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ThaVerySadTruth t1_j8m7icx wrote

Am I the only one who finds traveling the world with such content extremely reckless, if not negligent?


Fuzzy_Logic_4_Life t1_j8n8r90 wrote

Unless they were trying to sell it, I mean even if it was stored in the cloud it could be stolen by a disingenuous buyer.


Nihil_Cow t1_j8nkr5w wrote

Trying to sell a deadman’s work for a quick buck.


Aazadan t1_j8nmwjb wrote

Same concept as a museum. But unreleased material typically isn’t in a release state, and especially not in a state to artist would want us to experience it in.


Fuzzy_Logic_4_Life t1_j8nw23s wrote

Never heard of the antiques market?

(Watch White Collar, it’s a great tv show)