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JennJayBee t1_j74pph6 wrote

>almost any homeschooling curriculum

I would modify that with any religious based curriculum. Secular homeschoolers are still outnumbered, but there's enough that companies are creating a ton of content to market to them, and there's a nice variety of curriculum that covers a wide range of learning styles for them to choose from. These are often parents of children with special needs or who live in underperforming school districts.

If you want to look and pick them apart, BookShark puts some nice (albeit expensive) curated kits together. Saxon math, not to be confused with the "Saxons" in the above article, is pretty widely used. Khan Academy is a widely used free option. Pandia Press has some excellent secular history and science curriculum. Blossom & Root is a great early education option. And that's just a small sampling.


DankDuke t1_j7589sz wrote

It just seems like it depends on what the parent wants the kid to become.


morbidbutwhoisnt t1_j75btax wrote

The only people I've known to dedicatedly homeschool their children despite any outside forces such as jobs getting in the way were secular antivaxxers, like anti-vax before covid.

We won't pretend like there's no issues in religious homeschooling (obviously) but we also shouldn't pretend like there's no issues in secular homeschooling either.

(I say dedicated homeschoolers because I do know those who had the spouse free to homeschool or friends that would do so if they could economically. I know people who still prefer at home traditional schooling for their kids now since it become an option. But you know. Those that would quit their jobs without adequate support from their partners income just to homeschool their kids)


Other_Meringue_7375 t1_j75onwx wrote

They homeschooled their children so that their child wouldn’t have to get vaccinated?

It’s interesting how antivaxxers ten years ago were mostly progressives


morbidbutwhoisnt t1_j75ozvp wrote

It really wasn't "progressives" as people use it now, but most people who were anti-vax were not due to religion until recently.

They were not conservative republicans that were anti-vax in society generally at the time but most of those folks didn't like the idea of one government insurance either for example.