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freakierchicken t1_j9mbj46 wrote

A high school in Boulder was trending today as one of these affected schools. I saw a report that said the call that notified authorities sounded like it had gunfire in the background, but after sweeping the school they didn't find anything and nobody was injured.


karibear909 t1_j9mc5yz wrote

The same thing happened to a bunch of schools around Nevada, I believe, last week. Same kind of calls too, sounding like there was gunfire in the background.


TheKittCatt OP t1_j9mcgsf wrote

I believe that it is nation wide terrorism. Same here in CO only call that was not about an active shooter was a bomb threat. Shots in the background too...


BootShoeManTv t1_j9my3tm wrote

I smell a tiktok trend


chubbyakajc t1_j9o3vyd wrote

Or you know, SWATing.

Haven't popular streamers been dealing with it for damn near a decade. Cops are still unable to do anything about it


JennJayBee t1_j9nrtu2 wrote

It's happened to a number of schools in many states at this point. NPR did a few articles on it. Nobody knows the motive, but they don't appear to be coming from inside the US.


flaccidcolon t1_j9pb9t8 wrote

Oregon got these calls on Tuesday. It was pandemonium here for a hot second.


JennJayBee t1_j9pnrhd wrote

We got them here in Alabama back in December.

Thing is, most of these stories tend to report on them like it's a local or state issue. There's not been a ton of coverage on this as a national story. I just happened to have read stories here on reddit about some other states having similar hoax calls prior to the ones in Alabama, so when I started seeing alerts pop up for multiple schools and that they were hoaxes, I realized that's what had happened. Only a couple of other people I know had heard of the other incidents.

And then there's every time it happens again and the story is published here... I see very few comments (at least at first) from folks not realizing it's been happening all over the country for several months now.

So something has definitely been missing in the national coverage of this. It should be a bigger story than it has been.


KpcAu t1_j9q5zub wrote

What do we think is the motive?


pobody t1_j9me8g7 wrote

If the FBI were all over 4chan and whatever other fucked up message board there is where this was coordinated, maybe this could have been shut down before it started.


freebirth t1_j9n1dws wrote

with how widespread and organized it is. this sounds like its coming from a foreign state. pick your poison. china, russia, north korea, iran.


JennJayBee t1_j9ns39e wrote

None of the above.

>The agency said it is working with law enforcement at every level to investigate the cases. But some news reports, including in Minnesota and Louisiana, have cited local authorities who said the calls may be originating in Africa or, specifically, Ethiopia. The FBI would not comment on this detail.


rosatter t1_j9nu689 wrote

Okay do VPNs and number spoofing not exist?


JennJayBee t1_j9oxi6g wrote

They have in fact been using Internet-based phone numbers and a VPN. The federal government has been tracking this for months now and working with multiple state agencies. There are also other factors.

I heavily recommend reading the full article. It's quite lengthy, but it's well worth the read.


freebirth t1_j9nvkpf wrote

fun fact.. intelligence agency's don't give a shit about vpns. and know how to account for them.


rosatter t1_j9ny3mh wrote

Yes but it's the local authorities that are saying the calls are coming from Ethiopia. Have you seen local police?


JennJayBee t1_j9oxs6w wrote

This isn't merely local police for one jurisdiction saying this. These are multiple state agencies which have been working with the FBI.

The article I linked isn't behind a paywall, and it's definitely worth the read. They go into more detail as to how they came to that conclusion.


rosatter t1_j9oyg48 wrote

Right but the quote from the article says local agencies stated that the calls were coming from Ethiopia or wherever but the FBI declined comment.

Edit: I'm slow today, still recovering from surgery and my reading comprehension is in the toilet. Reading the NPR article you shared now


JennJayBee t1_j9pm2bb wrote

It happens, and I'm being a little lazy. I didn't want to have to copy and paste the five or so scattered paragraphs that explained more of the detail.


freebirth t1_j9nw4uc wrote

ok and? state actors don't stay in the state that employs them... they also aren't always from that country. it could have originated anywhere and still been almost any one of those ... a little less so north Korea given their proclivities and how locked down they are but they definitely have reach into the south pacific.

but since its Ethiopia, that pretty much narrows it down to China. with the number of ties and previous "incidents" that have started there and in other north african countries with heavy Chinese investment. it would be very surprising if it wasn't them.

the thing is. this is going outside of normal behavior for this kind of thing. you expect regular espionage attempts, probing and tit for tat cyber attacks, a bit of friendly sabotage of minor systems. but generally safety infrastructure is a no go on both sides. one of those "we wont if you wont" unspoken deals in that world. though china has always enjoyed pushing their limits.


anally_ExpressUrself t1_j9o3is1 wrote

could be balloon retaliation.


freebirth t1_j9rjg2n wrote

nah. the baloon thing is perfectly normal. survailance flights happpen literally every day. we do them they do them. every nation in the world does them. the only wierd thing about the baloon is that when a civilian finally spotted it (we had been tracking it since it was over the ocean) and for some reason a news agency reported on it... and then the internet memed it into a whole thing..the only reason there was a public responce was because the public became aware of it ams became concerned (over nothing)


A_Gent_4Tseven t1_j9oe3o5 wrote

I’d be more worried for the possibility of the connections between Aryan/Nazi/Nationalist Groups in America with ties outside looking to test local police response to “active shooters” to watch for response time and angles of approach. With all the shit that’s been brewing and connections to US terrorist cells and international Aryan and Nazi orgs outside the US(they found connections to the people who planned that Germany thing iirc to people in the US), I’d honestly be more worried if it was connected to people like that.. MTG is talking about the fucking South “rising again” sooo. Probably not the case but it’s something that nitpicks at my head.


freebirth t1_j9riuhh wrote

apparemtly it was traced to ethipoia. so it sounds like some chinese state agents out of there. but thats a guess on my part.


ImoJenny t1_j9ndeh2 wrote

That doesn't really make sense considering that it fits with the tactics used by the Republicans over the past few years to shut down hospitals and schools over their fear mongering about trans people.

More likely this is just Trumpers, especially considering that it is coinciding with his stepping back onto the public stage as he ramps up his 2024 bid


chubbyakajc t1_j9o447i wrote

Or the FBI sucks at their job.

The same people who killed, and tried to kill, civil rights leaders are bad at stopping crimes they themselves don't purposefully create. Im shocked i tell you


[deleted] t1_j9ozg2s wrote

or its deeper than some incels, and its russians trying to cause havoc


DaveDurant t1_j9mbxlm wrote

Didn't this happen in MA a couple/few weeks ago, too? Several reports but no actual shooters..


TheKittCatt OP t1_j9mc9iu wrote

Yes, I don't know but they are too similar to be coincidence. Here in CO every call was alphabetical. One after another.


DaveDurant t1_j9mclj4 wrote

I didn't follow it too closely but do remember somebody quoting a cop as saying that they were robocalls. That does indeed sound pretty similar.


JennJayBee t1_j9nrv4n wrote


SubstantialPressure3 t1_ja4z123 wrote

That is SO WEIRD.

Overseas troll farms spoofing calls to report fake school school shootings? And calls made in alphabetical order?

Is it a low budget psy ops? Who is paying people in Ethiopia to make robocalls for false school shootings?

Edit: found this

And this 3 days ago. Same person/people? Wtf?


Fpscharles t1_j9mh66d wrote

To me, it sounds like they are testing the response times of law enforcement and looking for vulnerabilities in lockdown, evacuation, and reunification plans.


anally_ExpressUrself t1_j9o3rh4 wrote

Probably just trying to low-key terrorize. No need to look for vulnerabilities or even be physically nearby. Just make a quick phone call and watch people panic.


homerteedo t1_j9nq0ku wrote

Ugh, I hope you’re wrong.


Fpscharles t1_j9nrk1n wrote

Ugh, I’m not trying to be right. Hopefully they find who’s making the calls and wasting resources and scaring people.


ConvolutedFluid t1_j9oc6tn wrote

No need to test Uvalde. Found out just how worthless those cops were already last spring.


Targash t1_j9mcxl1 wrote

This was happening in Ohio a couple of months ago. It seems like the shooting sounds have been added since then.


slamminalex1 t1_j9n8czp wrote

The schools were pretty much in alphabetical order

Alamosa Aspen Boulder Brighton Canon City Durango Englewood Estes Park Fort Morgan Gilpin Glenwood


OooEeeWoo t1_j9o39wj wrote

Happened in Oregon this last week. Swatting is making a unwanted comeback.


idahorochs t1_j9nopzi wrote

Same thing happened in Idaho either today or yesterday.


tarajo38 t1_j9rcfii wrote

It was yesterday, same as Colorado.


Luviticus88 t1_j9pc4hb wrote

I'm pretty sure this is just someone spamming, but I'm nervous this is some sort of soft test.


Lootcifer- t1_j9mb9ca wrote

It’s ok just give every single kid and parent a gun. That’ll solve everything.


S_I_1989 t1_j9mmfqw wrote

People Need To STOP with those "Copy-cat" Phone Calls to ANY / ALL Schools about Active Shooters.
Get A Fucking LIFE!
I Hope whoever is making those Calls will be Caught!
Immature Individual(s) With Nothing Better To Do Than To Call In Threats (of ANY Kind).
Enough IS Enough!


freebirth t1_j9n1j00 wrote

this sint random people doing this for the lulz.

this is an organized group, likely backed by a foreign state.