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lsp2005 t1_j4vq0e6 wrote

Somerset, Morris, and Union have a three county system. I think there is another multi county system for further north in NJ too.


ansky201 t1_j4vy1c4 wrote

Essex, Bergen, and Hudson have a library system. There are over 70 participating libraries in it.


brickxbrickxbrick t1_j4w026i wrote

It gets confusing. There are multiple library systems in the state with individual libraries from various counties, with county library systems thrown into the mix. Ideally, you could just go to any library in the state and get stuff.


Joe_Jeep t1_j4vtjhv wrote

Middlsex and some of its neighbors have one but it's by town Not county


brickxbrickxbrick t1_j4vzo9h wrote

That's correct. While there are individual members from various counties, they are not a three county system. It's complicated. Especially if you just want to go to any library to get stuff. :)


Joe_Jeep t1_j4wnger wrote

Yea couple friends of mine work for member libraries. Pre pandemic I was in different branches somewhat frequently. Even got to be a zombie for a Halloween event at one


JustWantsHappiness t1_j4vwof1 wrote

With policies like these, I really only care about how they’ll affect places like Camden and Trenton since they’re the ones who actually really need the state help, since the local municipalities could care less


lsp2005 t1_j4vxk5e wrote

You need to have the people who live there buy into it that developing the library is good for them. I agree that it would be, but gate keeping will not make the residents of other cities want to help. They need to create a multi county library system of the local towns there. The systems are out there for their librarians to use and get up and running.