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Roundaboutsix t1_j95miho wrote

No big mystery here nor cause for speculation about Putin’s genius level, chess game strategy. Warmer than normal temperatures ease demand, lowering prices... The long term solution for this problem is for the UN to grow some testicles, step in, demand a cease fire, offer to administer the disputed territories for a twenty year period, followed by an internationally monitored referendum to determine their future geopolitical affiliation, etc., etc., etc. Time to negotiate folks.


DangerRangerScurr t1_j95sgr6 wrote

Step 1: kill all ukrainians Step 2: put in some russians and do a referendum Step 3: convince idiots on the internet that authoritarian countries suddenly care about democracy lmao


byOlaf t1_j96mlsx wrote

Well he’s figured it out. Can you solve the Middle East for us next?