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Thegarbagegamer97 t1_jadm0fn wrote

Its come up for auction before, and obviously wasnt important enough to be their heritage then.. sorry but this just feels like the family being fussy to stay relevant here.


melorous t1_jaeo3su wrote

His family once used the producers of the movie I Love You Man because one of the characters had a dog named Anwar Sadat. Maybe they’re just sensitive about stuff related to their family and simply missed the previous auctions.


Thegarbagegamer97 t1_jaeoi2v wrote

They are trying to leverage a position of government as a means to regain something that seemingly, whether they like it or not, ended up for auction legitimately. Ill never be okay with a government official using their position for personal means, especially when the circumstances lean to this being a case where they have no right to do so.