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A vehicle I would like to buy is down in Florida. Ideally I would like to fly there, and drive it back. Can one simply do this? Is there a remote interface to re-title vehicles in NJ and get them temporary registered via a printout? Looking for suggestions. Anyone with any similar experiences? I'm most likely just buying from another consumer.



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Thanks9527 t1_j5zbvxh wrote

I've bought a car from Alabama and this is what I've done.

Get pre-purchase inspection to see everything is good. Purchase agreement with bank loan so the bank has the info of the seller, cuts check to him and mail the check over.

He mails the signed title and I arrange shipping. Meanwhile after receiving the title I go register the car and wait for the car to arrive.

Car arrives, put on the plate and all good to go.

In your case I would have him do pre purchase inspection to check out everything is good and after paying him, FedEx the signed title to you and you can register the car in NJ, fly down with the plate and drive the car home without any issues.


Obvious_Ad9670 OP t1_j5zcmy5 wrote

Thats probably the most sane route. Do you have a service company that can do this pre-purchase inspection?


Thanks9527 t1_j5zdgab wrote

I had the seller drive to the nearest dealership to do an inspection.

I would get in touch with a service advisor there and have them bill me (of course) with my info.

But it comes down to if the seller is willing to do so. If the seller's got something to hide and not agree to a pre purchase inspection it might be a red flag.


Linenoise77 t1_j5z1hp4 wrote

What is with this thread on a near daily basis?

If you are buying through a dealer, they may be able to handle the process for you.

If you are buying private party there is not an easy way to do it without making 2 trips or towing\trailering the car home.

It LOOKS from a quick 30 second google, that florida has a process to issue a temporary registration and tag, but i can't find any official sites that detail how you go about that, they all seem to be the same cut and paste about going to the county tax collector.


Obvious_Ad9670 OP t1_j5z3y9s wrote

Near daily basis because nobody gives a follow up. I've done more than a 30 second google. I anticipate any processing through Florida will require a FL drivers license number which I don't have.


NJ does not anticipate anyone buying a vehicle out of state unless through a dealer which makes this process so much more daunting.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j5zdmow wrote

You need to get temporary plates in Florida and then drive back. Look into local laws in Florida. It should be a hassle free thing to do.

If you are buying from a dealer, they must give you temp plates and register your car in NJ. No exceptions.

If you are buying from a private person, then you must get temporary plates in Florida on your own.


CoffeeMug2021 t1_j5z6f0q wrote

I feel like similar questions have been asked here in recent weeks so a search may help. Best of luck w the new car!