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Draano t1_j613owk wrote

I commuted from Belmar to lower Manhattan by train and it took 2:20 each way on a good day. Then I started taking the bus from the Monmouth rest area on the parkway. It was $30 less per week and took 1:40.

I liked rail - very smooth ride, comfortable and quiet. But losing an extra 1:20 of my life per day, nearly 7 hours a week, was just nuts.


Bamaji1 t1_j61cv8v wrote

South of long branch on the NJCL is a looooooong trip. Especially if you don’t get a direct train and have to switch to an electric train at long branch.


Draano t1_j61e35y wrote

Express made 8 stops and the local made 16.

Since I was going to WFC, I'd go to Newark Penn Station and switch to the PATH. So any train would get me to Newark.

Its been over a decade, but I still get an uneasy feeling when I hear the 05:25 train's horn sound when letting the dogs out.