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Crimson-Forever t1_ja1ep3o wrote

How can you hate another human being that much, especially one your son was married to at some point. What the absolute f.


MitsyEyedMourning t1_ja1ffba wrote

Simple, $$$. That's all it took.


fork_yuu t1_ja3514t wrote

>Local media reported that the former husband is allegedly a wanted criminal involved in a HK$5 million (S$860,000) gold scam and that the police had been looking for him for many years.

Jeez the son was a real shit stain too


coffeeandtrout t1_ja1qck4 wrote

“We are still looking for the head,” Superintendent Alan Chung told reporters, after announcing that a woman’s limbs had been found in a refrigerator.”

Jesus, that was a wild read. How the hell can people do this crazy shit?


riding_tides t1_ja1zf45 wrote

The meat grinder and stew part made me want to puke. Insane level to do this. Beyond insane actually.


phoredda t1_ja2l0px wrote

As a Chinese saying goes: 知人知面不知心 - know the person know the face but you’ll never know the heart (their thoughts).


AnBearna t1_ja5tvgm wrote

Uh, maybe in certain Asian cultures where people are encouraged to keep their opinions under lock and key, but it’s not a truism that travels everywhere…


mekonsrevenge t1_ja3l1yy wrote

They made stew out of her?


Mentallox t1_ja5aixe wrote

That's what's messed up for me. They decide that having takeout delivered to a murder scene was too risky so they decide to make some human stew?


icalledthecowshome t1_ja3v9qw wrote

Should have let them escape to china then capture... may these fuckers rot in hell.


EvenHair4706 t1_ja6uxl4 wrote

Dismemberment isn’t uncommon with some murder cases. They gotta get rid of the body somehow.


Powbob t1_ja73fwa wrote

Making stew with the body is certainly unusual though.


EvenHair4706 t1_ja76byx wrote

Could be to get the meat off the bones for easier disposal


wittor t1_ja8iulf wrote

Do they have capital punishment on HK?


Zeduca t1_ja30xjx wrote

Should this be labeled as “Hong Kong, China” or just “Hong Kong”?

Moral of story: don’t leave your estates to a child in other people’s custody.