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IntergalacticPuppy t1_j9qaxdr wrote

Like - why?? Why kids?


I_ONLY_PLAY_4C_LOAM t1_j9qsh4z wrote

We should bring back cruel and unusual punishment for people who hack shit like hospitals or student health records. The scum of the earth.


Galaxy_Ranger_Bob t1_j9rdqsz wrote

Likely to out LGBTQ+ students. Yet another extremist attack from the right.


BuffaloInCahoots t1_j9rwmmh wrote

Ah yes, the right. Known for their computer hacking skills and general love of technology.


axonxorz t1_j9wwugh wrote

I get it, but man that's reading waaaaay to far into these group's motives. I've been on the receiving end of a corporate attack. They want money, and nothing else.