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sanash t1_j9vgpq4 wrote

There's just way too much money being tossed around so you're going to see all sorts of losers come out of the wood work to get in on the grift.

Candace Owens was probably the first person to successfully get in on the right wing grift machine and became the model for how to pull it off.

It's super easy to do and especially profitable if you fall into a minority group.

This pickme conservative is going to make bank on their grift now that conservatives have ramped up their genocidal trans rhetoric.


masterofshadows t1_j9vrnm2 wrote

You forget ann coulter. That's been her grift for years before Owens.


mtarascio t1_j9warmv wrote

I know it's a problem but it's not super easy.

We're talking handfuls of people that got to this level.

Like Kyle literally had to murder people to get in on the grift.