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Alucard1331 t1_j9xn00s wrote

The year is 2023, easily preventable and highly infectious deadly diseases are becoming more common again as people decide to live in disinformation bubbles which makes them feel good instead of taking easy to access and incredibly safe and vetted vaccines. I.e. fucking morons causing big problems because they're stupid and likely narcissistic.


SacrificialPwn t1_j9xpg2j wrote

Keep in mind, it was attended by people who believed that miracles and healings occurred during the event. It's not surprising there were some there who were never vaccinated or believe in any form of science


Traditional-Dingo604 t1_j9ymhhh wrote

I mean I do energy work, and pray, and use stones. I also know that science is real and am fully vaccinated. You use whatever works, but you make a commitment to not be stupid.


kslusherplantman t1_j9ywpy8 wrote

Umm… what proof do you have the stones work?

Prayer has long been proven in the scientific sense, and energy work is in of the oldest things humans do. See kung fu, tai chi, etc


AnimalNo5205 t1_j9zlzul wrote

“Prayer has long been proven in the scientific sense” is a sentence that means nothing


kslusherplantman t1_j9zrfwm wrote

Not true, prayer has the same benefits as meditation. They have done fMRI scans and the exact same regions are active during both.

I wasn’t saying prayer itself worked and has been proven….

but there is a physical reaction in us that is the same as meditation, and has the same benefits mentally as meditation.


SatanicNotMessianic t1_ja04xq3 wrote

Prayer has been disproven to work as per the Templeton study. The Templeton Foundation exists to fund research that demonstrates scientifically the validity of religious (particularly Christian, but they’re nominally nondenominational) belief.


Traditional-Dingo604 t1_j9z2hsd wrote

I don't have any proof that I do, my feeling is that they do what is stated. All I know is that I'm not dead yet. And they act as focusing aids when meditating. Ritual actions are essential for the creative adhd mind. At least for me. I am also still a lover of science and technology. I see these emerging systems as heralds of the advancement and perhaps salvation of the human species. But we have lot of work to do.


kslusherplantman t1_j9z3zzd wrote

Yeah… that’s not how science works FYI.

I have never used stones and I am also not dead, so….

I can’t believe you are touting stone usage in the same thread you are talking about antivaxers! They are literally the same, disbelieving science and trusting in your feelings and beliefs.

Edit; bring on the downvotes from you stone and essential oils crowd.


Traditional-Dingo604 t1_j9zahus wrote

Lol, I mean, my beliefs don't hurt anyone because I utilize them as a focal point for mental progression and growth. I am more focused, more calm, and I have improved in my art to a huge degree. Are the stones realistically having an impact on reality, or me? No! But does the placebo effect have value if used properly? We are the only species engage in self reflection and self mastery, and with that stated it may be possible to utlelize belief systems to better oneself if they provide ritual and routine to a highly intelligent but disordered mind.


[deleted] t1_j9zhojn wrote



Traditional-Dingo604 t1_j9zl1s6 wrote

I'm a visual and tactile person. I didn't realize that when I started doing handheld camerawork I'd be in effect doing Tai chi. Using the camera served as an anchor point for my mind. I realized that if I applied techniques from various belief systems strategically, I could use them to guide my cognition and artistic focous. Plus, stones are pretty!


Mundane-Ad-3142 t1_ja21plk wrote

You're listing a lot of, let's face it, excuses in order to avoid the crux of the issue. You sincerely believe rocks have influence over your life. And you think anti-vaxxers are bad. What's wrong with seeing the world objectively and letting go of magical thinking?



Traditional-Dingo604 t1_ja25x6r wrote

If I had kept an objective view of the world, I would have given up on everything I wanted to do. The things I engage in do not harm others, and allow me a sense of peace and tranquility. It has also made me more.empathetic and emotionally aware.

I also recognize that certain beliefs were injurious to health, and simply didn't make sense. So I kept the things that were beneficial to me and made sure to avoid and ignore the things that were stupid.


Traditional-Dingo604 t1_ja277f8 wrote

I just have realized that my initial refusal to examine religion at all in my younger years because ' oh its stupid' was locking me off to knowledge and understanding. And it was limiting me..

And I knew that I felt empty, and that my art gave me purpose. As I delved into my art. I saw more things that I could not explain or quantify.

Tarot card readers who would sit there and read my psyche in ways that psychologists would weep at. Palm readers and numeroloists who did the same.

And I had to think to myself there has to be a reason for the introspection

I don't know if I'm making sense. I just know.that my life has become different because I change how I thought.

Im.sorry if I angered you. I just....



No_more_hiding t1_j9z8f8e wrote

I have no problem with people using stones etc, if they also use vaccines and science-based treatments too, like the person you're replying to. Placebo is a real phenomenon and if it brings comfort, that's fine. The problems start when such things are used to replace proven vaccines/ treatments etc.


Traditional-Dingo604 t1_j9zbw5o wrote

I do think there has been a massively untapped potential of knowledge that has been lost. But I also believe that things like vaccines would be fine for people to take. If a person believes in God and God made everything and controls everything, then the creation of vaccines would be caused by the diety by 'logic"

It's nuts. I know people who refused the vaccine because of so many stupid reasons. They don't want to listen to reason or science. I do think that dietary modulation and exercise can play a massive role in healing. I don't think the pandemic was a hoax . I lived through it, and had to delve into my art to retain focus and sanity. Now I'm on a new path of growth and transformation

Drink water. Vaccinate. Eat healthy foods. Walk in the forest


No_more_hiding t1_j9zgnpl wrote

That's fab, art and nature are very healing and that's backed up by science too! We have to do what gives us comfort in this funny old world, as long as we use science too. I believe there's a place for both, it's the anti-vaxxers of this world that can't see that.


kslusherplantman t1_j9z8sza wrote

Most of the stone crowd are the same crowd that doesn’t trust vaccines and science just so you know…. I’ve know a FEW of them


No_more_hiding t1_j9zay22 wrote

I know, but this particular person isn't one of them, they literally said they are vaccinated and believe in science as well, so not sure it's necessary to jump down their throat about it.


kslusherplantman t1_j9zhijp wrote

I asked a question… please show where I “jumped down their throat”


Tom_Neverwinter t1_ja135q3 wrote

The joke is the stone is silicon coated in tin.. Modern circuit boards.


aLittleQueer t1_j9zl4lp wrote

It's fully possible to respect and believe science while remaining open to the idea that there are things we haven't yet learned how to demonstrate scientifically.

The idea that we can only respect science by staying within bounds of what is already scientifically known is...quite contrary to scientific pursuit.


kslusherplantman t1_j9zro5f wrote

While I fully understand that point… and in regards to other things, sure…

But crystals?!? Yeah nope


aLittleQueer t1_ja0t5wq wrote

I mean...the person said they use it as a meditative aid. What's to "nope" about that? Honestly, I'm not even sure what claims you're rejecting.


kslusherplantman t1_ja0vyl6 wrote

Crystals causing healing, blah blah blah. Nope, and hard nope.

It’s not even pseudoscience.

Sure phrenology was a thing for a long time, doesn’t make it correct…


kaerfehtdeelb t1_ja1kz7e wrote

That claim was never made here though? They literally stated multiple times they were used as a meditative tool. There are people that think stones replace science but that's not the sole belief. The majority use them just as the commenter does, as meditative tools. Physical objects to focus on to direct intention, totems during the self improvement process. It's fine if you don't believe that's needed but don't shit on someone else's practice, especially when you're operating under your own bias.

Edit to add a direct quote from the commenter, in a comment above, "Are the stones realistically having an impact on reality, or me? No!" This is the common use and view of these stones. You're assuming everyone who uses them in their practice believes they heal all and have magical powers, which is entirely untrue for the majority of those who use them.


aLittleQueer t1_ja1swrd wrote

Um...that's not the conversation that's being had here, though.


mces97 t1_j9zhxs4 wrote

You'd think rejecting science then catching measles might be a message to them from God.

If only they'd put two and two together. 🤷🏻‍♂️


SHBGuerrilla t1_ja3g0ib wrote

It’s the whole bit about rejecting help from your neighbor, then police, then firefighters during a house fire, dying, then asking god why he allowed you to die.


blahbleh112233 t1_j9xyj5b wrote

Nature's unironically healing itself. We've been evading evolution's call for way too long with these fuckos


BeyondRedline t1_j9yiab3 wrote

I read this in the voice of the opening narrator from Idiocracy.


alwaysforgettingmypw t1_j9y3ghm wrote

Measles is so contagious there's been a documented case of transmission after going into an elevator and using it 1 hour after a child with measles rode it. It lingers in the air for a couple hours. This is the sort of thing when you get triaged at a hospital its through a window with you standing outside.


triciann t1_j9y8gh5 wrote

Exactly, and if you ever see public notifications of measles cases, they give a huge window of time for locations. Not because they are unsure of the time, but because it’s still a threat in the hours after a person has already left.

Right before Covid started, there was a large outbreak of measles cases in the American Samoa. Vaccination rates increased there big time. It’s sad that it took people (babies) dying to get them to fucking open their eyes.


HardlyDecent t1_j9xzx0y wrote

If anyone else was wondering why a "university" was hosting a revival, Asbury is a private Christian university. I'd tie that to being anti-vax and extreme, but at a glance it seems they're actually a decent university with no big stance on vaccines.

Still, anyone attending a "revival" is probably not riding the leading wave of science and medicine, so maybe take a break from chatting with the sky guy and vaccinate your children against preventable illnesses please!


5DollarHitJob t1_j9zgfi0 wrote

I have a friend on my Facebook feed that I haven't seen in 10+ years. She posted last week about this Asbury revival and had to look up what she was talking about. Wonder if she has measles now.


IT_Chef t1_j9xznbz wrote

I would've guessed that a covid outbreak would have been more likely


CircaSixty8 t1_j9y6dxd wrote

You're assuming that part didn't already happen.


IT_Chef t1_j9y6y6w wrote

How foolish of me 🤦‍♂️


Intelligent_Load6347 t1_j9y7l8a wrote

Does “University” mean something else in Kentucky?


hahahoudini t1_j9z5los wrote

It's a private, Christian university, so, kind of.


MC_chrome t1_ja81sic wrote

Hot take: religiously affiliated “universities” should not be able to call themselves places of higher learning by law, since religion in and of itself dictates that you leave all common sense, reasoning, and thinking at the door.


seemooreglass t1_j9y9akj wrote

this Asbury thing was Jesus weighing in against the anti-vaxers


Greenfire32 t1_ja09859 wrote

They revived measles.



thebombasticdotcom t1_j9yhw1x wrote

We have an “Asbury” here in Tulsa Oklahoma and they recently left the Methodist church because it was too “progressive”. Not surprised to hear another Asbury is anti-vax and rightwing.


DanYHKim t1_j9xtw8n wrote

None of them should have been unvaccinated!

Look, a restaurant can refuse entry and service to people who 'exercise their right' to go without shoes or shirts. No lawsuit will stand. A university can similarly require full vaccination of students.


HardlyDecent t1_j9xzzb2 wrote

There are religious exemptions, and this is a private religious college...


pedantic_dullard t1_j9yd1z4 wrote

Asbury has been overrun by Christians traveling to this revival. The odds of patient zero being a student is tiny.

Also, similarly, a private Christian (aka very conservative) college doesn't have to require vaccinations.


MrBreadfish t1_j9yp8n4 wrote

It wasn't only students attending. It was open to the public for like a week or two, and people from all over the US attended.


zero-cooler t1_ja13noq wrote

Strange, you would have thought God would have protected them. /s


IPA___Fanatic t1_ja3doal wrote

God's Plan to infect someone with Measles. Why would He want harm to come to his own worshippers? Who knows