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WaterChi t1_j9642we wrote

Fitting. President Carter was a Navy nuclear-trained officer - he worked on submarine propulsion plants early in his career.

Worth a read... especially the last bit


Ok_Ninja_1602 t1_j96csot wrote

One of the smartest and humble Presidents we've had, the guy is a national treasure.


mces97 t1_j970h8t wrote

He practically got rid of guinea worm. Saved so many lives.


Ok_Ninja_1602 t1_j97ms69 wrote

Right, Carter saved millions who don't know him, and he's not asking for anything from anyone , an incredible hero for all people.

I'll add that I'm glad you mentioned this because he's helped a continent and peoples that pretty much is all but forgotten, one of the few Presidents that solved problems affecting all of humanity. He's lived a long life but it will still be a great loss to everyone that this one man is gone.

One of the the greatest Presidents of our time was a peanut farmer and I'm ok with that, he's probably the most relatable presidential figure even now.


davidreiss666 t1_j9986fw wrote

He was even a good President back in the day. He took a lot of shit because the economy took a nose dive and then the Iran Hostage crisis happened. But those responsible for the economy were Nixon and Ford. And when it came to Iran, Carter basically waited the Iranians out. He wanted the Hostages released. if he has nuked Tehran, he would have become super popular. But instead he waited them out and let the Iranians release the hostages eventually. Because he just waited them out, a lot of Americans thought that made the US look week. But the hostages came home. Which is what Carter wanted.

If Carter had killed five million Iranians with nuclear attacks and gotten all the hostages killed, people would have thought that looked strong and reelected him in 1980 by a giant landslide. Thank god Carter didn't do that.


drawkbox t1_j99gn3f wrote

Really the Soviet Invasion of the Middle East in Afghanistan, Iran and Syria in 1979 using fronts started terrorism. The Iran hostage crisis was literally the first Soviet active measure after they pushed the revolution there.

The Carter Doctrine, harkening back to the Truman Doctrine, those got both of those guys heavily attacked but needed to be done.

Carter has been a soldier for Western liberalized democratic republics with open fair markets, personal freedoms and fair elections.

After the Carter Doctrine they pushed inflation, energy cartels, espionage, all sorts of asymmetric weaponry at Carter and he was unfazed (sound familiar to today?).

Imagine how different the world would be if Carter had a second term. Biden has some parallels to Carter in a good way.

Underneath it all, Jimmy Carter was just a good human. He strived to make make a better quality of life for those around him and afar.


Ok_Ninja_1602 t1_j9afeqt wrote

Thanks for this, I didn't know, I too thought Carter played from a weak position but this is what we do now in diplomacy, I guess dept of State learned something from Carter.


Last_third_1966 t1_j99ajqr wrote

No. Those responsible for the bad economy were Kennedy and Johnson for plunging us into the Vietnam war.


golamas1999 t1_j9bi2y5 wrote

He also got peace in the Middle East between Israel and Egypt.


Ok_Ninja_1602 t1_j9br5jv wrote

When you think of it, he continued to be Presidential even after his Presidency!!! baller


Ut_Prosim t1_j981db6 wrote

It's a real shame that he'll probably pass before the worm is eradicated.


anamoirae t1_j98dfxm wrote

At the time he was president he got a lot of crap thrown at him. Mainly the reason why he was a one term president was because Reagan projected him as weak. I never saw him as weak I saw him as a man of conviction, something so very rare in politics. I am so glad to see him finally get the respect he always deserved.


Kahzootoh t1_j99kugv wrote

Carter’s sin was that he told the American people that they couldn’t have their cake and eat it too. He told people the plain truth, and they didn’t want to hear it.

He won election because the American people were disgusted by all of the lies, deceptions, hypocrisy, and criminal behavior that had characterized at least the past decade of American government before Carter- with the Vietnam War and the Watergate Scandal looming large in the public consciousness.

The problem was that many people who objected to the breaking of eggs still wanted to eat an omelette, and Carter was telling them that omelettes were off the menu. The unchecked consumerism of the 1960s couldn’t be maintained without a host of unpleasant practices that Carter was specifically elected to oppose- which was something that a relatively politically naive public didn’t want to understand. These weren’t the generation which had lived through the depression as teenagers and adults, these were people who’d come of age through the post-WW2 prosperity and never bothered to wonder what ugly things were required to maintain their prosperous lives.

Carter had principles. He was honest with the country- if they weren’t willing to do all the ugly things their predecessors had done to maintain their standard of living (such as maintain American international credibility by going to war on behalf of beleaguered nations like we’d done in Korea and Vietnam), then the country had to live more modestly.

Nobody wants to be told to put on a sweater instead of turning on their heater.


mak_and_cheese t1_j98fx2o wrote

No - the main reason he was not re-elected was the crazy inflation that occurred during his presidency. There is a reason you keep hearing that the inflation/gas prices/ etc are things we have not seen since the 70s. It was all under Carter. Great guy - but his convictions created economic turmoil for many people.


anamoirae t1_j98it4f wrote

No that was part of it but mostly because of the hostage crisis in Iran. Reagan painted him as weak and unable to force Iran into turning over the hostages. He had lots of issues but one of the big things that Reagan pushed as a narrative was his weakness and Ol' Ronnie was a cowboy that was going to ride in a save everyone. I remember it well.


gumiiiiiiiii t1_j98r06g wrote

And the huge fuckup in the desert with the helicopters


Rooboy66 t1_j98i0dm wrote

He was actually a very conservative Democrat. A large part of the reason he lost re-election is that he lost most progressive/liberal Democrats. Among other fallings-out, with regard to abortion he wanted to leave it to the states. There were other issues that he didn’t align with the Democratic leadership at the time


Khiva t1_j98rl1c wrote

There's going to be a huge amount of revisionism regarding Carter's presidency when the time comes and the misinformation is going to be exhausting.

A great man. Absolutely fantastic human being. Lot of self inflicted wounds as a president.


SeaBass1898 t1_j9923jb wrote

Did he really create that economic turmoil? Or did it just happen under him?


Notanidiot67 t1_j9959fz wrote

It mostly happened under him. In the middle east you had the 6 day war, forming of OPEC, 76 oil crisis, new space competition with Russia, fall of the Shah of Iran, and there's more but it's wild time in history, especially middle eastern politics. People waited in line for gas, they attributed a lot of that fault to Carter. These "brown people" in the desert are holding back our gas, we built most of that infrastructure.. That was a lot of the attitude. And with higher fuel costs, rationing and all everything gets more expensive.

Carter also tried to put us on good footing internationally by being fair and honest. Hw tried to work for everyone's mutual benefit. Reagan fucked him over with that sentiment. He also backdoor negotiated with the allatoyah to hold the hostages until after the election and used it against Carter. Reagan was an asshole. Trump aspires to be 10% as horrible as he was to this country.


creamonyourcrop t1_j9b1bih wrote

He took the hit to improve the economy long term. With Paul Volker, they raised interest to cool the economy and stop inflation. It was the responsible thing to do, but that let Ronald Reagan to run on fixing the economy, which is what Carter was doing.
Reagan comes in, gives everyone a free lunch tax break and has the biggest recessions since the depression while exploding the debt and losing a half a million manufacturing jobs that never came back


openmindedskeptic t1_j9mc2db wrote

So I’m an economist and can tell you that Carter and Paul Volcker did the right thing in battling inflation. It gave him a bad name unfortunately for those who did not understand (such as yourself) but it was the whole reason why the US economy succeeded in the years after his presidency.


OHMG69420 t1_j96ogy8 wrote

Yeah? 45 had an uncle who was a nuclear physicist and second smartest in the family after 🍊/s


Astavri t1_j97hkmc wrote

Why bring anyone else into this? What not just celebrate accomplishments of those that have done good without bringing other folks into it? You have just taken away the attention from the deserving and given it to someone else, even if it's negative attention.


wordsonascreen t1_j97imhf wrote

Thanks for saying this. So often these discussions devolve into the same stupid one-liners. Carter was a great man and a criminally under appreciated President. Let’s keep focus on him.


MatthewGeer t1_j97qnlz wrote

Yeah, the most common type of ship to be named after a president these days is an aircraft carrier. (Eisenhower, Theadore Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington, Truman, Reagan, George HW Bush, and Ford are all in service, a new Kennedy is in production, and there are previous carriers named after JFK and FDR.) The USS Jimmy Carter, however, is a fast attack submarine.


findhumorinlife t1_j9bi2b6 wrote

Which makes sense because of Carter serving under Rickover’s nuclear sub program. Talk about a badass: Rickover. Carter could work with anyone. He’s an amazing human who will be missed by many of the generous, kind, thoughtful, good Americans who still exist in the US.


Captain_Mazhar t1_j9c7sbq wrote

And it's a pretty sweet ride too.

The Jimmy Carter is one of the remnants of the Seawolf program, designed to counter the Typhoon and Akula submarines at the height of the Cold War. She is top of the line in just about everything.

Not only that, the Carter is a one-off variant, including a 100 foot extension, cable-splicing capability, ROVs, Navy SEALS, and a whole lot more classified goodies, I presume.


SuperMack99 t1_j96xm8j wrote

The dude once worked with a team to save a small Canadian town from a potential nuclear disaster just two over from where I would grow up 40 years later. Despite him being a hero I didn't learn about it until I was almost 30.


Spanky_Badger_85 t1_j97n22k wrote

Do you have a link to something on that?


Coulrophiliac444 t1_j97pz3f wrote

I had heard of this, but never knew the full story.

Thank you for sharing.


SuperMack99 t1_j97r08n wrote

I spent my summers in the surrounding area and many people I knew lived and worked there around the time it would have happened but I learned about it from an entirely unrelated source after moving away.


NetworkLlama t1_j98dmdq wrote

Lots of people talking in various posts about HfH, Guinea worn, and so on, but one of my favorite stories about him is how seriously he took the threat of nuclear war. When he arrived in office, he asked for results of nuclear attack drills conducted by civilian agencies, especially the White House. There were none. Most people didn't even know where they were supposed to go or who they were supposed to call. He was flabbergasted.

So in February 1977, just a few weeks into office, he ordered a zero-notice midnight drill. It failed miserably. A few weeks later, he ordered another one. And another a few weeks later, and so on. Eventually, there was improvement, and he slowed the rate once they got sufficiently under the target times for his satisfaction. This whole thing undoubtedly stemmed from his time on subs.

Since then, every president has ordered random drills to ensure there was a suitable government after a nuclear strike. But he set the standard.


findhumorinlife t1_j9bi9wp wrote

And then there were his Herculean efforts to repair a substantial nuclear leak in Canada when he was a lieutenant.


openmindedskeptic t1_j9mbsle wrote

My favorite president as an economist. He also battled inflation with Paul Volcker and didn’t care if it tarnished his image. He made the right decision and saved the world economy for at least the next decade.


Miserable_Law_6514 t1_j97b1qc wrote

Admiral Rickover and General LeMay are two folks I would both dread to work for yet be tempted to. Real mavericks who knew where the future was going, and willing to forcibly drag their branch into the future.

Here's a picture of Jimmy Carter and Admiral Rickover on the USS Los Angeles. Even nearly 50 years ago he can stare into the future and find your merit lacking.


[deleted] t1_j97oq0d wrote



danwincen t1_j9944n0 wrote

It gets better than that. You don't have to imagine having had a president who understood the the risks of what happened at Three Mile Island - Jimmy Carter had been on both sides of such a disaster, having helped clean up an accident at Chalk River and having gone through Rickover's training.


NatashaBadenov t1_j97m33a wrote

You were not kidding. Have never felt like such a damn disappointment in my life 😅


Navyguy73 t1_j97pdan wrote

Fucking Rickover. Dude had a street name on every base.


itsmuddy t1_j987dwh wrote

I remember hearing something like nobody would get any posting on a nuclear sub without his ok’ing it. Can’t remember where I heard it nor how true it is but he is definitely one of those few names that are always recognizable.


congapadre t1_j9925gv wrote

He hand selected all of the officers in the nuclear navy. He went deep into their private lives and beliefs. Officers were terrified of these interviews.


Navyguy73 t1_j99c4y4 wrote

I worked at NTC Orlando in the 90s. Not at Power School, but my office got all the students who couldn't pass. The officers were always dreading reassignment, knowing "Power School fail" was on their record. Lots of enlisted would intentionally fail a drug test to get kicked out. Nuke or nothing, I guess.


dragmagpuff t1_j9be0fx wrote

When I was talking to Navy Recruiters at my college's career fair about using my Nuclear Engineering degree with Navy Nukes, they mentioned that the current Admiral continues the tradition of interviewing everyone. And that wasn't even for people on the ships.


asin26 t1_j9e04x5 wrote

Nuke interviews are always a thing for officer candidates, they usually consist of a few technical interviews where they have you solve math/physics problems and if you pass you get the final general interview with the admiral.


McFestus t1_j989gtb wrote

LeMay also basically tried to start WW3 during the Cuban missile crisis.


the_ballmer_peak t1_j967gq5 wrote

Naming things after him is great. Acting like him is better. The man is an example to aspire to.


ziipppp t1_j96yz17 wrote

I heard a story where there was some disaster and Carter, gathered at his church, asked the assembled what should we do. Someone says “we should pray for them”. There’s a beat and then Carter looks at them and says “well I think that’s taking the easy way out”.

I just love the idea that for someone who’s faith and church were SO important to him wasn’t afraid to say ‘praying may be great for you - but if you’re going to really help someone else roll up your shirt sleeves’.

I want to be more like Jimmy for sure.


comped t1_j978ts9 wrote

> I heard a story where there was some disaster and Carter, gathered at his church, asked the assembled what should we do. Someone says “we should pray for them”. There’s a beat and then Carter looks at them and says “well I think that’s taking the easy way out”.

This is a real story. I know a few people in the Secret Service, although none that I know of who've worked his detail (although I suspect they may have due to rotation policies), and that was one story I was told that was passed around as an example of just how good of a person he is.


meeyeam t1_j96qy7n wrote

It's fitting that his work will be associated with the word "humanity", as he truly invoked what it means to be a good human being.


DontGetNEBigIdeas t1_j97bhnq wrote

He’s one of the few ex-presidents who did more for humanity after his presidency than during.


HCSOThrowaway t1_j98fuvy wrote

We named fucking everything after MLK and we still can't be bothered to emulate the guy, or even understand what he did and why.

Don't get me started on how many of us pretend to be big fans of that Jesus guy and do everything we can to be the opposite.


mintyfreshismygod t1_j9b2emz wrote

The renaming is required by congressional rule to rename Confederate monuments. He's a good choice as a replacement.


Freebeing001 t1_j964juc wrote

Glad he's being honored this way. He is a good man. I don't think good men do well in politics (to our shame), but I wish there were more people in the world like him.


Joealb123 t1_j965m66 wrote

I wish all self proclaimed "Christians" lived their lives like Jimmy and Roslyn. The world would be a much better place.


THEFLYINGSCOTSMAN415 t1_j96nlru wrote

There's very few Christians actually practicing Christianity.


biggsteve81 t1_j96znjh wrote

There's a lot more than you think. They just tend not to make the news.


THEFLYINGSCOTSMAN415 t1_j972i2z wrote

My statement has nothing to do with the "christians" making the news. It's from real world experience. From family to friends and coworkers, the people who go to church weekly are the same ones who've had affairs, steal from work, have hateful attitudes towards minorities and LGBTQ, never give to charity but bitch about anyone who receives it. You don't gotta look at the big stories. Keep it small and local. Barely anyone is living by what they preach. "Rules for thee but not for me, but I'm still gonna act like I'm on the moral highground"


Joealb123 t1_j97eoao wrote

I've observed many of the same attributes from "Christians" I know. Not all of them are bigots but many are.


Fortunatious t1_j97wim5 wrote

I say this not to attack your position, but just my experience as a response to what you’ve said: in my life I’ve never experienced hatred like Christian love, and I have only met 2-3 people who actually follow what OG Jesus said.


J0E_SpRaY t1_j979jmj wrote

This opinion is not permitted on this website.


iAmTheHYPE- t1_j97gfn2 wrote

Why would XINOs live like Jimmy? They use the Christian faith in order to entertain greed, wrath, and lust; while we have true followers of the religion in the Democratic Party, like Carter and Warnock. The point of the matter is, Jesus provided free services in regards to wine, health, and the impoverished, would be labeled a socialist-communist today, and the Bible endorsed abortion.

Consider this: What even is a Republican policy today, other than bigotry, guns, forced birth, and Trump?


Joealb123 t1_j97i9tq wrote

You are preaching to the choir my friend.


LawRepresentative428 t1_j9aogbv wrote

Carter selling his peanut farm was one of the beginnings of republicans realizing that democrats will fold at the first sign of “conflict” instead of standing against the republicans.

Anytime democrats whine in the news about republicans, the republicans say “so what? Just because you guys have honor, doesn’t mean we will listen to you.”


pomonamike t1_j96bas3 wrote

My uncle graduated from the USNA in 1980 and President Carter spoke at the ceremony. He is an honorable Naval Officer, American, and Christian. I met him around 2009-10 while he tried to “broker a peace deal between Baptists,” which he joked, was harder than getting Israel and Palestine to talk. (The Southern Baptists eventually walked out on the deal that they themselves wrote).


VanVelding t1_j96rypt wrote

It was Maury Hall. One of the side halls of of Mahan. Guess Maury was a Confederate. Good move.


Bouncer214 t1_j97mvzb wrote

Founder of modern oceanography and Confederate Navy Admiral. Interesting dude, First Superintendent of the Naval Observatory. Still, was a confederate so doesn't deserve a building in his honor.


zachtheperson t1_j97r5h3 wrote

After being raised to believe Carter was basically the devil, it's crazy how much I've been learning recently how not-horrible he was.


I_might_be_weasel t1_j96y5bn wrote

"I'm not dead yet!"

-Jimmy Carter, probably


Astavri t1_j97i7nm wrote

Glad they did it while he was alive to see it, but part of me thought the same thing.


DrewskiBrewski t1_j973uli wrote

He went into hospice today


64645 t1_j975ov3 wrote

Which is why it's nice they are doing it now.


DrewskiBrewski t1_j975tjv wrote

I guess they knew he was on the way out since this is from yesterday.


Tokenvoice t1_j9933re wrote

Had to come into the comments to check if he had died or not. There sure are enough Jimmy Carter posts on today to suggest he has.


ekkidee t1_j96cjls wrote

Would like to see Washington National Airport (KDCA) named after him. It would be very fitting.


ReallyFineWhine t1_j96n722 wrote

You mean the one currently named after Reagan? Works for me.


iago303 t1_j96ooat wrote

We would be much better served


64645 t1_j975l2q wrote

Most people in the industry, especially controllers, still only refer to it as National.


iago303 t1_j975xnl wrote

After what reagan did,he didn't deserve an airport,Pepperidge farms remembers


KindAwareness3073 t1_j9agesy wrote

Remember? We are living with the consequences every day unfortunately.


iago303 t1_j9ah81y wrote

If and if that's a big if Reagan hadn't been allowed to break up the union and had negotiated in good faith,we wouldn't have all of these derailments but because of his short-sightedness and wanted to be perceived as a strong leader the country took it's first steps towards the mess that we have today


KindAwareness3073 t1_j9akxju wrote

It wasn't about looking strong, it was furthering the GOP goal of reducing American workers to poverty wages. That's what 40 years of stagnant wages have done. Combined with inflation the middle class has been gutted. Reagan put us on the road to a nation of haves and have nots, a giant banana republic.


East_Living7198 t1_j96nxi6 wrote

Navy Nukes are like the SEALS of engineering academics. Admiral Rickover was a fascinating man and worth reading into if you like history and technological marvels.


Tchrspest t1_j986hsp wrote

Buddy of mine went through nuke school. Was literally standing in line to walk at graduation when they told him his GPA was like a fraction of a point too low. He could either repeat a huge chunk of the course or get transferred to a different rate. He chose the latter and we met at A-school in Florida.

Smartest guy I ever met, hands down. Just astoundingly capable.


KathyJaneway t1_j97v5nr wrote

They should rename Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to Carter International Airport while he's still alive. The man loved Georgia so much, he has lived in the state for over 90 years of his 98 years of life. The only period he wasn't in the state was while in the navy and in the White House. And Georgia loved him back, he won every single county in Georgia in 1976, and Georgia gave him the support in 1980 as well, even tho he lost the entire South outside of Georgia. Georgia voted 25 points more democratic in 1980 than the nation as a whole. He was that much loved back then, and I'm sure he still is to this day.


Ok_Government_2062 t1_j96rkcb wrote

Jimmy should have many things named after him. He's such a lovely guy. We could use more people like him in this world.


fuzzysarge t1_j96rpi1 wrote

That's great news! It is very fitting for his service.

We do something about the roads at West point? Many of them are named after Confederate generals.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_j97mwir wrote

It is strange that West Point has till the end of this year to rename everything. The three roads that need renaming are pretty easy to do since they are less expensive than buildings. Two are so small the cost is only $1000 and the even Lee Road will only cost $3000.


xc2215x t1_j96ownb wrote

Good gesture, he's a great guy.


ScarcityIcy8519 t1_j9894ht wrote

President Carter is a National Treasure 💙


macross1984 t1_j97jve5 wrote

A truly remarkable person. He let his work speak for itself.


Barbarella_ella t1_j97p9l4 wrote

Perfect. Annapolis could not find a better ambassador.


Flowerlady99 t1_j98y5h4 wrote

Carter, all what a President must be, and love for humanity 🇺🇸💙


Astroblemes t1_j99tcow wrote

Glad to hear he’s being honored this way, he’s such a great guy


tykneedanser t1_j986wud wrote

Too bad they wait until people are dead (or close) to do something like this in their honor.


bullwinkle8088 t1_j99q5pt wrote

He has had a submarine named in his honor for almost 20 years now.

Many institutions will not name building or other features after anyone living. That is actually the normal, written, policy on warship naming for the US navy. However they have made enough exceptions to that guideline now that they may as well take that one off the books.


thisonesforthetoys t1_j9ad9f2 wrote

I was going to say... I was just reading about USS Gabrielle Giffords a week or two back and wondered if somehow I'd missed her passing.


Narianos t1_j99z092 wrote

I hope his remaining time in hospice is well lived, and that his passing is peaceful. He deserves that much.


The_Hemp_Cat t1_j9f5i39 wrote

A great choice just for the fact he is finest example of an American Christianity where no other can compare or carry his water and have the inability/unwilling to walk in his shoes.


cylinder_man t1_j990040 wrote

I misread this as jeremy renner


ArugulaZ t1_j98k662 wrote

A fitting tribute for a man who was imperiled by a rabbit while at sea.