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BackInNJAgain t1_j63oxrr wrote

It depends on the time of day for me. I'll drive to the city early on Sunday morning because I enjoy urban cycling and like to bring my bike. It's also a lot faster than the train (40 minutes vs 1 hour) and I can leave whenever I want vs. the Sunday schedule where trains are few and far between. I'll also drive if I'm visiting friends and know I probably won't leave the city before 1 AM because the last train is at 12:30.

Weekdays I always take the train because it's convenient and faster (1 hour vs. 90 minutes to get through the Lincoln Tunnel backup).

Im kind of bummed because my town used to have direct bus service to New York (one hour) that stopped two blocks from my house, but they've consolidated routes now and that same trip is now two hours and 10 minutes which is ridiculous.