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classicgirl1990 t1_j5aarfe wrote

Down vote away, I thought it was terrible. Cool concept, was excited to go but the food was pretty bad. Service was good.


Womper710 t1_j5ejp50 wrote

What was up with the food? Not seasoned properly? Over cooking/under cooking?


WhatIsTickyTacky t1_j59zsjt wrote

They’ve been on my list for a while. Glad to hear they met expectations.


ianisms10 t1_j5bm291 wrote

What is this


ohhiiiiiiiiii t1_j5c776e wrote

From googling it's just an italian restaurant thats in a house.


Sk8ngWST t1_j5a6g8q wrote

This what i think it is? Any good samaritan post th address?


MangTangORang OP t1_j5ad8lt wrote

Fun time. Great experience. James Beard nominated. Don’t listen to the haters


classicgirl1990 t1_j5ah4nw wrote

The Beard nomination was for Hospitality. As I said, service/concept was good. Maybe the food was better back in 2020 when that nomination happened.