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AffectionateAd1446 t1_j9wf487 wrote

Some angry detrans people make a lot of dubious and straight up bullshit claims about their treatment. Anyone who's trans and been through the trans healthcare system knows they're full of shit but ignorant bigots eat this kind of stuff up and vote for hateful politicians that restrict the rights of one of the most vulnerable populations.


axonxorz t1_j9wukiq wrote

We've got one in Canada in the same vein in the past few days. Oh man does the timing of people coming out of the smoke to criticize their own care seem suspect, given the political climate south of us.

And you're right about bigots, they're always completely incapable of parsing their own frequency bias. For each person like Cole, there tens of thousands of people who enjoy their gender-affirming care. But yes, let's focus on a random person's grievance.