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casadecarol t1_j6u4lsz wrote


groveborn t1_j6uj6th wrote

I had just accepted it, as well. I suppose one should wonder why the suspect wasn't already dead, if it were the case that casually touching it would be likely to cause investigate od.


finalremix t1_j6vi0bv wrote

Touching it doesn't adversely affect anyone but cops.*

*which apparently does have a penchant for causing panicky behavior and anxiety issues, due to misinformation and poor training.


frenchfreer t1_j6vulpl wrote

Wait, so opioid overdoses aren’t accompanied by hyperventilation, dilated eyes, tachycardia, a sense of panic and inability to calm down….I dunno man sounds like textbook anxiety attack opioid overdose


hurdurBoop t1_j6vuf9r wrote

need to look into police education about whether or not white powder drugs can hang around in the air like nerve gas...

[spoiler: they cannot]


[deleted] t1_j6uwui8 wrote

This should scare the shit out of people, not the white substance the fact that cops have taken their training or gossip so seriously that their body will have an automatic fear response.

This is not a person that needs to be pointing deadly weapons at others.


critically_damped t1_j6vyhta wrote

It's also really possible that this officer has a pre-existing drug problem, and this is part of a deliberate attempts to explain a drug test they're about to fail.


MidLifeHalfHouse t1_j6w5v5v wrote

A woman I knew in the military used a story that her husband used cocaine as a performance enhancement on his penis that got into her bloodstream.

It’s not homemade bongs or anything but the creativity inspires me.


keskeskes1066 t1_j6wm449 wrote

Knew of a similar case with a LT in Army. Wife said she did it w/out husbands knowledge. She even gave a statement.

He got bounced out, but that salacious statement made the rounds.


ObjectivePitiful1170 t1_j6wh42q wrote

> A woman I knew in the military used a story that her husband used cocaine as a performance enhancement on his penis

That's actually a thing. She might be telling the truth.


Mydickradiates t1_j6wi5t4 wrote

I don't see how this would be a thing, it decreases the arterial blood flow in, through vasoconstriction, so that would prevent Boner time. Maybe her type of lovin is a soft type of lovin


ObjectivePitiful1170 t1_j6wj4y4 wrote

It's probably not about him. It is absorbed by the mucus membrane of a vagina and works as a mild anaesthetic. Some enjoy it, especially if they suffer from painful intercourse.

Edit: anaesthetic, not anaphylactic


helpmeI_mdying t1_j6wrsap wrote

I'm going to assume you meant anesthetic and definitely not anaphylactic.


MidLifeHalfHouse t1_j712c2p wrote

I mean, he technically could have used it prolong his erection but idk when, why, or who would waste good cocaine like that.

She was specific that it was for that purpose and not because of painful intercourse.

But even if was, that’s ridiculous.


oxslashxo t1_j6x120k wrote

Like that one woman cop they keep showing videos of, they never show her bodycam...


yhwhx t1_j6u2f5f wrote

I wonder if there is a specific mental defect/problem that makes some folks more susceptible to hysterical ODs.


1d10 t1_j6umdxt wrote

Take a guy and tell him the world is out to get him and everyone he interacts with could potentially pull out a gun and murder him at anytime, tell him that the country is full of drugs that will kill you if you even look at them funny, and they are the only hope mankind has to defend itself from all of this. Reinforce this at every opportunity.

Steep these men in fear long enough and they will develop anxiety which since they are the strong men who fear nothing, and their society has almost zero mental health and seeking mental help makes you look week and or crazy they will treat said anxiety with alcohol, keep it up long enough and you might end up with a bunch of violent unhinged people running around with little shields and guns. Screaming incoherently at innocent people.

But what do I know im a mently ill man living in America.


thecowintheroom t1_j6xcikz wrote

Wait until you consider that the rampant increase in unprovoked police violence might be attributed to the conjunctive increase in steroid use over the same 2003-23 period. But what do I know I’m just a guy confuses correlation and causation. That and cops seem really CrossFit jacked and angry nowadays. Personally I think there’s a connection. But I’m just some guy on the internet.


Noisy_Toy t1_j6upabb wrote

I believe the mental defect is “officer who has an upcoming drug test they know they’re going to fail” syndrome.

They’ve got a perfect excuse to pop hot now.


Crizbibble t1_j6wb8mk wrote

Maybe it’s just “excited delirium” that black folks get when the cops attempt to arrest them and they unexpectedly die with baton bruises and chokehold marks on their necks. It could be spreading to the larger population /s


kazh t1_j6viiu7 wrote

Maybe they'll keep this up until they can claim anything that looks like drugs as a deadly weapon so they can skip the foreplay.


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zerobeat t1_j6ueuf3 wrote

Better than the usual reaction they have I guess which is to just kill people.


1776cookies t1_j6u638v wrote

It's starting to remind me of the hysterical dancing phenomenon in the middle ages.


MadAstrid t1_j6u6by6 wrote

The kinds of things that only seem to happen to cops and right wing antivaxxers.


Flatline2962 t1_j6ucw2m wrote

So the officer pulled someone over, the window was rolled down, and the officer "ingested" white powder.

Not inhaled, not consumed. Ingested. Then passed out.



sifterandrake t1_j6u2l01 wrote

I told them letting those Hungry Hungry Hippos characters on the force was going to be a bad idea...


Carlos-In-Charge t1_j6u2npi wrote

Just whipped right out of the window? Sounds like the cocaine scene with Balki in True Romance


manwithappleface t1_j6wgg9j wrote

I was thinking of the cocaine scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

“Did you see what GOD did to us?!?”


trapicana OP t1_j6u1u6n wrote

"According to police, officers on Feb. 1 pulled over a car near 19th Avenue and Van Buren Street. One of the officers walked up to the vehicle and when someone inside the car rolled down a window, "a white substance escaped and was ingested by the officer."


Draker-X t1_j6uk7ln wrote

>"a white substance escaped and was ingested by the officer."

This is fucking hilarious because the active voice gives agency to the "white substance", an inanimate object, while the passive voice is used to describe the actions of the officer: a living, breathing, thinking being with free will.

This sort of purposeful linguistic slight-of-hand is evil.


TooMad t1_j6u6u08 wrote

Clearly the driver can hot box a "lethal" cloud of the substance while the cop can't even handle the slightest puff.


By_Design_ t1_j6ug45z wrote

same with whoever cut and packed everything. Is this hysteria or copaganda?


JcbAzPx t1_j6u5zr3 wrote

That 'and' is doing a lot of heavy lifting.


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No_Cartographer_3819 t1_j6vbge7 wrote

Does Narcon give you a buzz if you are not on drugs?
Don't cops wear gloves when searching? If touching coke was enough to get high, a lot of us wasted a lot of blow and money using the snorting method.


mynameisalso t1_j6uuf96 wrote

My favorite part is the cop passed out for 10 seconds but I guess the car just stuck around?


GORDON1014 t1_j6u6p8h wrote

but, like, in the movies they just lick it a little and be all like "that's some good shit but also you are arrested" or whatever


Salty_Lego t1_j6udshe wrote

Is that even how drugs work?


epidemicsaints t1_j6uq3vm wrote

Yes. Superhuman tweaked out freak reprobates can do drugs while they drive, but a noble cop is incapacitated by just a whiff of the noxious vapor. Most drugs also make you extremely sedated in one situation but agitated and violent in another. They all work like this.

And smoking opiates while driving is very common and popular.


JustSatisfactory t1_j6v4l60 wrote

also one single marijuana has a street value of approximately 6 million USD.


hurdurBoop t1_j6vtzjl wrote

my brother had a marihuana reefer and it blew up his entire city. =/


finalremix t1_j6viu1a wrote

I can't help but read your comment in that standard 50s drug propaganda school film reel voice.


knowwhatimean_vern t1_j6w95br wrote

Toxicology report or it didn't happen


stellarblackhole1 t1_j6yv1yu wrote

3rd party agency not tied to the justice system or county/city toxicology report. Anecdotal I know, but I've got a friend who worked in one of those testing labs contracted by the county and knew about cases of data getting falsified they are out of that lab now because that crap was the tip of the unethical iceberg, and they didn't want any part of it.


SugarDaddyOh t1_j6unb9l wrote

Yup. This smells like cocaine.


LckynKY t1_j6wqi83 wrote

I don’t like cocaine, just the smell of it


Murgatroyd314 t1_j6v8rcr wrote

Why is a police officer ingesting anything during a traffic stop?


hurdurBoop t1_j6vu9eg wrote

any white substance coming out of a car .. i'm immediately rubbing it on my eyeballs just to see what happens

maybe that's just me


PPQue6 t1_j6v5osj wrote

Ehhhh typical Fox copaganda...


hurdurBoop t1_j6vtrba wrote

"Simple gloves and mask, and not being a hyper-paranoid dipshit, ready to pass out like a fucking possum, are all they need to protect themselves,"


stellarblackhole1 t1_j6yv67k wrote

At least opossums a freaking adorable even when they are hissing at you, cops not so much.


coffeecakewaffles t1_j6uj6sq wrote

Wow, I'm totally not looking at that officers...nope I'm not


DrDavid_Pornalt t1_j6vygia wrote

Fake. Tryna make cops look sympathetic. The white powder was just corn starch


mynameisalso t1_j6utvy2 wrote

Bullshit unless I see a video he is lying and nothing happened.


earhere t1_j6wowm0 wrote

So they want us to believe that the people in the car weren't affected by the drugs, but the cop took one sniff and OD'd ? Lmao


mells3030 t1_j6wwjn6 wrote

They keep putting these bullshit stories out there. Cops get informed when they are going to be "randomly tested" and they come up with these bullshit stories to cover their asses.


NoGodsNoManagers1 t1_j6ytpo4 wrote

Here’s a secret about cops: a lot of them do coke.


Icewear_Daddy t1_j6v149t wrote

Am I the only one that noticed the cop with the bubble 🍑?


ChemicalNectarine776 t1_j6wu775 wrote

I’m sorry, but does anyone believe a single word of this bullshit??? No drug dealer is gonna throw their shit AT THE POLICE!


hibearmate t1_j6xyytz wrote

white substance out the window and breathed it in


what a bunch of horseshit


reichjef t1_j6zf7lb wrote

Took a snort, probably thought it was coke. It didn’t magically get ingested.

Cops pretend like people are just “pocket sanding” them with enough drugs to drop them.


kind-of-there t1_j6xnktq wrote

It’s more likely that the dude just saw powder and fainted.


Papancasudani t1_j74arv2 wrote

It's amazing that cops even leave their homes. They're the most frightened, hysterical people on the planet.


popecorkyxxiv t1_j6y07a2 wrote

This just in... Police forces across the US have developed crippling addictions to NARCAN. The addictions have become so severe they have started faking overdoses on the job whenever exposed to anything that is not immediately identified in order to get their fix. Film at 11.


--harumph-- t1_j6zq2sq wrote

Poor ROI on the cost of the Narcan