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sandwooder t1_j9uodrs wrote

I’ll let my mail carrier know.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_j9vwbua wrote

Those damn engineers and their calculations are impacting Boeing profits again.


some_random_kaluna t1_j9uomul wrote

This comes as Boeing also announced theyll stop making the F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet in 2025.

Funny thing is that they're competing for a contract to supply the Indian navy. If they win, they'll said they'll keep that line running until 2027. What a reward. I'll be impressed if Boeing is still around in twenty years.


BigBrownDog12 t1_j9v1iz2 wrote

The Super Hornet is a 40 (30 if you count the change from F/A-18 -> F/A-18E) year old airframe, mostly intended for carrier operations. It's reaching the end of it's life time, especially with F-35B/C in full swing production. Not every plane has the longevity of the B-52 or F-15.

The long-standing issues with the 787 is a direct consequence of moving its production out of Seattle to union bust and trying to recreate a century's worth of aerospace manufacturing culture overnight.


some_random_kaluna t1_j9x5tlj wrote

Sure. But those troubles are on top of the 737 MAX crashes. There was no reason for those to happen.

Everything compounds. I'll be surprised if Boeing exists in 20 years.


DarkSideMoon t1_j9ys1a0 wrote

Sure, the US will have no domestic airliner production in 20 years. 🙄


SharpieBass t1_j9v7mim wrote

The salesperson that did that deal is pissed. Likely have to cancel their Bugatti order.


I_Lick_Vaginal_Blood t1_j9u5ua6 wrote

I wouldn’t take delivery of them anyway.


account22222221 t1_j9uaqng wrote

Do you spend a lot of time taking delivery of commercial aircraft’s?


SunSaw t1_j9ufhxb wrote

Nobody has the time for that.