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76vibrochamp t1_j6slfl9 wrote

>According to the Boston Globe, Stone accused players of lacking respect and the squad was a group of skaters "with too many chiefs and not enough Indians" after putting a stop to a practice during the 2021-22 season.

Wow. This is clearly a person endorsing genocide!


GrimmRadiance t1_j6thojh wrote

I’m going to assume you’re being sarcastic or you’re very ignorant of American colloquialisms. It was a popular phrase similar to too many cooks will spoil the broth. It means they are all vying to lead and make independent decisions and are not playing as a team.


HerpToxic t1_j6t2way wrote

Who even comes up with something like this to say?


76vibrochamp t1_j6t3v90 wrote

Anyone who has ever interacted with anyone else in America over the age of like 40? It's a stock phrase.

This comes across like a "social media vs reality" type of thing to me.


Radiant-Shine-8575 t1_j6t8obg wrote

Yeah this in not a new phrase. It's also not racist. Maybe insensitive at best if there are native americans on the teams. Could have been- Too many generals and not enough soldiers.


irrelevantmango t1_j6tfjv3 wrote

> Maybe insensitive at best if there are native americans on the teams

According to the article there are two.


Miigwech t1_j6u0d1p wrote

Jesus christ. Just because it has slipped into regular use of the lexicon of society doesn't mean it's not racist. It's absolutely astounding how terms that have been generated about Native groups or terms are just accepted as okay because it "just means x".

I don't think this woman should be fired because it's fucking blatantly obvious from this thread alone that it's based off of ignorance and not malice.


imgladimnothim t1_j6vcru0 wrote

I mean, how did that phrase ever catch on after the "not enough indians" part? You ponder that part of the phrase for even just 5 seconds and its pretty obvious. Maybe don't remind your native players about just how tiny a fraction of their peoples are left after what the european settlers first did to them all those years ago?

I mean i don't think its racist really, its kinda more like asking your jewish friend why judaism seems so unpopular compared to the other abrahamic religions, only for them to remind you that it used to be quite a bit more popular until around the 1940s.

Its not so much that its racist, its more that you just look like an ignorant jack ass.


TheloniousCrunk t1_j6wqgy3 wrote

Jesus Christ, this gave me a nosebleed. What the fuck are you actually taking about? I'm sorry to be rude, but how is this your take?


mattyoclock t1_j6ugjnl wrote

It’s not a new phrase and might not have been said with racist intent, but it’s still racist as hell.

There was a street I knew growing up that was originally called “n-word hollow”. And the old people would sometimes use that name giving directions because that’s what they always called it.

It doesn’t stop being a racist phrase because they were just giving directions.

I knew another old lady who called macadamia nuts n-word toes, is that fine and acceptable just because she means macadamia nuts? It was a common phrase for a hundred years and just means some nuts after all.


CaptLatinAmerica t1_j6v37gb wrote

Let’s get one thing straight here: you mean Brazil nuts, not macadamia nuts.


mattyoclock t1_j6v9ttl wrote

Do I? The triangular ones with the really tough shells anyways.


CaptLatinAmerica t1_j6vd3dt wrote


Macadamia nuts are also famously hard to crack but they are commonly referred to as gypsy’s nipples, Polish noses, Jew-warts, Seventh Day Adventist hemorrhoids, or Samoan carbuncles.

Certainly not racist.


black_flag_4ever t1_j6swe3x wrote

Before the cancel culture alarmists start bombarding this comment section. I too grew up hearing this phrase fairly often and by people no one would accuse of being racist, but this woman is highly unpleasant and mean. She meant it to be hostile.

She has created an environment where women have given up being at Harvard to get away from her. This is considered the most prestigious college in the country. You get amazing career opportunities if you graduate from there. No one is going to bail on getting a Harvard diploma over nothing. So before some Tucker Carlson fan boy starts blaming the upcoming departure of this subhuman demon spawn from Harvard, think about the totality of the circumstances. Her statements are the straw that broke the camel's back, it is not the whole story, it might simply be a thing where multiple witnesses observed hostile behavior because people like this coach often engage in their worst behavior when victims are alone and accusations can be denied.


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DJKoolJerk t1_j6ung2e wrote

Oh yeah, because in the ruthless competitive cauldron that is Ivy League Women's Ice Hockey, results are all that matters.


pickles55 t1_j6wdi1k wrote

You don't have to leap to defend racists you don't even know.


drz1250 t1_j6sf4s0 wrote

In diversity training wouldn’t that saying be used as example of outdated lanquage and its consequences ?


102491593130 t1_j6swl77 wrote

At worst this warrants the coach taking diversity/sensitivity training, but it's not at all newsworthy & certainly not any kind of event to sack somebody's career over.

Next it'll be calling the cops on the football coach for telling his players to "get in there and murder those bastards."


mattyoclock t1_j6ugt1g wrote

Assuming this is the first incident anyways. If they have been talked to about it several times and continue pointedly using this phrase and other similar ones despite sensitivity training etc. it’s racist as hell and damned near harassment.


Appropriate-Dog6645 t1_j6tzybf wrote

Slap in face. We’re running ads in Canada. Hockey for all. Some American teams haven’t did enough pride events. Now, you got This. It might be time. We’re really having conflicting views. NHL and hockey Canada . Got get off there ass. There hurting hockey.


DANBlLZERIAN t1_j6tekfv wrote

“Too many cooks in the kitchen” may have been a better term but too many people are seething in here over nothing…


Texastexastexas1 t1_j6w7qh9 wrote

We’ll she looked at a Native American directly in the eye when she said it.


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TimeLineRacer8 t1_j6twzzj wrote

When you're downvoted because people don't watch the same shows as you...



postart777 t1_j6ux6n4 wrote

Oh but she was simply following the Harvard tradition! Increase Mather, founding president of Harvard, wrote about native Massachusetts people that "their way of living is infinitely barbarous" etc. etc. Charming continuity at Harvard, rah rah! Carry on crimson!


Pinkie_Flamingo t1_j73tg1v wrote

O whut nonsense. Whut she said is akin to "too many cooks spoil the stew".

It is not a malicious or consciously racist remark.


jerseycityfrankie t1_j6s9pgl wrote

Why is it so hard to hire intelligent people for critical jobs within the public eye? Even Harvard can’t manage a college athletic department that won’t shit itself in public.


alephnul t1_j6srtgy wrote

She used a common phrase that is not, in any way derogatory toward native Americans. That phrase is not offensive to anyone who lives in reality. People need to get over this shit.


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grifkiller64 t1_j6t7cyf wrote

At what point did that user indicate that they were a white male?

Judging from your capitalization of "white man" along with this attitude, I'd say you've got your own prejudices to deal with.


76vibrochamp t1_j6t7oa6 wrote

You have the right to be offended.

Demanding institutional actors take action against other people’s livelihoods based on your offense is narcissism.


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jerseycityfrankie t1_j6tdkz6 wrote

Sure it’s the same. Except for the RACIST NAMES.


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mattyoclock t1_j6uhfqb wrote

Many consider them so yes. Not every tribe had a chief, and many individuals and tribes consider Indian a slur.

This isn’t universal or anything, almost as though native tribes are entirely different ethnic groups spread across the entire continent.


3klipse t1_j6y88cg wrote

Should probably let those 500+ tribes know they are dealing with a racist agency.


mattyoclock t1_j6y9rnx wrote

What world are you living in where you think they don't know that? Do you think they named and run the government agency that fucks them and underfunds them constantly?

Also the article states two indigineous people from B.C., so likely first nations or Metis, who do not deal with the US government and overwhelmingly do not like the term.


mrpyro77 t1_j6t426t wrote

We have plastic in our blood but also aren't starving to death or being pillaged by neighboring tribes so there are good and bad things I guess


Formal_Minute_9409 t1_j6zfrou wrote

It’s hard when western society as a collective has degenerated into a fetid soup of outrage pussydom. If it wasn’t this, you’d be banshee’ing over something even more asinine and innocuous.


TheGrandExquisitor t1_j6sy8yc wrote

Fun fact - Harvard is filled with arrogant dipshits. On all levels. Twenty percent of students get in as legacies. The law school has an emeritus who partied on Pedo Island with Epstein and a chair who literally thinks we should be a fascist country "for our own good."

It is a moral cesspool.


snewz404 t1_j6sdvbx wrote

The world should just dump the racists on the arctic ice sheet so when it melts they all go away.