NYC Penn. What a moron.


TellMeYMrBlueSky t1_j65zz37 wrote

I didn’t realize NJT used to run all the way to 30th street! That sucks that they don’t run that anymore. And yeah I feel you. I remember reading about NJT getting all sorts of praise in the mid 2000s as one of the best regional rail systems in the country. By like 2010 or 2012 at the latest all the coverage had switched to “NJT is a dumpster fire. Read about how it’s been run into the ground in only half a decade!”